The Recommendation Guide Of The Best Motorcycle Helmet for Big Head

Riding a motorcycle is fun and thrilling; we all know that. But we also should remember that sometimes it also may become a little bit dangerous for us. A helmet is protective gear. Do you know that a motorcycle helmet is your best bet in the clumpy system of road safety networks? 

No one wants to have an accident and get hurt. But riding a motorcycle on a busy road or highway is not so easy. That’s why you must protect your head before you go for a ride. Otherwise, a fun ride can bring tears. 

However, choosing the best motorcycle helmet is not so tough. But it may become challenging for you when you search for the best motorcycle helmet for the big head. But, as you have come to this review, don’t worry. I will help you find out the best one for you if you are a big head person. 

So, keep reading, and I hope you will find the one you desire from here.   

What is the best motorcycle helmet for big guys: 

The significance of having a terrific helmet even as driving bikes cannot be over-emphasized. It’s about existence and death. People with large-sized heads regularly war with locating a helmet that may match their head nicely.

Finding a helmet that is the right size is extraordinarily important. I have good news that I have found the three best motorcycle helmets, which are the best for the big head. So they will easily fit any big head. So here is the list of the three best motorcycle helmets for big heads given below.

(It has lightweight polycarbonate, Reduces wind and road noise, Shield replacement is easy and tool-free) 

(It has a lightweight fiberglass shell, It features removable and washable interior padding, It meets the FMVSS 218 Standard)

(It has flow-through ventilation, Has the ability to lock ½ way down, or full protection, DOT approved)

Bell Qualifier Full Face Street Helmet:

LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet:

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle:

What are the advantages of wearing the perfect fit Helmet:

A helmet will help you in many ways. It has many advantages. You can ride your bike comfortably with a perfectly fit helmet. Below are some advantages:

  • Wearing a helmet that suits perfectly isn’t simply a bonus. It’s more approximately permitting yourself an excellent driving experience. 
  • A tightly match helmet, as well as an unfastened healthy helmet, will make your trip a hell.
  • Both of those problems are detrimental to riding a motorcycle. So, the most effective answer is to find an appropriate helmet that’s an ideal suit for you. Whether you have a massive head or round head shape, there are options to be had available on the market.
  • There are ten extraordinary shell sizes available for helmets to deal with, whichever size you fall into. So there may be no motive why you should buy something that doesn’t fit you.

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Exclusive Buying Guide

While choosing a helmet, you must consider a lot of things. Don’t think about the cost while buying a helmet. Just think about the quality and safety. See the specifications and key features of the product before making a purchase. The product which you are going to order is worth money? You must think about this before you order. Here is also a buying guide given below for you. 


After getting the right healthy, you ought to check the protection it offers. The Helmet has to follow any of the independent safety requirements.  Few also are certified from European safety requirements that are CE. However, as stated, all helmets have protection certification, so you mustn’t fear safety.

Adjustable fit:

You ought to search for a helmet that offers an adjustable match. Most helmets have a dial or knob. You can twist them to get an ideal shape. According to your size, it allows you to get a customized match. Some helmets also have straps that may, without problems, be adjusted in keeping with your size, thus allows you to get a comfortable, perfect shape.

Helmet Size: 

When searching out the great motorcycle helmets for large heads, the primary issue to look at is the route, the size of the Helmet. Some helmets are available in lots of sizes, from XS to two or 3XL. However, if your appearance is challenging enough, you may find those which might be to be had in 5XL or maybe 6XL motorcycle helmets. 


The helmet’s design is an essential thing that can’t be disregarded when buying a helmet. When you’re picking a helmet for a massive head, ensure that the design is spacious so that the top can be cozy, and you may put on the helmet for longer without experiencing any discomfort.


Cost is any other thing that keeps your investment fruitful and gets rid of regrets. So instead of focusing on a feature-heavy helmet, it’s miles endorsed that you most effective pay for those bells and whistles, which might be especially useful for you.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Que: Which sort of helmet is excellent?

Ans: Among the three mainstream versions, the total-face Helmet is first-class in terms of standard features. It’s the most secure, truely. And it can additionally block noise as well as particles and insects from becoming a nuisance on the street. But then again, it could entirely rely on the rider’s preference.

Que: Are expensive motorcycle helmets worth it?

Ans: Hell sure, helmets are high-priced because leading helmet organizations to do extensive research and development to build a helmet that doesn’t look cool but also offers maintains you safe in case of any mishap. Moreover, helmets are tested in wind tunnel centers to reduce drag while driving at excessive speeds. All this takes years of research, and excessive give up technology. Hence the highly-priced fee is justified.

Que: Where would it be advisable for me to keep my cruiser head protector? 

Ans: You should keep your cap in a head protector ask when you are not wearing it to save it without any preparation. Assuming you have children in your home, keep it someplace high spot. However, ensure that it won’t tumble. More often than not, you get a free bike head protector to ask with the cap. 

Que: How long does a bike head protector last? 

Ans: A bike head protector keeps going from 3 to 5 years, contingent upon the utilization and constructed nature of the cap. In any case, you should change a cruiser head protector in the wake of including in a mishap. If you purchased a cap 2 to 3 months prior and have a mishap, take a look at your cap for breaks in case it harms you, then throw it out and purchase another one since you can’t think twice about your life.

Que: Must I replace an old helmet if it’s no longer broken?

Ans: Yes, it’s miles higher to update your antique, worn Helmet if it’s been five years when you consider your purchase. Although it may remaining longer, you don’t need to take any probabilities on the street. Safety is your precedence.

Que: If my Helmet drops at the floor, is it nonetheless safe to use?

Ans: Most probably, yes, it’s far secure to apply. But you should test the inside and outside of the Helmet well to look whether the structural integrity continues to be intact or now not. There might be a few damaged pieces that you may neglect without close observation.


At the end of the article, which are the best motorcycle helmets for big heads? What do you think now? I hope the three helmets I reviewed today all are the best. And you may choose the right one for you from here so quickly.

Every motorbike helmet brings something precise to the table, which means that you can’t in all likelihood land on a product that has widespread software. It is vital to understand that the helmet is defensive equipment.

Hence you have to invest greater in functions that decorate the protective nature of the unit. Instead of going with a one-size-fits-all method, attempt to make a checklist of all the elements which could make an experience much greater fun for you.

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