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High Volume Surfboards for Big Guys – Performance in the Water

Are you a big guy who loves to surf but struggles to find a board that can handle your weight and size? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the fun because you can’t find the right equipment?

Surfing is a popular water sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. However, finding the right surfboard can be a challenge, especially for bigger guys. Traditional boards may not provide enough buoyancy or stability, making it difficult to catch waves and stay balanced.

Thankfully, there are high volume surfboards designed specifically for big guys that can make surfing a more enjoyable and successful experience. In this article, we’ll explore what high volume surfboards are, how they work, and the benefits they offer for bigger surfers. So if you’re tired of struggling to find the right board, keep reading to learn more about high volume surfboards for big guys.

Top Three High-Volume Surfboards for Big Guys

When it comes to surfing, finding the right surfboard is crucial, especially for big guys who require boards with higher volume to support their weight and provide optimal performance in the water. In this guide, we will explore the top three high volume surfboards specifically designed for big guys.

These boards offer the perfect combination of buoyancy, stability, and maneuverability, allowing larger surfers to enjoy the thrill of riding waves with confidence and ease. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, discovering the best high volume surfboard tailored for big guys is the first step towards an exhilarating surfing experience. Join us as we dive into the details of these exceptional surfboards, handpicked to cater to the needs of surfers who want to conquer the waves in style.

Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard

Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard | High-Performance & Fun Single Fin Long Board...
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SHAPE: This Retro Noserider features what you'd expect from a high-end performance long board: a 9" center fin (FIN INCLUDED), single bottom concave, 6oz top and bottom glass job and a gloss finish
  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY: Paragon's high-end materials make this board lighter, stronger, and more buoyant than typical boards. Its superior performance and strength have been proven in a wide variety of wave conditions.
  • EASIEST USE FOR ALL SURFING LEVELS: Perfectly suited for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers up to 250lbs, this board let's you catch more waves thanks to its generous volume.

The Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard is the ultimate high-performance and fun single fin long board surfboard for all wave conditions. Available in sizes 8’0 and 9’0, this longboard is perfect for big guys who want to catch waves with ease and style. The Retro Noserider Longboard is designed with a high-volume shape that provides ample buoyancy and stability, making it easy to paddle and catch waves even on the smallest swells.

This longboard is crafted with the highest quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring durability and longevity. The Retro Noserider Longboard features a classic retro-inspired design with a beautiful wood veneer finish that will turn heads in any lineup. The single fin setup provides the perfect amount of drive and stability for cruising, noseriding, and carving.

Product Features:

  • High-volume shape for easy paddling and wave catching.
  • Classic retro-inspired design with wood veneer finish.
  • Single fin setup for optimal drive and stability.
  • Perfect for cruising, noseriding, and carving.
  • Available in sizes 8’0 and 9’0.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use.
  • Suitable for all wave conditions.
  • Great for big guys who need extra buoyancy and stability.

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South Bay Board Co. – Beginner Surfboards – 5′ / 6′ / 8′ Sizes – Safe Foam Surf Boards for Kids & Adults

South Bay Board Co. - 6' Guppy Beginner Surfboards - Safe Soft-Top Surfboards - Best Beginner...
  • Best Value Beginner Surfboards: Sbbc Offers The Best Basic Beginner Surfboards For Kids And Adults To Learn How To Surf With. Our Custom Designs, Beginner-Friendly Shapes, Triple Stringers & Eps Core = The Best Value Beginner Soft Top Surfboards
  • Easy & Incredibly Fun Shapes To Surf: Rounded Out Nose For Better Paddle Power With Nose Rocker To Prevent Nose-Diving, Widened Chest Area For Easier Pop-Ups, Classic Squash Tail For Cleaner Turns, Fast Flat Bottom Deck For Speed In Small Waves
  • Custom Designed With Durable Materials: Unique Off-Set Paint Stripe Design On Soft Ixpe Foam Top Deck, Eps Closed Cell Foam Core With 1 Fiberglass Rod And 2 Wooden Stringers, With Impact-Netting Hdpe Plastic Bottom Deck For Extra Durability

The Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard is a high-performance and fun single fin long board surfboard that is designed to provide an exceptional surfing experience in all wave conditions. This surfboard is the perfect choice for big guys who are looking for a high-volume surfboard that can handle their weight and provide them with the stability and control they need to catch waves and ride them with ease.

Product Features:

  • High-volume surfboard design for big guys.
  • Retro style noserider shape for a classic surfing experience.
  • Single fin setup for optimal performance and control.
  • Durable construction with quality materials for long-lasting use.
  • Available in 8’0 and 9’0 sizes to suit different surfing styles and skill levels.
  • Suitable for all wave conditions, from small and mellow to large and powerful.
  • Provides exceptional stability and control for easy wave catching and riding.
  • Great for beginners and experienced surfers alike.
  • Designed and handcrafted by experienced surfboard shapers for optimal performance and quality.
  • Comes with a fin and leash for added convenience.

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Wavestorm-15th Anniversary Edition Soft Top Foam 8ft Surfboard | for Beginners and All Levels 

Wavestorm-15th Anniversary Edition Soft Top Foam 8ft Surfboard | for Beginners and All Levels |...
  • the wavestorm 8ft surfboard dimensions are 96 l x 22.5" w x 3.25" thick - weight is 11.4lbs - volume at 86 liters - recommended weight capacity at 200lbs."
  • triple stringer system gives the foam core rigidity , strength, and integrity.
  • patented u.v. inhibiting soft graphic deck and high density slick bottom for rigidity.

The Wavestorm 15th Anniversary Edition Soft Top Foam 8ft Surfboard is the perfect board for beginners and all levels of surfers who want to catch more waves and have more fun in the water. Designed with high-volume surfboards for big guys in mind, this board is made with a soft top foam that provides a comfortable and forgiving ride, even in choppy conditions.

With multiple fin options and a leash included, this board is versatile and customizable to fit your surfing style. The turquoise pinline design adds a touch of style to your surfing sessions.

Product Features:

  • Soft top foam construction for a comfortable and forgiving ride.
  • 8ft length and high-volume design for easy paddling and catching waves.
  • Multiple fin options for customization and versatility.
  • The leash is included for added safety and convenience.
  • Turquoise pinline design adds a touch of style to your surfing sessions.
  • Suitable for beginners and all levels of surfers.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Perfect for big guys who want to catch more waves and have more fun in the water.
  • 15th Anniversary Edition for added value and collectability.

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Can a Surfboard Be Too Big?

When it comes to choosing a surfboard, finding the right size and volume is crucial for optimal performance in the water. While it’s important to have a surfboard with sufficient volume to support your weight and skill level, it is possible for a surfboard to be too big. Here are some factors to consider when determining if a surfboard is too big for you:

Difficulty Maneuvering:

If a surfboard is excessively large for your size and ability, it can become challenging to maneuver and control on the waves. A surfboard that is too big may feel sluggish and unresponsive, making it difficult to execute turns, generate speed, or perform maneuvers.

Lack of Performance:

Oversized surfboards can hinder your ability to perform at your full potential. They may lack the responsiveness and agility needed for more advanced maneuvers, such as sharp turns or aerial tricks. If you find yourself struggling to execute maneuvers or feel limited in your performance, it may indicate that your surfboard is too big.

Paddling Difficulties:

While it’s essential to have a surfboard with sufficient volume for easy paddling, an excessively large board can make paddling more challenging. If the board is too wide or thick, it can require more effort to paddle and can slow you down in the water. This can be particularly noticeable when trying to catch waves or navigate through the lineup.

Decreased Sensitivity:

Surfboards that are too big can lack sensitivity and responsiveness to subtle changes in the wave’s energy. This can make it harder to read and adjust to the wave, impacting your ability to stay in the pocket or find the optimal positioning for maneuvers.

Limited Wave Performance:

Different surfboard sizes and shapes are designed to perform optimally in specific wave conditions. If your surfboard is too big for the type of waves you typically surf, it may not allow you to fully capitalize on the wave’s energy. Certain wave types, such as steep and hollow waves, often require smaller, more maneuverable surfboards for optimal performance.

However, it’s important to note that the ideal surfboard size and volume can vary depending on individual preferences, skill level, and the specific surfing style you aim to achieve. Some surfers, particularly beginners or those seeking more stability, may benefit from slightly larger surfboards. It’s a matter of finding the right balance between having enough volume for stability and paddling power while still maintaining maneuverability and performance.

The Benefits of a High volume Surfboard

Benefits of a High volume Surfboard (1)

When it comes to surfing, the right equipment can make a world of difference in your performance and enjoyment on the waves. For big guys, opting for a high volume surfboard can offer a multitude of benefits that enhance their surfing experience. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a high volume surfboard:

Increased Buoyancy:

High-volume surfboards are designed with extra foam and thickness, providing enhanced buoyancy. This additional buoyancy helps big guys stay afloat more easily, allowing for better paddling and easier wave catching. With increased buoyancy, surfers can conserve their energy and paddle out to the lineup more efficiently.

Improved Stability:

Stability is key, especially for surfers with larger body types. High volume surfboards offer enhanced stability, allowing big guys to maintain balance and control while riding the waves. This stability helps in maintaining control during maneuvers, making it easier to execute turns and tricks.

Enhanced Floatation:

The extra volume in high volume surfboards provides greater floatation, allowing big guys to ride smaller and weaker waves that may not be suitable for conventional surfboards. This means more time in the water and more opportunities to catch waves, even when the conditions are not ideal.

Increased Wave Catching Ability:

Big guys often face challenges when it comes to catching waves due to their size and weight. High volume surfboards address this issue by offering better paddle power and increased wave catching ability. The additional foam and buoyancy enable surfers to catch waves earlier and with less effort, maximizing their time on the wave face.

Forgiving and Versatile:

High volume surfboards are generally more forgiving and easier to ride compared to lower volume boards. They provide a stable platform that is forgiving of minor mistakes, making them ideal for surfers of all skill levels. Additionally, these boards tend to be versatile, performing well in a variety of conditions, from small and mushy waves to larger, more powerful surf.

How to Choose the Right High volume Surfboard

Choosing the right high volume surfboard is essential for big guys to maximize their performance and enjoyment in the water. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect high volume surfboard:

Volume and Dimensions:

The volume of the surfboard is crucial for big guys as it directly affects buoyancy and stability. Look for a surfboard with a higher volume, typically measured in liters, to support your weight in the water. The specific volume needed will depend on your body weight and surfing ability. Additionally, consider the dimensions of the board, including length, width, and thickness. A slightly wider and thicker board can provide added stability and floatation.

Board Shape and Design:

The shape and design of the surfboard play a significant role in its performance. For big guys, consider boards with wider noses and tails, which enhance stability and make paddling easier. A wider outline can also provide better stability when riding waves. Additionally, a board with a flatter rocker (the curve from nose to tail) is suitable for generating speed and maintaining momentum.

Tail Shape:

The tail shape of a surfboard impacts maneuverability and control. For big guys, a wider tail, such as a squash or round tail, can provide stability and help with generating speed in smaller waves. These tail shapes also offer better control during turns and maneuvers.

Fin Setup:

The fin setup of a surfboard affects its maneuverability and response. For big guys, a thruster setup (three fins) or a quad setup (four fins) tends to offer good balance and control. Experimenting with different fin setups can help you find the one that suits your surfing style and preferences.

Construction and Materials:

Consider the construction and materials of the surfboard. Epoxy or foam boards are often more buoyant and durable, making them suitable for big guys. Additionally, some boards incorporate carbon fiber or fiberglass reinforcements for added strength and performance.

Skill Level and Wave Conditions:

Assess your skill level and the types of waves you typically surf. If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, opt for a board with more forgiveness and stability. Advanced surfers may prefer boards with higher performance characteristics for more dynamic maneuvers. Additionally, consider the typical wave conditions you’ll encounter. If you often surf smaller, weaker waves, a board with more volume can help maximize your wave-catching ability.

Try Before You Buy:

Whenever possible, try out different surfboards before making a purchase. Renting or borrowing boards allows you to experience how they perform in the water and determine which one feels most comfortable and suitable for your style.

Remember, selecting the right high-volume surfboard is a personal decision based on factors such as weight, skill level, wave conditions, and individual preferences. Take the time to research and test different boards to find the perfect match that will enhance your surfing experience and allow you to excel in the water.

The top 3 High Volume Surfboards for Big Guys

High-volume surfboards are designed for big guys. They are wider and thicker than standard surfboards and have more volume. This makes them stable and easier to paddle, but they are also slower and don’t perform as well in waves.

There are three main types of High volume surfboards: longboards, mini-mals, and fish boards

Big Guy Longboards

Big Guy Longboards is one of the most popular high volume surfboards for big guys. The company was started in 2006 by two friends who were both big guys and loved to surf. They saw a need for a board that could accommodate their size and weight, so they created Big Guy Longboards.

Big Guy Longboards now offers a wide range of boards for all different types of big guys. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, there’s a Big Guy Longboard that’s perfect for you. And because the company is run by big guys, they understand the challenges that come with finding the right gear.

If you’re a big guy who loves to surf, or if you’re looking for a high-quality, high-volume surfboard, then Big Guy Longboards is the perfect choice for you.

Big Guy Shortboards

The Big Guy Shortboard is one of the most popular high-volume surfboards on the market. The board is designed for big guys who want to enjoy the waves without worrying about their size. The board has a large nose and a wide tail, which makes it stable and easy to paddle. The Big Guy Shortboard is also very durable, so it can withstand the weight of a big guy.

Big Guy Fun shapes

Big guys need high-volume surfboards to catch waves. The Big Guy Funshapes is a great option for big guys who want to catch waves. This surfboard has a lot of volumes, making it easy for big guys to paddle and catch waves. The Big Guy Funshapes is also a great choice for big guys who want to improve their surfing skills.


In conclusion, high-volume surfboards are great for big guys because they provide more floatation and stability. If you are a big guy and looking for a new surfboard, consider a High volume model. They will help you catch more waves and have more fun out in the water.

Frequently Ask & Questions!

What volume surfboard do I need for my weight?

If you’re a beginner surfer, you’re probably wondering what volume surfboard you need for your weight. As a general rule, a beginner should be riding the equivalent of 100 of their body weight in volume. I.e. A beginner weighing 80kg should be riding an 8ft surfboard with a volume of approximately 80 liters.

This will help you to catch waves easily and stay afloat while you’re learning the basics of surfing. Of course, everyone is different and you may need to experiment with different sizes and volumes of surfboard until you find one that suits you best. But as a general guideline, this is a good place to start!

What is a High volume surfboard?

A high volume surfboard is a board with more volume for easier paddling and wave catching, yet still offer the performance that is desired.

These boards are usually thicker than your average board, which adds to the stability and makes them easier to paddle. High volume boards are great for beginners or those looking for an easy ride.

Is more volume better surfboard?

When it comes to choosing a surfboard, beginners are often told that more volume is better. And while it’s true that a board with more volume will be easier to catch waves with, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go shopping.

First, it’s important to know that the volume of a surfboard is measured in liters. A board with more volume will generally be longer and wider than a board with less volume. This means that it will also be heavier and harder to maneuver.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to choose a board that is easy to paddle and handle. A high-volume board may sound like the ideal choice, but if you’re not used to paddling a big board, you may find yourself struggling.

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