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Buying big guys outfits is a challenging job. Come on! It’s no more. At least, it’s not applicable in this modern arena. So many brands are out there. Of course, quality can be a challenging thing but again we are here to help. The exact pair of board shorts accompany your body shape having an amazing look.
Board short is your summer companion. Surfing excitements, going to poolside or beach, a pair of shorts is a requirement. When you are tall or chubby, you used to leave the cloth even after choosing for the measurement. Our research for the Best Board Shorts for Big Guys won’t give you the same feeling again. Let’s begin.

Best in Overall: Men’s Kanu Surf Men’s Short for big guys

100% Polyester, Elastic closure, Machine Wash, Machine Wash, Comfortable mesh lining, Side seam pockets, and cargo pockets give plenty of options for storage

Best for Tall guys:  Men’s O’Neill Santacruz Short for Big guys

100% Polyester, Imported, O’Neill® logo patch at left hem, Classic fit swim shorts boast a versatile solid design, Surf tie front with hook-and-loop closure

Best for Striping:  Men’s Unitop Short for Big guys

Elastic closure, men swim trunks: Made with quick-dry, Colorful striped design makes you chic and fashionable, One side cargo pocket and one zipper pocket could conveniently hold your key

Best Swim Trunks for Fat Guys – Men’s Bright Swim Trunks – Board Shorts for Guys

“100% Polyester, Tipsy Elves Men’s Swim Trunks, With incredible, bright designs Tipsy Elves swim trunks for men”

Best Swim Trunk for big Thigh – Hurley Men’s Phantom Patriot Cheers USA Flag 20″ Boardshort

“92% Polyester, 8% Spandex, Imported, Hand Wash Only, Regular fit. 20-inch” standard”

Best Swim Trunk for Bodybuilders – O’Neill Men’s Santa Cruz Printed Boardshorts

“100% Polyester, Surf tie front with hook-and-loop closure, Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, Ultrasuede fabric is soft and light so you move easily”

Best Board Shorts for Big Guys Reviews

We can go on a nice journey with the best board shorts products in in-depth detail.

Best in Overall: Men’s Kanu Surf Men’s Short for big guys

Best for Tall guys:  Men’s O’Neill Santacruz Short for Big guys

If you are over 6 feet tall, the O’NEILL Santacruz trunk pair is the right choice. It’s designed specifically for tall men to give them an extra-long leg. This brand is quite old, but it still has a good reputation on the market. With their comfortable 25-inch outseam board shorts, they’re ready to make your surfing adventure unforgettable.

Design and Capacity:

O’Neil will provide you with a lot of color possibilities. Their style is opulent. As a result, when you wear them, you appear desirable. Anti-rash protection is included in the short of protecting you from sun-related rashes. It also contains a zipped pocket that you can use for storage. On the left, you will find these pockets. There is a crucial loop as well. Additionally, you are getting a drainage eyelet. 

Material and Performance: 

These shorts are made of polyester, which makes them water repellent. Polyester is an Ultrasuede fabric, which means it’s comfortable and soft to move about in. Furthermore, it is less prone to tearing. You may dry it fast. On the other hand, the material is strong, unstretched, and light. As a result, the fabric is both breathable and long-lasting.

Level of Comfort:

Because it’s a classic short, it has to be the most comfortable. Tall guys will appreciate how close the length comes to their knees. Being wet can irritate you at times. However, because these shorts are fast-drying, they will not leave you feeling damp. As a result, it’s suitable for use on the skin. Wearing it will not cause any skin problems or damage.

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Best for Striping:  Men’s Unitop Short for Big guys

Board Shorts for Guys – Men’s Bright Swim Trunks

Best Swim Trunk for big Thigh – Hurley Men’s Phantom Patriot Cheers USA Flag 20″ Boardshort

One of the most appealing apparels on the market is the party boardshorts. The imported quick-drying board short is made with recycled Phantom 30 percent stretch material for increased mobility or activity.

  • Design and Capacity:

Hurley Phantom Patriot Cheers USA Flag 20″ Boardshort for Men with an EZ Fly surf tie. This trendy board short has a rear hook-and-loop pocket with an extraction eyelet.

The brand’s logo is featured on the thigh and straight hem. The clothing, too, is made up of 92 percent recycled polyester and 8% spandex.

The waist measures 32 inches, the leg opening measures 20 inches, the outseam measures 20 inches, the inseam measures 9 inches, the front rise measures 11 inches, the back rise measures 15 inches, and the leg opening measures 9 inches. However, keep in mind that measurements may vary depending on the size.

  • Material and Performance:

The material used to create board shorts fluctuates. Cotton, super calfskin, polyester, and nylon are the most well-known materials utilized. Hurley Men’s Phantom Patriot Cheers Boardshorts are made of 2 types of materials. 92% recycled polyester and 8% spandex are used to make these beautiful boardshorts.

Board shorts change in value, weight, common sense, and ability to dry rapidly, relying upon the material utilized. 

Nylon or polyester is the most well-known material utilized in board shorts. These board shorts are cheap. However, they additionally dry rapidly.

Proficient surfers and water-sport competitors, then again, may favor ultra calfskin shorts that are more helpful. Cotton board shorts, then again, are great for off-the-water walks.

  • Comfort Level:  

When shopping for board shorts, it’s also essential to think about why you’re buying them and how comfortable you will feel with them. No matter which boardshorts you buy for yourself, you must need to look for their comfort.

Hurley Men’s Phantom Patriot Cheers Boardshorts can give you more comfortable during water time because it is made with durable and comfortable materials.

Some guys purchase board shorts to flaunt on the beach, while others want swimwear for surfing, wakeboarding, and other extreme water sports.

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Best Swim Trunk for Fat Man – O’Neill Men’s Santa Cruz Printed Boardshorts

Step by Step instructions to Keep Your Board Shorts looking Great

Knowing how to focus on your board shorts appropriately is basic to benefit from them and guarantee that they keep going as far as might be feasible. Regardless of whether you’ve utilized your board shorts a ton, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure they’re as yet looking great, beguiling, and practical:

Step-1: Try not to convey pointed objects in your pocket while surfing or making cannonballs. It’s challenging to be excessively wary, particularly when you and your buddies are having some good times in the sun. Your vehicle keys just need to take one wrong action to tear an opening in your #1 board shorts.

Step-2: While changing, thoroughly flush your shorts with perfect, new water to eliminate any sand or grime that could gouge your beachwear’s material. This methodology additionally assists you with keeping away from seawater stains that are upsetting.

Step-3: However much as could reasonably be expected, hand wash your board shorts. Utilize gentle, very much formed cleansers that eliminate stains and smells actually. Utilize a got wipe rather than a brush. The utilization of a texture conditioner is discretionary, yet it is a great touch.

Step-4: Hang your board shorts back to front in the shade after washing. Ensure your shorts are safeguarded from the sun’s primary beams.

Step-5: Safeguard your assortment of surf shorts by putting them away in a dry, clean cabinet and getting them far from brutal synthetic substances.

Buying Guidelines for Best Board Shorts for Big Guys: What to Consider?

You need to consider certain things before purchasing the short. Who knows, you will end up buying the wrong one. That’s not going to happen. Because we are here to guide you in finding the best board shorts for big guys. Bring your attention to such crucial facts. With zero-knowledge, it’s not possible to achieve the goal.

  • Comfort and Size: 

The most crucial thing in buying an outfit is the comfy level. Find your desired size. The loose-fitting is not required. At the same time, not the most snug-fitting. A moderate size can give you comfort when you wear it. The first identity you size, then match up with size chart to get the suitable one. 

  • Fabric:

Shorts are manufactured from polyester, spandex, nylon, and cotton or a mix of all. But most of the time you will get polyester for the best interest. The fabric should be comfortable and lightweight. Therefore, you will enjoy all the advantages like moisture-wicking, water resistance, and durability.

  • UPF Rating:

Board short protects the user through UPF rating. UPF blocks the baleful rays. The degree of protection is called UPF. It varies from material to material. But it’s a requirement for the fabric to keep your body safe. The higher rating the better rating. A more rating means a degree of protection is more. 

  • Waist Type:

While purchasing the shorts, you should see the waist type as well. Three are two types of waist. These are elastic and fixed. The fixed is protected with button closure, loop, and hook, drawstring. The appropriate waist size matters in this case. On the other hand, the elastic one will give you freedom and more comfortable but less protection. 

  • Fast Dry:

The short requires fast drying because of the water. The airy on dry faster than others. If it remains wet, there is a possibility to catch a cold. No one wants that. Sometimes it bothers you as well. So fast drying is necessary. 

  • Pockets:

There are different types of pockets are available such as cargo pockets, zipper pockets Velcro pockets, and side seam pockets. Pockets give you extra usage to hold your things. You need to carry your items. So pockets are super essential in this matter.

Board shorts for men

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Are boards short or old-fashioned?

There is a debate regarding this matter. Some consider it cool. On the flip side, some think it is backdated. However, it’s nothing but the regional opinion, the way you perceive it. Wearing an outfit depends on you. A group of people thinks wearing broad shorts is never old-fashioned, but it’s pretty.

  • Do guys wear anything under board shorts?

Those boardshorts who has no liner, some men select to wear rugged swimwear at the neath, Many of them wear usual underwear, for instance, jockstrap, boxer short, or compression short. Then again, some people wear nothing.

  • When should you wear the board shorts?

Board shorts are suitable for warm weather or summer. You should wear it during your surfing time. Apart from that, you can put on the less extreme job such as walking, jogging, or casual event in the underneath.   

Final Word:

Getting the Best Board Shorts for Big Guys is not an issue now if you are strict with our recommendations. We disclose it in a broad way to change the perception. Being fat not is an issue in the case of clothing. Those above shorts are excellent perfect for big and tall guys. Buy and enjoy your water journeys.


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