Are 100% Polyester Swim Shirts Good to Swim for Fat and Tall Guys?

Are you a plus-sized swimmer looking for comfortable and reliable swimwear? With so many different swim shirt materials to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best. If you want something lightweight and breathable that won’t ride up or shift too much when swimming, you may want to consider 100% polyester swim shirts.

Swimming is a fun activity that can help anyone stay fit, regardless of their size. However, finding suitable apparel for plus-sized swimmers can be quite challenging due to the lack of options available in the market. Plus-sized swimmers need clothes that are not only comfortable but also provide the necessary body coverage during swimming activities.

For fat guys who would like to comfortably enjoy a leisurely swim without exposing too much skin, 100% polyester shirts make for ideal choices. In this article, we take an in-depth look at why exactly these shirts are so perfect for those looking for aquatic adventures who don’t want to reveal too much skin while doing it.

Compare 100% Polyester to Other Fabrics Used in Swimsuits

100% polyester is a popular choice of fabric used in swimsuits due to its high strength and durability. Polyester is both lightweight and quick-drying, making it a great option for wet environments like swimming pools. Additionally, it is resistant to shrinking, wrinkles, fading, and mildew which means that it will keep its shape over time.

Compared to fabrics like nylon or spandex, polyester is more breathable and has a greater stretch-to-shrink ratio; this makes it ideal for those interested in having a snug fit with their swimsuit. However, this does mean that some people may find that it tends to become loose with movement or when exposed to water over time.

In comparison to cotton and other natural fibers, polyester has better water-repellency properties. So while natural fabrics can often become heavy when lifted out of the water, polyester is not as affected by pool chemicals or salt water as cotton or linen fibers are. This also makes them less susceptible to mold formation because they don’t soak up as much of moisture from the environment.

Overall, 100% polyester is an ideal choice for most swimsuits because it offers a durable, comfortable material with great wicking abilities in addition to UV protection benefits all while outperforming many other types of fabrics used in swimwear designs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 100% Polyester Swim Shirts


  • Polyester is a lightweight, breathable fabric with natural moisture-wicking properties, making it perfect for swimming.
  • 100% polyester swim shirts are durable and resistant to fading, shrinking, and wrinkling.
  • The fabric of these shirts is also resistant to chlorine and salt water, which makes them ideal for beach days and pool rendezvouses.
  • Polyester is also low maintenance; it requires minimal effort to keep this fabric looking good from wash to wear in comparison to other fabrics like cotton or wool.
  • These shirts come in a range of styles, cuts, and colors, so you can choose the perfect one for you!


  • Because polyester is a synthetic fiber fabric, it does not provide any insulation when worn in cooler water temperatures or air temperatures, so they may not be suitable for swims in waters that are too cold or chilly weather conditions outside of the water.
  • These shirts are less comfortable than their cotton counterparts; they do not breathe as well and can cause discomfort due to itchiness or uncomfortable fittedness when wet.
  • Polyester also traps body odor more easily than other fabrics; it needs frequent washing to avoid strong odors setting into the fabric – however, because of its low maintenance qualities, they should still be easy to keep clean overall!

Are 100% polyester swim shirts good to swim in for fat and tall guys?

Features to Look For In Polyester Swim Shirts for Fat and Tall Guys

Stretchy and breathable fabric: Polyester swim shirts for fat and tall guys should be made of fabrics that are stretchy and breathable, allowing them to move comfortably in the water while staying cool.

Well-fitted design: Properly fitted polyester swim shirts should provide a flattering look that also offers full coverage so that you don’t feel exposed or restricted when swimming.

Durable materials: Look for polyester swim shirts with high-quality materials that can last through plenty of beach trips, pool sessions, and even wear and tear from the waves.

UPF protection: Sun protection is key when spending time outdoors, so opt for polyester swim shirts with built-in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection to block harmful UV rays from your skin.

Enhanced visibility features: To make sure you stay safe in the water even at night, darker colors are ideal, but some polo shirt styles include reflective details as well for improved visibility in low-light settings like dusk or dawn.

Variety of style options: Whether you prefer plain solid designs or colorful patterned prints, most brands offer a variety of style options for different tastes among fat and tall guys who want something more than just a basic one-piece swimsuit.

Final Words

In conclusion,100 polyester swim shirts are a great option for fat and tall guys who want to go swimming. The lightweight and breathable fabric, coupled with the snug fit, make them comfortable to wear in and out of the water. They are also affordable, making it easy to find the perfect style without breaking the bank. Plus, polyester is quick-drying, meaning you can go from pool to street without having to worry about your shirt staying wet for too long.

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