Best Swim Shirts for Fat Guys (Non-Clingy & Quick Drying)

For plus-sized men, finding the perfect swim shirt can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are now a variety of stylish and comfortable options available to keep you looking and feeling great while enjoying the summer sun. From classic polo shirts to rash guards, our experts will provide an overview of the best swim shirts for fat guys that offer maximum coverage, comfort, and style. So grab your towel and get ready to hit the beach in style!

Rashguards and swim shirts are excellent for extra protection against the sun or if you feel a little uncomfortable at the beach. They come in different thicknesses and styles, but usually are lightweight, water-wicking, and have UPF 50+ rating.

Moreover, the technology has progressed to the extent that you can wear it on a hot day and yet feel comfortable and cool. If you want to make your vacation peaceful, then grasp this top swim shirt right now!

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Our Top Pick
  • Whole family suit, 
  • Comfortable wear
  • Absorption of low moisture, 
  • Lightweight
  • washable to the machine, 
  • Rashguard on short sleeve
  • Microfiber Polyester material
  • Everlasting protection
  • Functional wear, 
  • Sporty activities
  • Printed logo, 
  • Tagless, Washable to the machine

Best Swim Shirt for Your Body Type

Choosing the Best Swim Shirts for Fat Guys is a complex process. It has a diversion. As different brands are obtainable in the market, we see different natures of swim shirts.

Each brand is good in one way or another. We have chosen some excellent items for you. There may be a subtle difference, but the quality is remarkable.

Best Swim Shirts for Men: Kanu Surf Boys’ Paradise Swim Shirt

“Polyester and Spandex material, without closure, washable to the machine, Rashguard rating UPF 50+, extra Sun protection, multiple sizes, whole family suit, Comfortable wear”

Best long-sleeve swim shirt swim shirts for men: Speedo Men’s UV Swim Shirt Short Sleeve Loose Fit Easy Tee

“Polyester material, Pull-on for closure, only hand washable, UPF and UV 50+ safeguard, Protective Fabric, Fast Drying, Sunburn block, Absorption of low moisture, Lightweight, Soft and breathable textile”

Best Rash Guard for Fat Guys: Kanu Surf Men’s Cb Rashguard UPF 50+ Swim Shirts

“Polyester material, washable to the machine, Rashguard on short sleeve, Edge contrast panel, crew neckline, 50+ rating on UPF”

Best Swim Shirts for Big Men: Harbor Bay by DXL Big and Tall Muscle Swim Tee Shirt

“Polyester material, Sleeveless outline, Sun protection 50 UV, Tagless comfort, Additional to the waist, Athletic figure, Daily outfit”

Best Beach Long Soft Swim Shirt: Vapor Apparel Men’s UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Long Sleeve

“Microfiber Polyester material, Everlasting protection, Functional wear, sporty activities, Flattering shape, machine or hand wash, sun rays block, All-weather wearing”

Best Big and Tall Swim Shirt: H2O Sport Tech Big & Tall Men’s Short Sleeve Swim Shirt

“Polyester material, Fat and tall men cut, UPF 50+, Short sleeve, Sun protection, Easy movement, true size, Airy enough, Printed logo, Tagless, Washable to the machine”

6 Best Swim Shirts for Fat Guys Who Want to Stay Cool This Summer

Understandably, fat guys get into trouble while buying their things. Look, we are in the 21st century. Our technology has developed as well, as many industries are growing so fast.

Companies acknowledge human needs. To satisfy the customer, different brands come up with the Best Swim Shirts for Fat Guys. We are here to clear up all the confusion and choose the finest.

1. Best in General – Kanu Surf Swim Shirts for Fat Guys

Key Features:

  • Rashguard implementations.
  • Safeguarding towards the sun with the score of UPF 50+.
  • Washable in Machine.
  • Available in comfort range of sizes.
  • No zipping arrangement.

Kanu Surf embellishes a complete set of swimwear and a pair of swim trunks. Day by day, they put more emphasis on their quality to serve better. Their innovative ideas conduct sophistication to swim products. Quality leads towards more prolonged usage, while styles make it colorful and functional. This brand can be your beach companion, any competition, or relaxation.  

Design and Capacity:

Under the budget of $20, Kanu Surf offers its best. In terms of design and performance, this brand is lucrative enough. An all-inclusive range of lively fat guy swim shirts is available. However, their blend rash guard swim shirt is quite effective. The edge panel delivers a snug fit to the large body.

Material and Performance:

The following brand develops premium rash guards for fat guys. The fabrications go through in accordance. Keeping that in mind, Nylon holds 82%. Consecutively, spandex bears 18%. These materials attribute a speedy dry in all manners. Special UPF 50+ grading ensures solid protection against the sun. 

Comfort Level:  

While wearing an outfit, anyone expects the social aspect of the body. It’s an easy-fitting swim shirt. Simultaneously, this shirt is lightweight. As a result, the outfit becomes more swimmable.

If you want something affordable, it can be your good pick. This suit is more likely to be your weekend warrior. You will feel comfortable doing your activities such as pool, beach, and lounging.


  • Leisure swimwear.
  • Breathable enough.
  • Quick Dry facility.
  • Lightweight towards the body.
  • Matching options.


  • Not much thick

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2. Best for Upper Body Regular-Fit – MensSpeedo Swim Shirt

Key Features:

  • UV for burn blockage.
  • UPF 50+ fabric assistance.
  • Hand job only for cleaning.
  • Fast-drying medium
  • Generous fabrication.

Speedo offers a wide range of swimsuits for men, women, and kids. So there is no problem getting a swimming shirt for a fat guy. Of course, the quality of the product is a big deal. To do that, Speedo has been trying its best.

For any swimming outfit, Speedo comes first. It has won people’s hearts by providing the best features for big and tall swim shirts for any age.

Design and Capacity:

Choosing Speedo for a fat man swim shirt is an enlightened idea. Their swim tee rash protections are magnificent. The design is a pretty sporty style.

Therefore, that particular style presents a looser fit which mandates decent coverage. Specifically, raglan sleeves serve multiple motions. The numerous action plays a massive advantage for water sports.

Material and Performance:

The brand prefers classic standards. To continue that, they put superior fabrication. Speedo uses 100% polyester to manufacture this shirt. It’s so authentic and natural. So no one can raise a question about their materials in whatever way.

On the whole, they make it impressive. The construction is skillful.  No clinging during swimming, and the best thing, this fabric dries so fast.

Comfort Level:  

An active swim requires outfit comfort. For that, this outfit makes particular about comfortable beachwear for fat guys. As a result, your swim shirt protects you from UV sun rays. The product material can stop the burn. Hence, you can hang on to the water for more time and enhance your body’s comfort with relaxation.  


  • Pilling Resistant.
  • Water Repellent.
  • Absorption of Low-moisture.
  • Airy and breathable.
  • Durability for long-term usage.


  • Large neck hole

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3. Best for Rashguard -Men’s Kanu Surf Swim Shirts

Key Features:

  • Polyester material.
  • Launderable to a machine.
  • Crew neckline with short sleeve.
  • Edge contrast panel.
  • UPF Rating 50+ for Rashguard.

As we mentioned before, Kanu Surf swimwears are reliable and fit for the upper body. This company sets the seal on rash guard for fat guys. Putting all the attention towards value and quality, their design gets more profound and attractive. Whether it’s a swimsuit or a general outfit, you want to look yourself well. So Kanu surf is one step ahead of surf tees.

Design and Capacity:

To maintain versatility, Kanu surf brings elite water shirts for fat guys.  The brand is notable for its darker colors, function, and special fittings.

Also, their functional apparel catches the eye of everyone. It latches on UPF 50+ score as a protective shield to cover the sun. Thereby, you don’t have to face the sunburn of harmful rays.

Material and Performance:

We know the quality of an item depends on its material. Without any doubt, Kanu surf applies a hundred percent polyester to this product, which features a quick dry, and your body doesn’t feel soaked.

Even the material is resistant to pilling. Here, you can use it for an extended period and don’t require to buy another one for afraid of getting torn.  

Comfort Level:  

See, no one is arguing that you demand the best comfort level of protection from your outfit. So Kanu surf swim ties are all recreational to professional surfers. The swim shirt is perfect for working out, running, and swimming because the fabric contains extraordinary wicking tech. The wicking tech keeps moisture in your body. The shirt is suitable for the pool, beach, and lounge.  


  • Actual to size.
  • Skin protection.
  • Solid Stitching.
  • Fine body adjustment.
  • Different solid color options.


  • Packaging could be better.

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4. Best for Tall and Big Muscle – Men’s Harbor Bay Swim T-Shirt

Key Features:

  • Sleeveless manner.
  • Sun protection 50 UV.
  • Tagless comfort.
  • Reasonably extended all over the waistline.
  • Polyester fabrication.

If you prioritize first-class at out-of-the-ordinary, then Harbor Bay will be your favorite. Even in tall or large sizes, all kinds of exclusive swimwear are up for grabs at DLX. Sometimes it becomes a challenge to fit appropriately in terms of clothing. So when you think about proper shape, DXL’s Harbor Bay serves you the exact one according to your size.

Design and Capacity:

Harbor Bay is getting updated through time and presents a better impression. It’s sleeveless. Not only this, but also it features a tagless thorough design. Some excellent features cover this single swim outfit, such as reinforced shoulder, and ribbed crewneck. But mostly, you get 50 UV Coverage from harmful sun rays.

Material and Performance:

This fat guy swimming shirt is manufactured using the material polyester. Besides, it has a wet-wicking mesh to adjust the body and make it breathable enough.

Also, you will enjoy the fast drying facility and wash it in the machine. However, the fabric is fade and pill-resistant, ensuring you are wearing for on and on with brand-new looks. 

Comfort Level:

Occupying the straight hem, the swimming outfit gives you proper movement. The sleeveless shirt is not for only your swimming partner.

You can wear it casually and add it to your everyday style. It’s comfortable and perfect and customarily matches up to your style. Weekend, outdoor, pool, beach, in fact wherever you are, make it your companion.


  • Strachey and loose towards the body 
  • Warm weather specification.
  • Athletic figure suitability.
  • Plausible sew-up.
  • The shirt is available in multiple colors.
  • Cover up the blubber.


  • Not many color options.
  • The shirt may not be suitable for men with large chests.
  • The shirt may not fit men who are very tall.

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5. Best for Long Sleeve Presentation – Men’s Vapor Apparel Sports Swim Shirt

Key Features:

  • Set in sleeves design for the shoulder.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Sun baleful rays protection rating 50+ UPF.
  • Moisture Wicking.
  • Regular comfortable wear.

Vapor Apparel’s single creed snatches the ray, which means excellent protection to block sunburn. What you require, this brand has all.

Whether you want to get out somewhere or have fun, hurtful Sunrays are never an issue. Even your size won’t conflict with Vapor Apparel. They manufacture active swim shirts for big guys.

Design and Capacity:

To ensure life-like youth, the item meets the tasteful design. It gives you a cavalier option purposefully to make you a good look. There is the set in the shoulder that pledges you a snug-fitting towards the body.

Moreover, it doesn’t lie about the size. As a result, the shoulder and slimmer fit you perfectly.  Again, 50+ UPF keeps you safe from sunburn. SCF recommends them an adequate UV Safeguard.

Material and Performance:

The material secures attractive swim shirts for big men. The manufacturer uses microfiber polyester as a whole material. So they use genuine tech to fabricate it.

Besides, it has wet-wicking tech. The wicking tech inculcates the fabric to remain drier. Ultimately, you will experience the anti-odor tech for keeping yourself odor-free and fresh.

Comfort Level:

You will get an active lifestyle wearing this. Whether you will wear it casually or in swimwear, this long sleeve shirt will ensure seasonless comfort.  This T-shirt will work as a sun shield.

At the same time, add your heat during the winter.  However, your athletic lifestyle will fly like a beach, our door activities kind of fishing, hiking, running, swimming, sports such as baseball, etc.


  • Both machine and hand wash.
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric ideal for outdoor activities
  • Long sleeve design protects more of the body from the sun
  • Blocks out UV rays with UPF 50 sun protection
  • Friendlier towards the skin.


  • No Elastic material
  • Some people may not like the fit or feel of the fabric
  • May not protect against all UV rays, depending on the fabric’s weave

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6. Best Loose Fitting Swim Shirts – Men H2O Sport Tech Swim Shirt

Key Features:

  • Tall and big guy’s measurement.
  • Short sleeve
  • 50+ UPF for outstanding sun protection.
  • Cool Experience
  • Printed logo in the left chest.

Whether you prefer esthetic design or pool shirts for fat guys, H2O Sport Tech is always available on the market to provide that. It has some excellent features. Those characteristics give you all reason to manipulate your choice. Further, it is pocket-friendly. So if your budget is a little bit tighter, you may think about it. Hopefully, you will love it. 

Design and Capacity:

The t-shirt is loose-fitting in general. Here, it is more prominent in the shoulders and chest. Additionally, the length is longer. Because of that, you get to move quickly and comfortably.

The size is not fictional. Everything is at one’s finger tips touch. Besides, UPF 50+ is on the spot. So no tension to get burnt in the sun. It will protect you. The logo is printed on the left side.

Material and Performance:

No wonder the material is using for manufacturing is entirely a polyester fabrication.  However, the fabrication process is tightly oven.  Into the barging, they haven’t forgotten to add wicks moisture quickly.

It keeps you dry on your body.  Another thing, you can wash it a machine, and an additional fabric softener requires. Fabric contains a slight bit of sheen while surfacing. But it’s not applicable to gray heather.

Comfort Level:

In all your endeavors, you can wear H2O Sport Tech. When the movement is troubleless, you will feel more enthusiastic. UV protection makes you worry less. Tagless delivers the desired look. Now imagine, if you get everything the latest features in this price range, surely it will be the best deal for you.

Loose Shirts Pros:

  • Reinforced taping
  • Lightweight and quick drying
  • Ribbed neckline
  • Perfect length.
  • Nicely hung.
  • No chafe in the chest.
  • Blocks 98% of harmful UV rays Con: Not very stylish

Loose Shirts Cons:

  • A bit sloppy collar
  • Not very durable
  • Not very breathable

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Swim Shirts for Fat Guys

Difference Between Swim Shirts Vs Sun Shirts Vs Rash Guards?

There are several types of shirts that can be worn while swimming, each with its own benefits. Swim shirts, sun shirts, and rash guards all serve different purposes, so it’s important to know the difference before choosing which one to wear.

– Swim shirts are designed to provide extra coverage while swimming. They are usually made from a lightweight material that dries quickly.

-Sun shirts are intended to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. They are often made from a UPF fabric that blocks out UV rays.

– Rash guards are worn to prevent chafing and irritation from contact with salt water or sand. They are usually made from a stretchy material that hugs the body.

A rash guard is a type of shirt worn as protection against skin irritation caused by constant contact with water or sand.

So, which shirt should you choose? It depends on your personal preferences and what you’ll be doing while swimming. If you’re looking for extra coverage, a swim shirt is a good option.

The Benefits of Wearing a Swim Shirt While Swimming

Wearing a swim shirt helps to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially during extended periods of time in the water. This is an especially important benefit for those with fair or sensitive skin, as well as for children who may not be able to apply adequate sunscreen on their own.

A swim shirt also increases visibility in the water, both above and below the surface. Brightly color tops will help you stand out to passing boaters and lifeguards overseeing crowded beaches, while deeper waters can be monitored by wearing reflective materials on swimwear that alert divers and snorkelers to your presence.

Swim shirts help to relieve chaffing and irritation caused by wet and tight-fitting swimsuits. The added layer of protection provides a smoother texture which can prevent uncomfortable rubbing against the skin when submerged underwater for extended periods of time.

Many swim shirts also provide light insulation for swimmers who tend to get cold quickly in cooler waters or higher winds—this is especially beneficial for open-water swimmers competing in triathlons and long-distance events, who need an extra level of warmth while swimming between transition points!

Finally, wearing a swim shirt can help reduce drag when swimming due to its snug fit around the torso which keeps it close to the body and reduces any flapping material underwater that can slow you down during strenuous training sessions or races.

Different Types of Swim Shirts – Best 5 Types Of Swim Shirt 


Rashguards are a type of long-sleeve swim shirt that provides protection from irritating fabric and prevent chafing and sunburn by blocking the sun’s rays. They are typically made with a lightweight, fast-drying material and often feature extra length in the arms to provide extra coverage.

Swim Tops

These shirts come in a variety of styles, such as tank tops, t-shirts, button-down shirts, and polo shirts, and usually have an additional layer of fabric at the chest for additional modesty and coverage from the sun’s UV rays.

Surf Tees

Designed for active beachgoers looking for comfort in the water or on land, these surf tees feature short sleeves with a fast-drying exterior layer to keep you comfortable all day long.

Mesh Cover-Ups

These cover-ups are perfect for changing between your wet bathing suit and dry clothing after spending time at the beach or poolside. Mesh material allows air to circulate freely while also providing coverage from prying eyes nearby.

Athletic Swim Shirts

Athletic-inspired swim shirts are ideal for athletes who prefer more performance levels when swimming laps or engaging in water sports activities like surfing or wakeboarding. These swim shirts feature UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) technology that helps protect the body from harmful UV radiation, as well as mesh panels that allow your skin to breathe while performing challenging athletic endeavors in the water.

Swim Shirt for fat Guys

What to Consider While Purchase The Best Swim Shirts for Fat Guys?

When the weather gets a bit better, people get excited. Then, more involved in outdoor activities. Swimming is one of them as it keeps you fit and enjoyable as well.

All you need is a swimming outfit. Here goes another factor if you’re a fat guy because the options are more minor. Our purpose recommendation is to help you get the Best Swim Shirts for Fat Guy.

  • UPF Protection

UPF rating tells that manufacturers ensure during production to defend the sunburn. The score should be 50+.  In this way, any harmful effect of the sun can’t affect you. The material will cover your body to avoid burn. When you wear the cloth, the ultraviolet rays will be averted for protection.  

  • Material

While manufacturing materials is relatively significant. During buying, please put more effort into polyester material. The synthetic material is perplexing. It takes more time to dry.

On the other hand, polyester dries very quickly. Since it is swimming, that’s a water concern; you should wear that fact for your body refreshment.

  • Size

The size is a crucial factor in this conversation. We assume you are here for a fat, big, or tall sizes guy’s shirt. The above products have a larger version.

So place the order by double-checking. If you receive the wrong product, both money and time will be wasted. Again, finalize your decision because some people love loose-fitting, and many of them like tight-fitting. 

  • Moisture Wicking

Moisture Wicking is the drying-up facility. Make sure the fabric you are going to buy has moisture-wicking. Because of that, water will dry fast. The body doesn’t feel wet, and you can engage in your activities.

Before buying, check out the moisture-wicking factor and consider it a severe part while making a buying decision.

  • Skin-Friendly

Some people have severe allergic problems with the fabric. The skin cannot adapt to the material, and you see a rash on the skin. So you will buy your swim outfit considering the fabric which is friendlier to the skin.

People’s skin is sensitive. So you should not neglect it. If you stick to your choice, you won’t face this kind of problem. Those brands are renowned brands.

  • Washing Consideration

Since you love to stay neat and clean, doing laundry is another job in life. Some materials are susceptible like they start to peel. Choose the swimsuit which you can machine wash or hand wash. It has to be peeling-resistant as well. In this way, you conserve your time and wash it effectively.

  • Budget:

A budget should always be your initial concern. Sometimes the situation gets tight. That doesn’t mean good things are available in exclusive products only. Some products are cheap, but still, they are good.

So you have to research that. We have already done it for you. Our list consists of expensive and affordable swim shirts. The difference is like 19 /20.  

  • Wind Movement:

The swims shirt should be airy, and breathable enough. If air goes blocked, you will feel discomfort, and your body will resist it sometimes. So the movement of the wind is mandatory.

You don’t feel hot, but you feel refreshed. Another thing is awesome swim shirts should be flexible as well. So you may be able to move correctly. Your body won’t face any obstacles. 

Frequently Asked And Questions

What Shirts are Good for Swimming?

I see a lot of people asking questions like, “I’m about to go swimming, and I don’t know what shirts are meant to be worn in water, or in the pool. Do I wear my regular T-shirt, or do I wear something else?”

Well, it is not advisable to wear a T-shirt to the pool, as it is going to end badly. I would, however, recommend a swim shirt. Swim shirts (rash guards or surf shirts) are great for swimming.  

Is It Okay To Wear A Shirt While Swimming?

Yes, it is. I have a friend who always developed a rash whenever he went swimming shirtless. It kept happening time and again until he started wearing a swim shirt while swimming. 

Some people have sensitive skin conditions, and many others don’t feel comfortable being shirtless in front of people in the pool. So, in this case, it is completely okay to wear a swim shirt while swimming. 

 Why do guys wear swim shirts?

Most people give awkward looks to men who wear swim shirts. Others feel they are hiding something. Well, the average man wears a swim shirt for surfing various different reasons. 

Many guys I’ve come across wear swim-style shirts because of the comfort it gives. That is the primary reason why people wear swimsuits. 

Also, in the case of weight, weighty people feel more confident in a swim shirt, than being shirtless. 

There’s also the issue of skin reactions. Many believe wearing a swim shirt additional protection their sensitive skin from chafing and the sun’s UV radiation. Many swim shirts carry a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Should a Swim Shirt be Tight or Loose?

Now, your swim shirt should not be too loose, or too tight. It should moderately cover your body without being uncomfortable.  

Your swim shirt will fill and float around if it is too loose. If it is so large that the skin underneath is exposed, then you have defeated the purpose of the rash guard’s UPF rating  

 Generally speaking, there are two distinct swim shirt fits— 

  1. The Skin-tight swim shirt or rash guards.
  2. The Loose-fit swim shirts.

What are The Best Swim Shirts for Summer?

Here are the most popular and best-selling swim shirts for summer. Check out the deals on different e-commerce marketplaces. All links will take you to Amazon so you can check out the customer reviews, product features, and latest prices before making a purchase.

What is the Best Material for a Swim Shirt?

Swim shirts are a great way to keep your skin protected from the sun’s rays and look stylish in the water. But what is the best material for a swim shirt? With so many options on the market, choosing the right material can be tricky.

When deciding what material works best, it’s important to consider how you want your shirt to feel against your skin and how it will perform in terms of staying dry.

The most popular materials used for swim shirts include nylon-spandex blends which offer outstanding breathability and are lightweight, as well as lycra which offers extra stretchiness for ease of movement. Both fabrics provide excellent protection against UV rays with UPF ratings upwards of 50+. Additionally, these materials are fast-drying so they will not soak up large amounts of water like cotton or wool might.

Final Verdict

So, we have seen the best swim shirts for fat guys, and why they are actually okay to be worn in the pool. If you’re going to be swimming in a swim shirt, I advise and recommend you wear bright, colorful ones.

The best swim shirts for fat guys are those that provide enough coverage while still being comfortable. From tank tops to rash guards and even board shorts, there’s something out there to suit everyone’s specific style and needs. So take a deep breath, put on your favorite swim shirt, and hit the pool—confidence is key!

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