The Popular 4 Best Beginner Surfboard for Big Guys

Many people find a passion for surfing. Seeing them, some individual finds it so exciting and encourage to do. The big guys get confused. Is it for them? Are they able to do it?  Come on; everything is for you if you have passion.

You have to buy your desire board according to size and follow some tips and tricks. A few days later, you will become a pro surfer.

Yes, the surfing board indeed comes in a different size. We presume you are in the quest for the best beginner surfboard for big guys. However, surfing depends on waves as well as sliding too.

Watching videos is not a solution. Some practical advice will be much more effective. Bingo, there you go! We have come with the most constructive suggestion to make you purchase.

South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboards: Best surfboard for 250 lbs

(Designed as a small wave summer charger, lightweight and durable materials, great looking.)

Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log: The best surfboard for heavy beginners

(Designed for beginner and intermediate surfers, easy to maintain, give you exceptional maneuverability)

Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard, Sunburst Graphic: Best surfboard for 100kg man

(It is light, tender & smooth to handle, excellent board with a layout, long-lasting)

Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard: Best overall 

(Gives more balance and drift, pretty lengthy, dimensionally stable)

Individual Review Of The Best Beginner Surfboard for Big Guys:

01. South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboards: Best surfboard for 250 lbs

Key feature:

  • Wax-Free textures
  • Easily supports surfers up to 230lbs
  • Easy & incredible fun shapes to surf
  • Wooden body armor shell
  • Hard Epoxy Bottom Deck

Product specs:

Product Dimension 94 x 25 x 5 inches; 30 Pounds
Department Unisex-adult
Manufacturer ‎ South Bay Board Co.
Weight 13lbs

Product Description:

South Bay Board Co’s four’10 Huevo Hybrid Shortboard Surfboard functions an additional-huge, rounded-out nose & widened chest region for exceptional paddle electricity. It is designed as a small wave summer charger with a blunt & huge tail, permitting remarkable stability. However, it additionally has a loose skateboard-like sense. 

In any local network, this is the most fun and regular surfboard without any problems.  The Elefante is effortlessly one of the first-rate price funboard surfboards available in the enterprise nowadays. For conventional summertime surf sessions where you need to be out in the water making the most of minor, crowded conditions, allow the Elephant to lead the fee. 

All of those are integrated into their lightweight EPS closed-cellular foam production. Its triple stringer device consists of two wood stringers and one fiberglass rod stringer. Plus, its bamboo body armor on top and backside improves its sturdiness and resistance to warmness damage.

But to keep it a touch greater classy, run the Elefante with a solo unmarried fin installation, and now you have a soul-style cruiser prepared to casually meander via the face of the wave and set up for stylish nostril using.


  • Super fun
  • Paddles like a longboard and gets you early access onto waves
  • Fast down the line
  • Loose like a skateboard experience
  • Great for the tour as so compact
  • Could advantage from some delivered reinforcement at the tail
  • Suits wave up to go high
  • Fantastic cost for the rate


  • Heat release valve

Current price at Amazon

02. Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log: The best surfboard for heavy beginners

Key feature:

  • It has double bottom concave
  • Shapes are high-performance
  • High-quality polyurethane (PU) construction
  • 8-inch center fin
  • Suitability for intermediate and advanced surfers
  • Easy to use for all surfing levels

Product specs:

Color White
Department Unisex-adult
Manufacturer Paragon Surfboards
Size 7’6″ x 21 3/4″ x 2 7/8″

Product Description:

If you lack any surfing talents, you want a board that bears the best stature and bureaucracy. This may be the most effective of all of the surfboards we’ve underneath our consideration in the intervening time. It is likewise fun and simpler to make use of.

It is a performance surfboard. It is designed for beginner and intermediate surfers seeking to have amusing within the water and rapidly enhance their browsing abilities. It is also often ridden using skilled surfers trying to step down from their longboard. This board takes the significant elements of a longboard and a shortboard and combines them into a single shape.

If you combined those extremes, you would get a board that paddles like a longboard. But it will give you exceptional maneuverability. It functions as a double backside with a 6oz pinnacle and bottom glass and a gloss finish. Over the years, it’s miles no surprise that the Paragon Surfboards Mini Log has grown to be surfers preferred

Many factors converge to make the object proper to its position. These are the double backside concave, polyurethane (PU) creation, gloss finish outdoors, and the suitability for riders of many ability levels. All those add to better returns on investments on your element.


  • Performs nicely in the rough waters
  • Suits the starters and the intermediates truly properly
  • Its concave bottom form allows more balance and right handling
  • The outdoors of the surfboard imbues a gloss finish
  • Able to improve its shape and other functionalities


  • Slightly complicated to a person who’s slightly beginning out

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03. Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard, Sunburst Graphic: Best surfboard for 100kg man

Key feature:

  • Long and wide for easy balancing.
  • Easy to work with 
  • Solid non-slip surface 
  • Strong and durable 
  • With a 3 Stringer EPS foam core
  • Textured non-slip traction pad

Product specs:

Product Dimension 96 x 22.5 x 3.14 inches; 20 Pounds
Department ‎Unisex-adult
Manufacturer Agit
Weight 11.5lbs

Product Description:

The Wavestorm 8′ Sunburst Graphic Surfboard is one of the logo’s first-class-promoting and appearing learn-to-surf boards. It is as if a laugh is built into its virtue due to its lightness, softness, and maneuverability—all way to its years of giant research and manufacturing revel in.

Wavestorm is the most recognized tender surfboard emblem inside the United States. The 8ft conventional surfboard is one of the great-selling & appearing analyze-to-surf forums of all time because it is light, tender & smooth to handle.

It is an excellent board with a layout that stands proudly, and it will make browsing a laugh and clean regardless of your preceding enjoyment. Surfing, for lots, is the remaining expression of freedom. It is an outstanding board for whoever desires to hit the waves and make a few unforgettable recollections.

This 8ft surfboard functions as an intense EPS center with three marine-ply stringers and a robust EBS IXL Elastomer Barrier Skin, gentle crosslink pinnacle deck with a solid textured grip. Its bottom is an HDPE (High-density polyethylene) slick to brief snapbacks and keep the center rocker.


  • Exhibits a few décor and beauty due to colorful outside
  • Its interior embellishes the gentle and secure foam cushioning
  • A high-density (HDPE) Polyethylene cloth bureaucracy a great deal of its makeup
  • Some of its critical components are removable for easier maintenance
  • Guards towards the infiltration of the ambient water


  • Calls for excessive care and renovation

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04. Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard: Best overall 

Key feature:

  • With its tremendously low rocker, it could seize something.
  • Great look
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is light-weight
  • Best to enjoy the limitless flow

Product specs:

Product Dimension ‎ 110 x 24 x 5 inches; 27 Pounds
Department U&nisex-adult
Manufacturer ‎ Paragon Surfboards
Color Multi-Color

Product Description:

The Paragon Surfboards Retro is an overall performance longboard surfboard with a form inspired with the aid of the longboards of the 1960s. Its essential benefit is that it gives more balance and drift than your traditional longboard. 

The Paragon Retro Noserider is a classic excessive-stop overall performance longboard surfboard capable of almost everything inside the ocean. This board has a period of nine feet and a width of 22.25 inches. The longboard is dimensionally stable and easy to ride. Riders can fast stroke and permit the board to do the job or power itself to new heights with brutal and energetic browsing actions. The Paragon Retro Noserider is filled with all of the tricks.

It features a much broader-than-ordinary rectangular tail, a full nostril, and 50/50 rails make noseriding a breeze. Even this surfboard is pretty lengthy. It’s miles straightforward and hassle-free to be maneuvered. It functions a single concave to vee, and a low rocker allows retaining it constantly in any driving condition. Also, you can glide thanks to the broader squash tail layout, 50/50 rails, and a scooped nostril easily.


  • Enjoy traditional longboard browsing
  • Classic wide nose
  • Provides balance
  • Exceptional electricity
  • Made for nose driving
  • Its single fin set-up presents a balance


  • Quality may additionally vary in specific models

Current price at Amazon

Buying Guidelines for Best Beginner Surfboard for Big Guys: What to Consider?

Selecting the appropriate gear means your half job is done—all the things you are doing to ensure a fun riding. Of course, we don’t deny that the choices are relatively narrow for prominent individuals.

But they do exists. Our motto is to provide the right guidance to find the best beginner surfboard for big guys. You know it’s a bit tricky but achievable.


Being a big guy is no shame. Maybe being big is an advantage for you.  Settle on the volume level to select the starting point. As a big guy, you will get the benefit of it. There are several types of surfboards.

Following that, they come in multiple shapes. A little tip, don’t buy too thin a surfboard to save money. Otherwise, you will struggle with your board as a beginner. Let’s dig it.

  • They must be sturdy and durable. A surfer may able to explore the conditions and capabilities of it. Lacking both seems a bit risky to surf.
  • Alright, you can design your own and choose your shape. It’s possible to customize the speedy egg for your preference. Surfing will be adventurous.
  • Again, there is an option to opt for a general board. You can place it up in a large blade. Anyway, it may impact negatively on performance. So you will decide what you do. 

Wave Type:

A sizable proportion gives a tough time to the surfer. Trumping over the weaker and smaller kahun is a bit tricky. Regardless, you need the same gear to adjust the wave. It’s very crucial to measure the wave nature.

The more you feel it, the more you enjoy surfing. A perfect surfing board will always help you out to estimate the heart of the wave. Understand it deeply.

  • Try to use a native country board to surf. It manufactures according to that. The native manufactures have much knowledge, and they try to build the same. As a result, you will get a satisfactory craft speed egg.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t look possible to get a native manufacturer. In that case, look a large number of customization to other country’s brand. For that reason, big guys may able to suit on the surfboard. 


For a beginner, dimensions are paramount. The thickness, width, and length are vital aspects to plump for a healthy guy’s surfboard. A modest surfboard is very much necessary. Since you are a beginner, we suggest picking a middle-range surfboard.

It differs in lengthwise up to seven to eight ft. The thickness should be three-inch. The width can be 20 ½ inches to 2 ½ inches. Have an extensive dive.

  • A giant surfing board is perfect for a starter. Well, you don’t prefer a small surfboard to snatch the waves. At the same time, we demonstrate to you not to take an oversized board. You won’t find it comfortable because it’s so hard to control.
  • On the other hand, more decadent and taller surfers require a bit of giant speed egg. The additional length will allow you to paddle effortlessly. Simultaneously, you can catch even small waves.
  • Put forward to a blade in terms of your body growth and get the assistance of achieving an outstanding surfing experience. As it’s a water game, so work in line with that.


The surfboard has multiple scales of construction. But most of them follow three types of structures. Anyway, these are soft-foam, epoxy, and polyester. The forms and material styles will determine longevity. Based on materials, the price also varies. So, it will be unwise if you ignore the material constructions.

  • Soft-foam board enables progression slightly for learners. Mostly, this kind of board is for school lessons. Its manufactures quality is soft. As a result, there’s less chance of getting hurt.   You or the people around you are safe.
  • A polyurethane core with a fiberglass board should be your first choice. Mainly it depends on hand structured while manufacturing. Even the commanding is much easier for the seasoned rider.
  • An epoxy surfboard is straightforward to place. The tall riders can roll or even roll it. Surprisingly, less customization requires. It’s very much possible but costly. The beginner gets cool support because the boards are resilient and buoyant.

Water Depth:

Remember the principle of Archimedes. Maybe Eureka is the perfect word to remember. The direction is all about displacement of mass and water. However, the water depth will quantify the tide strength.

Not only that but also you may get to know the surfboard nature to ride. Yes, the impact of waters is also mandatory to know during the purchase of surfboards. Let’s make it more straightforward.

  • Surfing into deep water can sink less. You will float more in the deep water. Riding will be more spontaneous. So buy a surfboard, keeping in mind deep water surfing.
  • On the contrary, if you think you will surf in the shallow water, you have to change your plan. It’s believable to get the sink. A significant body will lead you more on this. So choose your board wisely, thinking of the water depth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What size surfboard is best for a starter?

Predominantly, the size of a surfboard depends on the size of a rider. But it’s always correct that beginners need an easement to move the. There is no boundary depending on body size.

However, we are mentioning some assumptions. Purchase a mid-range surfboard if you are just a learner. The length is approximately 7 to 8 ft. Following that, the thickness is not less than 2 5/8 inch to 3 inches. Similarly, the width is around 20 ½ inches to 22 ½ inches.

  • Is there a weight limit for surfing?

In surfing sports, there is no official measurement for weights. You won’t find any restriction or limit for pressure. The surfboard floats for surfers because it is constructed levitate.

So, the surfers can surf the waves successfully. If you are healthy enough, use a giant surfboard. But always choose your surfboard as per your body shape.

  • What size surfboard do I need a calculator?

You need the calculator to measure the surfboard volume. Therefore, the calculator follows a chart of a matrix. It measures the volume board of a surfing ride.

Of course, you need an acceptable board size for the necessary board design. A perfect range will support you to float in waves and unique riding style. Catching wave style is the first rule to play this sport.

  • Is a 6-foot surfboard right for beginners? 

Again, there is no rule of surfing board size. It doesn’t work that way. But the rule of thumb says for a beginner right surfboard few conditions. Your longboard should be three feet extended compared to your height.

For example, the tall measurement is 5’6 inch to 6’0 inch. Well, for that, a perfect size longboard should be 8’6 inch to 9’0 inch.

  • How long does it take to get experienced at surfing? 

There is nothing alternative for practicing to achieve a skill. You can practice surfing in your leisure time. Do exercise 3 or 4 times a week. In this way, you can develop your surfing skill within two years.

That means you will learn to make a good perception of tides and surf. At the same time, locating the waves will be much easy. Even you won’t find significant trouble while troubling.


You need the best beginner surfboard for big guys. To do that, you must follow the above instruction. Your fitness, weight, and age is everything primary for selecting aboard. Don’t neglect any of these.

It’s not like spending a lot of money will ensure the nest—this utterly wrong idea. Careful attention may help you achieve that.

Some people think they may reduce the cost by purchasing a used board. It’s another misconception. You don’t know how long the board has been used. Perhaps it will get a break in the middle of the ocean.

So try to buy a new board. There is nothing precious than life. So, why are you taking the risk? Instead, follow our practical suggestion.

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