The Ultimate Guide Of The Best Skateboard For Big Guys Reviews

What are the best skateboards for big guys? Many overweight guys who desire to skate have asked this question. I understand how difficult it is to locate the most amazing big guy skateboard.

That’s why I made this review today of the five best skateboards for big guys. Skateboards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

What is best for you will be determined by your tastes. Start with a traditional form and experiment with a few alternative styles if you’re new to skating. This will assist you in deciding what works best for you.

Skateboarding is always an option, whether you’re a big, big-boned, or just a little overweight. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you’ll need a different configuration. I’ll be of assistance to you.

Also required are a slightly wider board, high-quality trucks, and weight-bearing bushings. Some skateboarders feel that the more concave the board has, the easier it is to flip it.

What are the best skateboards for big guys?

Skateboarding is more than a hobby or a pastime for some people; it’s a way of life. Depending on the type of skating you want to do, there are a few things to think about while purchasing a skateboard.

If you’re going to ride in parks, you’ll need a deck that’s at least 8 inches wide. If you want to skate on the streets more often, a 7.5-inch expansive deck is a great option. Here is the list of the top five best skateboards for big guys.

(Great style, high performance, and reliable components. )

(It is low in weight, has a high level of durability, and can carry a maximum load of 330 pounds.)

(Provides a safe, steady, and comfortable ride.)

(It’s solid and durable, thumb throttle is easy to use)

(Small, lightweight, and easy to transport, Double- kick tails)

Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners 31 x 7.88 Skateboards for Kids

ChromeWheels 31 inches Cruiser 8 Layer Skateboards for Kids and Beginners

KYNG Electric Skateboard 7 Layer Maple Deck For Kids and Adult

Magneto Mini Cruiser skateboard Designed for Kids Girls Boys Youth Teens Adults Men and Women

5 Safety Tips For Kids

Skateboarding is fun, intriguing, and a great way to keep kids active, but it comes with a danger of injury. As a result, it’s vital to follow the safety guidelines when teaching your child to skateboard.

## Ascertain that your child has the appropriate safety equipment: To keep your child safe, make sure they have all of the necessary safety equipment.

## Must be told to wear a helmet: Without a doubt, the most crucial piece of skating safety equipment for your child is a helmet. Choose a helmet designed specifically for skateboarding or for other sports like cycling. Ensure that it is well-fitting and comfy.

## You must wear knee and elbow protectors at all times: In the event of a fall, wrist guards protect the joint. Pads for the knees and elbows are offered—shoes with a good grip and a long lifespan.

## Never let your child skate in the road: Allowing your child to skateboard on the street in the presence of cars is never a good idea. It’s all too easy for your child to become distracted or to become the victim of an inattentive motorist. Riding in authorized places, such as skate parks, is significantly safer.

## Try to choose a smooth surface: Skating on a smooth surface is safer than skating on a surface with cracks, stones, or other garbage. Inspect the surface for smoothness and obstructions at all times.

How to choose the best skateboards for big guys: Buying Guide

It’s all too easy to be swayed by other people’s opinions about your appearance, height, or weight. Skateboarding is an excellent example of this. If someone tells you that you’re not cut out for skateboarding, you’re more than likely to give up your aspirations. 

On the other hand, skateboarding necessitates more skill than a weight limit. So, let me assist you in locating the best skateboard for huge guys, and let’s collaborate to reach your skating objectives. However, before making a purchase, keep the following considerations in mind.

Wheels of the Skateboard:

You might not want to rely only on the wheels in this instance. Small to medium wheels are likewise advised in this instance. The size range for this classification is 50mm to 59mm. The other two sets are ideal for skate parks, stunts, street riding, and riders of all ability levels.

Skateboard’s Deck:

We must evaluate several deck features to determine whether or not a particular option is the best one for you. The first is the manner it’s put together. Due to their longevity, a stern full-maple wood deck or a flexible deck, such as bamboo or fiberglass composite, are both popular deck materials.

The following step is to determine the width. For 5’3″ riders that are overweight, a deck width of roughly 7.5″ will suffice. If you are taller or have a larger weight-to-height ratio, you should choose a skateboard deck that is wider or extra wide.

Trucks of the Skateboard:

The vehicles are another aspect that carries your weight. Your autos should also have an aluminum body to ensure that you’re investing in a suitable component. This material is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and simple to care for.

While there are other components of this article’s buying advice to think about, let’s start with the high-quality skateboard options I have for you. By then, you’ll be able to tell which one is best for you.

Size of the board:

There’s nothing wrong with picking your favorite wheel and deck combination. However, if you’re a huge guy who’s never ridden a skateboard before, you’ll want to think about a few crucial factors first, such as skateboard size.

To get started, you’ll need a skateboard deck that’s at least 7.5 inches wide—the larger the deck, the more space for considerable people to walk about on.

Second, while the length of the skateboard is less crucial than the width, having one that is easy to manage is still beneficial. Skateboards come in a wide range of sizes, from 28 to 42 inches, so you’ll have plenty of options.

Weight limit:

You should purchase something that can withstand your weight and not fall apart in public. It makes no difference if you’re a couple of pounds heavier than your average skateboarder. Skateboards that are specifically tailored to meet your demands are available. Make sure that everything you choose is inside your weight range.

Longboards from Geelife can hold up to 220 pounds, while skateboards from White Fang can hold up to 330 pounds. Where the highest surfboard weight limit is 180-200.

Board type:

Longboards are designed for taller and heavier persons than ordinary people. Longboards provide adequate surface area to accommodate your bigfoot while adapting to your center of gravity and dispersing your weight equally. You don’t want to buy a shortboard and wind up in a heap because it can’t take weights exceeding 195 pounds. 


Durability is the most vital feature to consider when purchasing anything, whether a skateboard or anything else. Because you want your items to last. Decks from various firms use various methods to increase the product’s strength.

On the other hand, wood is the most durable material found in almost all high-end skateboards. Decks are constructed from 7 to 8 layers of Canadian maple wood with cross-lamination for increased strength and stability.

All other components, such as wheels, trucks, and bearings, must be of good quality to work in tandem with the deck and ensure optimal longevity.


A kicktail is a term for the tail end of a skateboard. Most of the best skateboards have a double-kicktail design for maximum new tricks. Many people may only have one kicktail to give appropriate capacity over edges and fractures.

The front kicktail is on the nose of the board, whereas the back kicktail is on the tail. Kicktails are a crucial component for controlling the panel in various ways. Skateboard kicktails are usually double or single.

During turns, the kicktails are helpful. Allows the skateboard to perform typically even on a challenging course with cracks and rubble. It gives you more flexibility and control.

Grip Tape:

Griptape is sandpaper or grinder used to smooth the skateboard’s surface. It lets you accomplish tricks quickly by providing a solid and non-slippery foot location. Grip tape is found on nearly every high-end skateboard.

The grip tape on the board generates a rough surface between the rider’s feet and the deck, causing friction and resistance. A better grip improves performance and confidence when soaring the skateboard into the air.

Grip tape comes in a range of colors and patterns. It guarantees that the skateboard is both safe to ride and visually beautiful. We recommend thoroughly inspecting the skateboard’s grip tape facility for improved performance and security.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Que: Why is it necessary for big guys to choose the proper skateboard?

Ans: Like any other physically demanding sport, skateboarding poses a greater risk to overweight individuals than healthy individuals. Obese people are more likely to break a board designed for regular riders.

Regular skateboards will also be unable to support the additional weight or endure long enough. As a result, more prominent persons should prioritize selecting the right skateboard to avoid unpleasant rides and save money.

They can also be on the lookout for skateboards with a lot of pop because these skateboards are not only long-lasting and sturdy but also versatile to ride.

Que: What effect does a rider’s weight have on performance?

Ans: More weight means a higher center of gravity and, as a result, a higher speed. This is an issue for overweight people, mainly when riding downhill because they have difficulty controlling the rapid acceleration.

More prominent people land with heavier loads on their feet, taking control of the rebound off the wheel more challenging. As a result, performing tricks becomes considerably more difficult.

They had to alter their technique following their weight, which took a lot of effort and patience.

Que: Can skateboarding help you lose weight?

Ans: Skateboarding is a great cardio sport that can help you live a healthier and fitter life. Skateboarding can burn 300 to 500 calories per hour, depending on the rider’s weight and metabolic rate. It also aids with body balance and calf and hamstring muscle strength, among other things.

Que: Is it pricey to buy a heavy rider skateboard?

Ans: To bear more impact and weight, heavy-duty skateboards are manufactured with a safety rating, sturdy maple woods, a more oversized deck, toughened trucks, and high-quality wheels. Because of all of these characteristics are a little more expensive than most other skateboards because of all of these characteristics.

Que: What is the maximum weight capacity of a skateboard?

Ans: A skateboard’s official maximum weight limit is 262.3 pounds, which means 119 kilograms. The study focuses on speed, thrust, and maneuverability. Depending on the type of skateboard, the weight limit varies.

On the other hand, longboards can hold up to 300 pounds, while penny boards only hold 192 pounds (136 kg). Another alternative is electric skateboards, which may weigh up to 330 pounds.

Que: Are skateboards weighing 300 pounds the best option for heavy riders?

Ans: To retain stability when riding, more prominent people should look for appropriate heavy skateboards. Heavy riders can use a skateboard that weighs 300 pounds (136kg). Experts recommend that riders maintain under the weight restrictions of their skateboards so that the extras can withstand the impact of sliding, turning, and stunts.

Que: Can a longboard support 300 pounds of weight?

Ans: The answer is yes. Longboards made of high-quality 8-ply plywood can sustain weights of up to 300 pounds. Longboards are slow and not designed for tricks, so keep that in mind. The weight capacity is affected by the length of the boar, ds, and the type of wood used.

Que: What is the ideal wheel hardness for obese skateboarders?

Ans: Wheel hardness is critical when selecting the best skateboard configuration for a plus-size rider. Harder wheels usually result in less traction and faster rides on smooth terrains, such as skate parks. Softer wheels rated 78a to 87a are more responsive, making them suitable for heavy riders. They help you avoid slipping on the street by allowing you to rotate over small rocks and fissures.

Que: What size wheels should a heavier rider get?

Ans: You can choose from three distinct size categories. Skate parks, bowls, and complicated tricks benefit from small (50-53mm) wheels. Beginners and heavier riders can use 54-59mm mid-size skates on the streets and vert ramps. The huge 60mm+ wheels make rough terrain, transit, and cruising much simpler. Due to its larger diameter, speed and balances are combined into a single package.

Que: What types of skateboards are there, and which one is best for a big person?

Ans: Skateboards are available in four primary styles nowadays. Medium-sized skateboards with cocktails are known as cruiser skateboards (cruiser boards). It’s a lot of fun to skate in parks and do tricks on popsicle boards. Skateboards with flatter, wider noses were simpler to skate over ramps, pools, and streets in the past.

On the other hand, longboards provide obese men a leg up in terms of traction. The majority of them have wheel cut-outs that allow for larger wheels. The rider will feel more balanced on his feet because of the symmetrical shape’s lower center of gravity.

Que: What are the best skateboard decks for heavier riders?

Ans: Skateboard decks are produced from many types of wood. For bigger guys, though, professional-grade maple or bamboo decks would be required. They have a higher weight capacity and are more responsive to impacts.

Final Thoughts

Did you find out the best skateboard for big guys? Choosing your first skateboard can be challenging because there are so many appealing options on the market. Nonetheless, we did our best to give you a guide on how to choose a skateboard, as well as some evaluations, so that you may make a better-informed decision.

We believe that selecting a skateboard for a novice will now be straightforward. Go out and buy a skateboard now that you’ve completed reading this article and start your new skateboarding experience.son, you must read this full review till the end with patience. I hope you will attentively complete this article.

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