Best Skateboard For Big Guys Reviews [Top Rated List]

Are you interested in skateboarding and finding top guides for riding a skateboard? We describe an outstanding guide for you. The sports equipment skateboard is used for skateboarding. It is usually made of a specially designed.

Are you a big man and finding an affordable skateboard? Let’s start to find the best skateboard for big guys. We would recommend the skateboard for the big guy from 32-40 inches and large wheels at 80a-86a durometer.

But you should remember that about your weight and size. Weight won’t be an issue but you can invest in some durable bushings. As the bigger guy stock bushings will feel way too very soft and easy unless you tighten the shit out of them. For a beginner, the rider starts with a double-kick skateboard.

There are different types of skateboards like pintail, twin tip, cruiser, battery or electrical. We will try to review all the categories. We hope the article covers all the necessary things when you buy a perfect skateboard for your big size.

Table Of The Best Heavy Guys Skateboard


Landyachtz Dinghy 28" Complete Skateboard

  • Lightweight super design
  • Durable
CCS Skateboard Complete
  • Canadian maple
  • The double kick tails
CCS Skateboard Complete
  • Twin symmetrical shape
  • Fully assembled
  • Rimable Plastic Cruiser
  • Durable
  • Best for beginner and intermediate riders
  • 7-ply maple wood
  • Relax fit
  • Strong
28 Inch Complete Skateboard
  • Lightweight performance
  • Durable
Retrospec Alameda Skateboard
  • Durable
  • 5.5-inch aluminum
Standard Complete Skateboards
  • Easy to ride
  • Soft top

Top 9 Best skateboard for big guys

01. Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard

Who says big guys cannot ride a skateboard?  Landyachtz dinghy 28’ skateboard is the best item for bigger and taller riders. Are you looking for a safe skateboard? You can keep your trust and choose it. It is a durable item and super designed. Its overall dimensions are 28 x 7 x 4 inches.

The wooden board is more sustainable. It is a portable skateboard and made by a 7 ply maple board. The skateboard wheel space size is 63-78mm.  The wheel is running best when the rider is skateboarding.  We think it is the best skateboard for big guys affordable items. Overall it is an outstanding skateboard.


  • Soft, strong, and durable.
  • Lightweight super design.
  • The Board graphic is pretty sweet.
  • Sturdy deck materials

  • Bearings can be a break over time
  • Might not be for the advanced rider

02. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

When you are finding a skateboard deck, you may want to choose the magneto mini cruiser skateboard which is chosen for freestyle dancing and interesting riding.

Magneto mini cruiser is a flexible skateboard for the big rider. Around the city, school, work, PlayStation or simply spending time at any place, riders won’t have a hard time using their new grab and go transportation.

Magneto is a super portable skateboard. The skateboard dimensions are 27.5” in length and 18” wheelbase space. Double kick tails are a great addition to the magneto mini cruiser skateboard.

The items manufactured from Canadian maple and use high-quality materials. No plastics parts on this board.


  • Bold graphics designed
  • Portable skateboard
  • Amazing price & easy to bearing
  • Board flexibility for cruising

  • The bearings were terrible

03. CCS Skateboard Complete

CCS Skateboard complete Color Logo and Natural Wood deck are one of another item for skateboarding. CCs are a brandable board. It is a unique design that’s why you will choose it.

The deck is a suitable item for the big guys. The wheel is 52mm,100a durometer, trucks are 139mm as a standard size. ABEC 7 using high quality and smooth bearing. Grip tape and hardware are black, bolts are silver.

It’s 32 inches lengths. All components are CCS brands. The CCS skateboard is fully assembled and the shape is twin symmetrical. We think it is the super best skateboard for big guys. Really we recommend this item.


  • CCs are a pretty legit company.
  • The skateboard is pro-quality.
  • Fit for big riders.

  • Sometimes wheels didn’t roll but don’t harmful.

04. RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard

The aluminum trucks RIMABLE complete 22’ skateboard is the most favorite for big kids. It is a dream board for big kids guys. Rumble’s 22-inch skateboard available in various colors and designs.

These decks are most popular for teenagers and young adults. It made by a solid 3-inch aluminum truck and 100% fresh materials.

It helps children get easy controlling and riding. Furthermore, Rimable is anti-slippery patterns to prevent unintentional accidents. These skateboards are super smooth PU wheels. So you can choose it and use it frankly.


  • Super smooth PU wheels.
  • Protect new rider.
  • It is small, so easy to carry.
  • It has an anti-slippery pattern.

  • Bearings that come with the board are a little

05. Geelife Skateboard 7 Layers Decks 31″x8″ Pro Complete Skate Board

The Geelife 7 layers deck size length is 31” width is 8” and wheelbase is 15.7’. This is a complete pro best skateboard for big guys. It’s a mix of maple wood and high-quality material. Geelife skateboard used super smooth 95A PU wheels (55x40mm). The bearing capacity is 200 kg and it made chromium stell.

You have to choose the option of different colors like youth, freedom, stardust, or summer, etc. The skateboard is usually faster and mostly used for racing and cruising. The Geelife skateboard is suitable for skating streets, parks, ramps, pools, and another smooth surfaces.


  • It has a good response and a flexible deck.
  • There’s a wide choice for smart design.
  • Lightweight and durable board.
  • 7 layers deck suitable for big rider.

  • It is quite big to carry if the child is physically small

06. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

A minority is a 1005 maple deck and the size is 32×8 and the maximum support weight is 220lbs. It is the super best skateboard for big guys. It makes genuine aluminum alloy and equipment with carbon has 102A PU wheels that’s why it brings happiness to the rider.

It is undoubtedly one of the most ridings and cruising skateboard you should consider if you love skateboard riding. The minority team is committed to building a skateboard for al level riders and cruisers. They built a combination of excellent parts with expert skateboard engineers.

Beginners may use the deck for practicing basic skills. Really it is an inexpensive affordable board.


  • Affordable price
  • Comes with fully assembled
  • Strong, reliable, and durable
  • Use of high-quality components

  • It can be too fast

07. PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man 28 Inch Complete Skateboard

If you need an affordable skateboard you can choose to ultimate spider-man 28-inch skateboard. The complete skateboard is a 28-inch length and durable 9-ply maple wood deck.

Spiderman skateboard is highly graphical designed so it is looking very nice. The skateboard is best for beginner big riders. The skateboard set in 50mm x 27mm wheels and 608ZB bearings deliver a very smooth ride.


  • Affordable skateboard
  • Durable and lightweight
  • For Beginner to advanced level

  • Everything is plastic and doesn’t have wheel bearings

08. Retrospec Alameda Skateboard Complete

A Canadian maple deck Retrospec Alameda Skateboard is a perfect flick on any trick. It gives a huge mixture of color schemes that’ll are be looking great on the street, sidewalks, or regular parks. Which people say that a big man is not riding a skateboard, it is a negative idea.

The skateboard is a unique item for the big rider. The measure of the skateboard is a 31×8 inch 7-ply Canadian Maple deck that provides the responsiveness and pop you want while you take to the streets.  This board is durable and assembled by hand and comes ready to rip.


  • Completely assembled ready to ride.
  • This board is durable.

  • It has a limited color selection

09. ARCADE Pro Skateboard 31″ Standard Complete Skateboards

Are you a professional skateboard rider? Are you finding a professional skateboard for your big body you can choose ARCADE Pro Skateboard 31″ Standard Complete skateboards. We think it is the best skateboard for big guys in the market. The skateboard is a standard size, the length is 31″ inch.

This is a high graphical deck and looking has very nice. The pro skateboard is a double kick and made by 7-ply maple wood. The arcade Pro Skateboard can hold 220lbs. This 5lb board has smooth and durable ABEC-7 Bearings with 54mm Injected PU Wheels / 95a for a good grip but also a little extra speed when its riding.


  • Comes with a 2 Year Warranty
  • Money-back Guarantee 30-Day
  • It has a vintage-inspired design.

  • It has a limited color for selection

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Types of Skateboard

There are two main types of skateboard. One is longboard and another one is shortboard.


It is often longer than a skateboard and basically, it is used for cruising traveling, and racing. It is average measure length is 35-59 inch, width average 9-10 inch.


It is often short than a skateboard. The shortboard is mostly used for doing tricks and riding in skateparks.

Things To Consider When Buying a skateboard for big guys

  • Durability

Durability is one of the most factors that must be considered when buying a skateboard. Generally, there are different skateboards with different weight capacities and building materials. The best pick for you will be determined by the purpose for which you are buying a skateboard. 

  • Size

When you are buying a skateboard you must think to consider a perfect size for big guys. We appreciate the skateboard’s perfect size for fat guys (30 – $40) inch and wheels size is 80a-86a.

  • Design 

Design is one of the other parts when choosing a skateboard. It must need a smooth and high-quality graphical design for your mind refreshment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best skateboard for big guys?

There are a lot of different parts on a skateboard. But the skateboard deck is one of the most important parts. When you skateboarding you easily stand the skateboard because the stake deck is a flat board. There are few things to consider once you decided on the best skateboard for big guys.

Also choose the board shape is a  super important thing to consider buying a skateboard. The length, width, wheelbase, rails, mounting holes, materials are very important to buying weighted people skateboard.

  • Consider the width choose your skateboard deck average 7.5 – 8.25 inches. The right width fully depends on your size and skateboarding style. According to your height and the weight you buy the deck too width, you will need to push more power. it is a difficult issue for riding.
  • Consider the length choose your skateboard deck average 28-32 inches. But recommend for the advance level to more length.
  • -Wheelbase distance average 13-15 inches. Also, your expert level will indicate the right distance.

How To Put Grip Tape On Your Skateboard?

There are many colors, patterns, and brands on the skateboard. The component of grip tape is one-time use in the skateboard.

That’s why when it is used in the deck it depends completely on your traction and texture preferences. Grip tape measures up to 12” X4”. When you have put grip the tape pay to action to dimensions.

What is the strongest skateboard?

Lithe slate 2 deck is one of the strongest skateboards. The lithe site deck has 2 layers of carbon fiber. The skateboards’ tail and nose are made of hybrid polymer.

Which think to consider while a fat rider chooses skateboard?

Normally we only think of three adjustments for big riders.

  • Deck – Deck’s is one of the most think considerations for the big rider. We recommend for the big rider board is average 8.25-8.5.
  • Trucks – If you are a big rider, you will need a wide truck
  • Bushing– If a bigger rider will be putting more weight on the deck board, that means the bushings will be softer for them than they would be for lighter riders. So, we recommend you choosing harder bushings for trucks. As a result, your trucks won’t be excessively loose.

Final verdict

The above tips help to find easily the best skateboard for big guys. There are many skateboard item reviews we described. So you can choose and pick up the item. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment box.

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