Best Drum Throne for Big Guys – Expert Guide

Drums are one of the best inventions, regarding musical instruments, of all time, but a drummer’s kit has various other components other than drums, such as a drum throne.

A drum throne is considered as a foundation for any professional drummer and no drum kit is complete without this key element. There are various sorts of drum thrones such as round versus saddle style, soft versus firm, and various others.

You can find some of the best drum throne for big guys in many musical instruments shops or on various shopping websites over the internet.

Comparison of Best Drum Throne for Big Guys

What is the most comfortable drum throne?

The main factors of a drum throne are its comfortability and stability. Due to these key elements, the drummers are able to play their drums more passionately and for a good amount of time.

A comfortable drum throne might come with an expensive price tag but is surely worth in the long run. Gibraltar Thrones creates the most comfortable drum thrones.

The fabric that they use is nylon. Which keeps the drummer cool and reduces the sweating as this fabric is quite breathable. Secondly, a non-slip patch is added in the middle of the throne, due to which the drummer would not be able to slip away from the throne.

9 Best Drum Throne for Tall Guys Reviews – 2020

Gibraltar Drum Throne

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne
  • Top grade foam for maximum comfort
  • Adjusts from 18 to 24 inches high and the dimensions of the product are 15-1/2 inches width x 13-1/4 inches depth x 3-1/4 inches height
  • Direct in height adjustment with memory lock
  • Motorcycle Style Vinyl Seat
  • Double Braced

Roc n Soc Drum Throne

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne is height adjustable from 18” – 24.” No matter your height, this drum throne is a perfect fit!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Contoured bicycle seat-style cushion helps prevent leg fatigue during long jam sessions, while sturdy base welds and hardware provide unmatched stability.
  • COMFORT: Soft, durable bicycle-style cushion design will provide comfort for hours of drumming, from the garage to the gig.
  • NATURAL MOVEMENT: Free spinning seat reduces spinal strain from body twisting, while the unique nitrogen gas shock absorber gives the throne a subtle bounce to reduce back fatigue.
  • QUALITY: All welds are 100% guaranteed, so you can keep your mind off your throne and on the beat!

Gibraltar Drum Throne 9608

Gibraltar Round Vinyl Drum Throne, inch (9608)
  • Round seat top with black vinyl
  • Top grade memory foam for maximum comfort
  • Rock Solid double braced leg base with threaded height adjustment
  • Super-lock cast seat fastening system
  • Super foot solid foundation rubber feet

Hydraulic Drum Throne

Gibraltar Pneumatic Moto Style Throne (9608HM)
  • Cordura and vinyl plush oversized saddle seat
  • Improved pneumatic height adjustment with easy-to-reach lever
  • Double-braced tripod with Gibraltar’s exclusive oversized Super Foot
  • Extends 20” to 26”
  • Gibraltar (Author)

Best Drum Throne for Double Bass

Donner Adjustable Drum Throne, Padded Stool Motorcycle Style Drum Chair for Music Show
  • Widened Seat: Designed widened seat which is perfect for people of different weight
  • High-Quality Pad: The seat cover is made of soft and high quality artificial manufacturing leather, and the pad is filled with premium steel and foam, which make it comfortable and durable
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Feet: Adopting thickening rubber feet, the drum throne offer you a solid support when you are sitting on it
  • Double Braced Leg Base: The drum throne is stable and durable with double braced leg base, and it is also distortion-free while holding people of heavy weight
  • Adjustable & Durable Lock: The drum throne use thickening lock to make sure that it’s easy and quick to adjust the height, and it can better prevent the drum stool from sliding down.

DW Drum Throne

  • Sturdy tripod base
  • 13-Inch diameter round seat top
  • 3-Inch thick seat

DW Drum Workshop cp9120al

DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Tractor Seat
  • Dual foam tractor seat top
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment
  • Available backrest, backrest sold seperately

Basix Drum Throne

Basix F805120 100 Series DT-100 Drummer Thrones
  • Double braced
  • Black
  • Seat cover: artificial leather
  • Adjustable height via hole pin system
  • Height approx. 43 cm/59 cm

Tama Ergo-rider Drum Throne

Frequently Ask and Question

How high should your drum throne be?

The drum throne is should be appropriate to the height of a drummer, otherwise, if it is not, then the drummer would be uncomfortable and unstable throughout the whole show and also would not be able to play the drums properly.

There is no optimum height set for a drum throne, instead of its need to be adjusted in such a way that your hipbone should be just a little bit above the top of your knee, as it allows a leg to come into its natural position and angle of 145 degrees, due to which your muscles would be able to relax throughout your performance.

Why are drum thrones so expensive?

Many people consider a drum throne as a much-overpriced component of a drum kit, but this is really not the case.
You can easily get a drum throne at a very affordable cost, but this sort of drum thrones are not very comfortable to sit on and also would not be able to last a long time.

You need to have a good budget, while purchasing a drum throne for yourselves as these premium types of drum thrones are extremely comfortable and stable and also have an estimated lifespan of approximately 10 to 20 years, due to which they are worth every penny that has been spent on them.

You can check out various good quality drum thrones on various E-commerce websites and also some of these drum thrones can be regarded as one of the best drum thrones for big guys.

How do you sit on a drum throne?

Playing the drums for a long session should not be considered as an easy task, as you need to sit on a dumb throne without falling off it throughout such sessions.

There are various steps by which you can learn how to sit on a drum throne perfectly

  • Do make sure that there is enough height for your thighs to be in a slightly slanted position
  • The legs should be spread apart and perpendicular to each other.
  • The thigh part going down your angles should be placed in such a position that they create an angle of 90 degrees
  • Try to keep your back straight as much as you can throughout your performance. You can do this by keeping other elements of the drum kit within the reach of your arm.

If the drum throne is comfortable enough, then it is a huge plus point, as the drummer would be able to easily sit on such a type of drum throne for a good amount of time.


Drum’s throne should not be just considered as a “chair or stool” but needs to be regarded as a very important element of the drum kit as due to this component, drummers are able to perform for their audience for extremely long sessions.

There are various types of drum thrones, some also considered as the best drum throne for big guys, each with a different price tag, available in many musical instruments shops, or on various e-commerce websites on the internet.

But you should always go for ones, which are made up of a good type of fabric, as comfort is key for a drum throne, as drummers need to perform for a good amount of time.

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