Best Hammock For Big Guys Reviews

There are many ways you can enjoy yourself whenever you are out with families and friends. One of them is through the use of a hammock. It is a perfect gear for camping and many more. So, we choose to share with you some of the best hammock for big guys. Mind you, you are not alone – I’m talking to the big guys.

Many do think weight is a barrier to enjoy life like others. Fortunately, there are hammocks out there that are designed for the heavy guys. We have a list of the top-rated hammocks that can be used by heavy guys out there.

They are selected as a result of research and reviews from heavy guys who once had experience with those hammocks. They are good for relaxation, all-night rest and nap. You do not have to break the bank to get one which is why we brought to you the most affordable sets in the market.

What Is The Best Hammock prefer For Big Guys?

Best Heavy Duty Hammock With Stand – Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

“450 lb Capacity, Easily adjustable hammock, Stand steel and assembles in minutes without any tools”

Best Heavy Duty Camping Hammock – ETROL Hammock, Upgrade Double & Single

“440 lb Capacity, Polyester, Item Weight:2.5 Pounds, Lightweight & Comfortable Design, Easy to Set up Hammock with Net”

Best for Camping – ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock

“Weighing only 19 ounces, 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, this breathable, quick-drying nylon supports up to 400 pounds, Size DoubleNest”

Best For Relaxation – OneTigris Night Protector Ultralight Hammock

“Size: 9.2ft *4ft, 20d Ripstop Nylon, Comfortable temperature range 40°F ~ 68°F (5°C ~ 20°C), Quick Setup”

Best Budget Option for Your Yard or Porch – Oak Creek Lost Valley Camping Hammock

“Size: Twin, Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.02 x 7.87 x 11.81 inches, Holds Up To 350 lbs, Bag and Weigh Less Than 4 Pounds”

Hammock with Stand for Tall Person – Ohuhu 2-Person Hammock

“Designed to support up to 450 pounds, Item Dimensions:152 x 39.5 x 39.5 inches, Material: Bamboo, Polyester, Iron, 12.8 FT Detachable Metal Stand”

Best Hammock chair for heavy person – Y- STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing,

“Comfortable enjoyment, 40 inches long, about 50 inches high chair, pillow multiplied by 18 inches 18 inches, Maximum Weight Recommendation 330 Pounds”

Heavy Duty Hammock 450 lbs – Patio Watcher 14 FT Quick Dry Hammock 

“Maximum capacity of 450 pounds, pillow multiplied by 18 inches 18 inches, Maximum Weight Recommendation 330 Pounds, Polyester, Portable hammock”

Very Cheap & Affordable – Hammock Camping Single & Double

“Maximum Weight Recommendation 600 Pounds, Measuring 140x 270cm (55x 106 Inches, Lightweight and Compact, Risk-Free”

Best Overall – HAMMOCKS RADA- Handmade Yucatan Hammock

“70% Cotton 30% Nylon, Item Dimensions LxWxH: 98.43 x 51.18 x 0.08 inches, Maximum Weight Recommendation 550 Pounds”

Top 10 Best Camping Hammock for Big Guys

1. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

2. ETROL Hammock

For those looking out for the best way to relax during camping or during their free time in their backyard, ETROL Hammock is a perfect option for you. This is an upgrade to the previous model as it comes with added accessories such as a mosquito net, and tree strap. It is perfect for indoor, hiking, camping, backpacking, backyard and travel.

The integration of the mosquito net offers a safer environment for you and your kids. It is very easy to set up for anyone as it takes just a few minutes to get that done. It is sufficiently spacious and allows two people to rest comfortably in it. With the load capacity of 440 pounds, it can accommodate both adults and kids.

The hammock is comfy and convenient to use for all. It is breathable, ultralight and high tensile. The main material used in the construction of the hammock is the 70D nylon taffeta which makes it strong and convenient for anyone to rest on it.

One of the things that makes it a great investment for all is the 3 in 1 functionality in which allows you to also convert the hammock to a tent. All that is needed for the installation of the hammock is included in the package which makes it easy to start using minutes after delivery.


  • Spacious and convenient for two people
  • Designed with silver coated 210T PE material
  • A sleeping area made of 70D nylon spinning fabric
  • Mosquito net included to prevent you against bugs and insects
  • Perfect for traveling, hiking, camping and many more


  • Tree straps are too stretchy

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3. Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

4. OneTigris Night Protector Hammock Underquilt

5. Lost Valley Camping Hammock

Every camper will love the Lost Valley Camping Hammock all because of its features and the quality of the material it is made of. You have all that you could ever desire or want from a hammock in this product. It is lightweight, portable, durable and full of strength and power to handle the weight of heavy users.

The hammock comes with amazing features and one which quickly gets my attention is the mosquito net that comes with it. It prevents bugs and mosquitoes from disturbing your nap and rest. The net is breathable and so makes it safe and comfortable to use for kids and adults.

Also, the hammock comes with a portable bag which can compress the hammock for storage. It takes just three minutes for you to install the hammock on any tree or pole. It has a load capacity of about 350 pounds and you are assured of your safety with the help of the solid design.

The hammock is ultra-strong, resilient and resistant to tear. The parachute nylon material it is made of is reinforced with stitches and knot that holds both adults and kids comfortably. Finally, the hammock conforms to your shape which makes it perfect for a quality nap.


  • Hammock set is portable
  • Ultra-strong and durable
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to set up
  • Very strong and powerful to hold heavy users


  •  It has no instructions on how to setup

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6. Ohuhu Double Hammock

The Ohuhu Double Hammock is also one of the hammocks you can use for indoor and outdoor nap time. It boasts of fabric swing with a strongly curved bar bamboo and detachable pillow. It comes with just two colors for you to choose the one that is of interest to you. It has its own storage bag where you can keep the hammock safe after use.

Not all hammock can keep you safe or give you the quality of rest you desire but the Ohuhu can. The hammock can keep you in a restful position for as long you want to be in it. You have no fear or worries of falling off it except you fail to hang it well on any rope or tree.

The inner layer is breathable which means you do not have to feel wet whenever you rest on it. It is comfy, convenient and perfectly safe to use for kids and adults. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are heavy or not, it can accommodate any person with the weight up to 450 pounds.

Furthermore, the hammock is very cheap and affordable for campers to acquire. It is a great investment for those who are looking for the best way to relax not just during camping but at the backyard of their home. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, outdoor relaxation
  • Very strong and durable
  • Perfect for heavy individual
  • It can accommodate two people


  • No defect

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7. Y- STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope

 8. Patio Watcher 14 FT Quick Dry Hammock

The Patio Watcher 14 FT Quick Dry Hammock is one of the best you could find in the market. The design of the hammock is simple and very easy to install for anyone. All you need is an erect pole or tree where you can hand the two edges of the hammock and then you are set to relax.

It is a wonderful relaxation kit for anyone. It will be a great addition to your gear for the next camping you have with your spouse and kids. It accommodates two adults but conveniently accommodates kids more than three is their weight is still within the required weight for the hammock.

The fabric material is made of boasts of 70% PVC and 30% high strength polyester yarn. The combination of the two makes it a strong and reliable platform for you to spend quality time alone or with your partner.

The material is soft, breathable, weather-resistant and oil proof. The fabric is very easy to clean and maintain on the off chance it gets dirty. It is perfect for camping, reading, relaxing or sleeping. One flexibility of the hammock makes it more comfortable than a normal hammock.


  • Perfect for camping, reading, and relaxation
  • Ideal for two people
  • A great option for heavy individuals
  • Strong and durable materials used in its construction
  • Last longer


  • It has no significant setback

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9. Hammock Camping Single & Double

10. Handmade Yucatan Hammock

The Handmade Yucatan Hammock is another contribution from Yucatan in Mexico designed for those looking for a better way to stay comfortable outdoor or indoor. It has different colors for you to choose from which is quite good from those that have a single color. It is one of the best and the design and construction reveal much about it.

It is made from a blend of cotton and nylon. It can conveniently accommodate two people at a time. The hammock is handmade. The handwoven technique used in the construction of the hammock makes it unique and alluring. It is comfortable, lightweight and strong to accommodate a total weight of 550 pounds.

All that is required is to find a strong point where you can hand the two edges and then you have your new home to dwell. It is resistant to weather; it is comfy and it conforms to your shape thereby making it easier for you to stay convenient on it at all times.

The hammock can be hung outdoors or indoors. It is great for nap and can be used for all-night rest. You have nothing to worry about when you are on the hammock. It is built with top quality material and has lots of strength to hold you firm.


  • Handwoven techniques make it alluring
  • Stylish and appealing
  • Gives room for movement
  • Applicable to two people
  • Comfy and convenient to use


  • It has no significant setback

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 How to choose the best camping hammock for big guys?

If you are heavy and want to get a relaxation kit and hammock ever crosses your mind, then you have to consider some important things which we will discuss shortly.

Suspension system

You need to consider the suspension system that comes with the hammock you are about to buy. Some have a steel frame that comes with the package and some do not. In this post, we have lots that come with a carabiner where you can attach to any tree and pole.

So, if you are getting a hammock the most important thing is where will you hang it and how you will do it.

Weight capacity

The next thing you should consider is the weight capacity of the hammock. The weight capacity of hammock varies and that you need to consider. Getting a hammock that has weight capacity lower to your weight will end up in chaos. So, it is very important that you only get the one that has ample capacity to hold your weight comfortably.


If you are going to be using the hammock with your household member, then you have no reason to go for a single hammock. You will find the single hammock and the double hammock in the market. Surprisingly some have the capacity to accommodate three people at a go.  So you need to keep to heart the numbers of people that will use it to help you get the right one.

Other features

There are other features that you can consider but not necessarily. They include the mosquito net, storage bag, and insulation. There are many more. You are advised to do your research and get the hammock that meets with the lists of features you want from a hammock.

Decision time

From the list above, we will suggest you opt for the Handmade Yucatan Hammock. It is not as though it is better than the rest but we are just yet to get over its handwoven technology design. I’m sure you will like it too.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is the weight limit on a hammock?

Answer: Anywhere from 250-280 pounds hammocks can bear. And hammock chairs have a capacity of 250 pounds. The weight capacities of various hammock types to see the differences are as follows: Deluxe dual hammock-441 pounds Brazilian-style.

What is the best hammock brand?

Answer: There are several best hammock brands in the market. We have explained different types of best hammock brands in our article. Home Depot’s large sling hammock is best for overall performance. A double hammock will be the best choice item.

Further, the grand trunk skeeter beeter hammock will be best for camping. Moreover, a wise owl outfitters hammock will be best for budget, and Rollins double polyester hammock is best for rope.

What type of hammock is most comfortable?

Answer: People always love to buy the comfortable hammock so that they can use very easily and comfortably. A list of the comfortable hammock is given below.

  • Honest outfitters double and single camping hammock.
  • Double and lazy daze hammock.
  • Brazilian and sky double hammock.
  • ENO Single Nest and eagles nest outfitters hammock.
  • Quilted-weave and double Vivere tropical hammock.

What’s the best hammock for sleeping?

Answer: The best hammocks for sleeping are double parachute bear butt camping hammock that is for lifetime uses. Double and winner outfitters camping hammock provides a 100 percent satisfaction warranty.

Double nest ENO hammock also supplies two yeas guarantee. Furthermore, Vivere double hammock provides a 1-year guarantee. These are all the best hammocks for sleeping.


Your weight is never a barrier to stop you from relaxing on a hammock. Besides, there is some quality hammock that can soak in your weight without any damages. It is the reason we have this post on the best hammock for big guys to help you through your quest of searching for a perfect hammock for you.


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