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How to Wear a Belly Band Holster – A Complete Guideline

How to wear a belly band holster? Do you know the answer? I hope you also don’t know. Well, many people like you also want to see the answer. Anyway, today I will let you know the way of wearing a belly band holster. Keep reading the article from first to last, and you will find your answer.

If you’re searching for a way to carry your firearm and tools without the burden of it all pulling at your waist, you might need to don’t forget a belly band holster. The blessings are that they distribute the load extra lightly across your hips-allowing you to have greater freedom of movement while wearing heavier hundreds. 

One downside is that a few humans discover them less comfortable than different holsters because they don’t feel like their gun is as easy to access when sporting one close in opposition to their body.

What is a belly band holster?

A gun holster is a reachable device for storing your firearm around your stomach, but now not many realize how to put on a belly band holster. A belly band holster is a huge elastic belt with a built-in holster that remains under your blouse to make your gun less complicated.

There are numerous versions, with the firearm hooked up anywhere from the front of the belly to beneath the arm. Traditional belt holsters are incredibly tight for them to stay in the location, which sounds like an uncomfortable alternative. 

How to wear a belly band holster

Dressing around a belly band holster isn’t tough. You simply ought to allow a touch more room to cover the gun. The query is how you healthy your sense of style in the way to dress across the weapon. The key, the route, is choosing the proper pinnacle.

First of all, wear your belly band holster under a hoodie:

A hide delivery hoodie and a belly band holster are unique sets for fall and spring when it’s a touch cool out, and you don’t mind sporting the hoodie around. You need to locate a concealed carry hoodie that gives speedy admission to the belly band holster. Remember, you want to get dressed as a way to guard yourself, not get dressed, and wish you’ll be capable of doing so.

Secondly, Dress your belly band up with a -piece pinnacle

If you want to dress up a piece for the office, a fantastic pairing with a belly band holster is a smart-piece top. Pairing this sort of top with your holster and gun lets you dress for professional surroundings or if you like to preserve it classy. But maintain your handgun on you. The right-piece top may be an ideal blend of style and luxury.

Just dressy enough that it satisfies office dress codes, but relaxed enough that you can put it on whenever without thinking about it.

Thirdly, keep it casual and wear your belly band holster with a t-shirt

If it’s too hot out for a hoodie, or in case you don’t need to make matters complex, a concealed convey t-shirt and belly band holster make a terrific pair. If that is, you pick out the proper hide and bring a t-shirt.

The regular shirt might not be the first-class choice, as you have to draw the garment as much as you get entry to the gun. With a few shirts, this won’t be easy, so it enables you to get a hide to convey a t-shirt with an access panel like a false kangaroo pocket that helps you get a quick-firing grip.

Finally, dress Comfortably

With appropriate garments, you may not only increase your belly band holster’s effectiveness however additionally make it experience quality to wear. Typical pants with a belt are recommended for the usage of a holster for pistols.

When sporting OWB, you will maximum possibly have every other layer of garb, consisting of a coat or a vest. It is acceptable to improve the holster’s loss of concealment but would possibly reason pain to wearers in warm and humid environments.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I wear A belly band holster while running? 

It is an absolute yes. Modern belly holsters generally wrap around your body shape with gentle and elastic neoprene, minimizing obstructions on your moves. In reality, there is merchandise specialized to be used under sports equipment. These belly band holsters are perfect for males and females who desire to shield themselves throughout their walking or workout.

Are stomach band holsters safe? 

As long as you choose from a straightforward manufacturer, belly holsters are flawlessly relaxed. An excellent belly band holster should have both a genuine IWB holster securely attached to your body or a difficult-shell greater retention degree to correctly protect and preserve the handgun in the region.

How do I make nice use of the belly band holster?

To make sure your gun is held securely, surround it subsequent to your pores and skin and fasten the velcro strap over it. Place your spare mag or something else you want into one of the extra wallets. The elastic will stretch to suit almost anything, however, make sure you have gadgets based down in order that they don’t fall out of the pocket while you draw your firearm.


Did you understand how to wear a belly band holster? I hope if you read the article attentively, then you will realize that. Pick a nice, roomy, relaxed blouse for regular day-by-day delivery or spring and summer days while wearing more than a shirt is simply not occurring. This will maintain you comfy and allow you to conceal your sidearm in comfort and concealment. 

Depending on the dimensions and weight of your gun, you want to see how a great deal the belly band can correctly preserve. This can be anywhere from a 4-inch width to an 8-inch width band. You also need to remember what number of wallets you’ll want for additional magazines on your all-day trips with the belly band.

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