Best Ruger EC9s Holster- Pick Top 8 Holsters Now!

Do you want to carry your Ruger ec9s safely? Then, you need to purchase a perfect holster that helps you to bear your Ruger ec9s securely. In our article, we have recommended the best Ruger ec9s holster. From these holsters, you can choose anyone according to your need.

A fantastic holster from Ruger ec9s should not only dissimulate your weapon but should also be convenient. If you like versatility, it is as practical as it is. Furthermore, a holster decreases loading needs and maintains the firearm safely.

If you are an officer, our top 8 Ruger ec9s holster will be the perfect selection for you. The holsters provide you further comfort as well as you can purchase them at a very affordable budget.

What are the Best Ruger EC9s Holsters?

Every holster comes in a market with its unique features. You need to follow the whole article for knowing about the specific characteristic of the best Ruger ec9s holster. We have explained here the particular features of the individual holster. So, check the features below!

Best IWB Holster for Ruger EC9s- IWB Holster for Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Fits

“Concealed carry; right side color; leather material; fits with SR22/ LC380/ LC9S/ EC9S guns; high-quality cowhide; handmade solid; durable; comfortable; enough hardness; 100 percent guarantee”

Best Pocket Holster for Ruger EC9s- Azula Ruger EC9s Inside Holster

“Comfortable; fit with Ruger LC380, EC9s, LC9s, and LC9 guns; rough outer leather; custom made; smooth construction; easy draw; long-lasting; lifetime warranty; left-handed and right-handed”

Best Ruger EC9s Kydex Holster- Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster

“Left-hand draw; Black; fit with Ruger EC9s, LC380, LC9s, and LC9 pistols; adjustable cant; safe carry; lightweight; comfortable; waterproof; washable; faster draw speeds; stainless-steel; lifetime warranty”

Best Ankle Holster for Ruger EC9s- Fobus Ec9S/Lc380/Lc9/Lc9S Pro Evolution Ankle Holster

“Right-handed; multi-color; fit with LC9S pro, LC9, LC380, EC9S pistols; lightweight; low profile construction; Cordura pad with suede-lined; injection-molded polymer; durable; comfortable”

Best OWB Holster for Ruger EC9s- Bedone Barrel Ruger Holster

“Right-handed; open belt carry; polymer material construction; 3.12 inches barrel design; fits with Ruger LC380; EC9s, EC9, LC9s, LC9 guns; durable; lightweight; resistant to heat, scratch-free; quick draw and daily carry use”

Best Ruger EC9s Holster Leather- Azula OWB Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster

“Pancake Belt system; right-handed; leather material construction; tan color; fits with Ruger LC380, EC9s, LC9s, LC9 guns; long-lasting; comfort shield; lifetime warranty”

Best IWB Kydex Holster- POLE.CRAFT Adjustable Holster

“No jitter; no wear; left-hand draw; black color; durable and rugged; portable; fits with Ruger EC9S, LC380, LC9S, LC9 guns; lightweight; waterproof; sweat-proof; comfortable”

Best Concealed carry IWB Holster- CYA Supply Co. Holster

“Right-hand draw; retention pressure is easily adjustable; stainless steel; black powder coat; sweat guard; 100 percent guarantee; affordable; friction and wear-free”

Best Ruger EC9S Holster- Review!

In this article, we have explained every feature of the best Ruger EC9s holster for your easy selection. We hope the description of the holster will help you to choose your desired item.

01. Best IWB Holster for Ruger EC9s- Fast Gunman Holster

02. Best Pocket Holster for Ruger EC9s- Azula Gun Holster

03. Best Ruger EC9s Kydex Holster- Amberide IWB Holster


  • Left-hand draw 
  • Black color 
  • Fit with Ruger EC9s, LC380, LC9s, and LC9 pistols
  • Adjustable cant
  • Safe carry
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof and washable

Product Specifications:

Product weight 5 ounces
Dimensions of product 5×5×1 inches
Hand orientation Left
Size  Left hand draw
Color  Black
material Kydex

You can purchase and carry this Amberide model confidently when securing your handgun with the holster. This item is widely compatible with the Ruger model of EC9S, LC380, LC9S, and LC9 guns. This pistol holster is lightweight and small and does not have additional bulk. It guarantees the maximum comfort for discreet wearing and more effective covering in clothes, without rough corners and edges.

Furthermore, the holster features the audible retention lock system posi-click; therefore, you’re sure your firearms will be seated safely. As reaction speed is critical to life, it has an adjustable retention screw that allows you to assess the strength required to draw and shoot.

On top of that, the stainless steel belt clip in black powder allows you to customize the cant to suit your type of transport. The holster is waterproof because it consists of 0.08 inches of Kydex material. Your firearm can be protected by its sweat guard protector.


  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • Resistant to water
  • Lifetime guarantee system


  • Only for left-hand person

Current price at Amazon

04. Best Ankle Holster for Ruger EC9s- Fobus Black Holster

05. Best OWB Holster for Ruger EC9s- Bedone Adjustable Holster

06. Best Ruger EC9s Holster Leather- Azula 2 Slot Molded Holster

07. Best IWB Kydex Holster- POLE.CRAFT Adjustable Holster

08. Best Concealed carry IWB Holster – CYA Supply Co. Holster


  • Right-hand draw
  • Retention pressure is easily adjustable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Black powder coat 
  • Sweat guard
  • 100 percent guarantee
  •  Affordable
  •  Friction and wear-free

Product Specifications:

Hand orientation Right 
Color  Teal blue
Material  Plastic 
Size  033-RUGER EC9S/LC380/LC9S/LC9
Retention pressure  Easily adjustable 


This brand is suitable for RUGER EC9S/ LC380/ LC9S/ LC9 guns. It is only for a right-hand draw. It is built for covered carriage in the waistband. The fabrics, construction, and processes have been given importance to bringing you a high-quality holster at a reasonable price. As a result, for a fair price, you don’t have to concern about the quality!

Moreover, the manufacturer has taken the principal friction and wears point out of these products. In the majority of KYDEX holsters, manufacturers mold directly into the form of a weapon, including protection, slide release, etc. You can produce an even cleaner drawing and refueling by recessing this region.

On top of that, this product also decreases the wear on your weapon. This holster consists of a thermoplastic Boltaron, which is identical to KYDEX rubber. Boltaron is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and highly durable. 


  • Resistant to heat
  • Long-lasting and smooth construction
  • Cost-effective
  • Broad compatibility and greater warranty


  • Only for right hand

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How to Choose the Best RUGER EC9S Holster for You?

Most of us have been thinking a lot about picking the best handgun because this is a major decision. Unfortunately, many people take a holster more as an afterthought. No matter how good your gun is if you cannot depend on it to be safe, manageable, and fast to take action. You need the right holster for carrying your pistol.

To get quick action, you need to consider some factors before going to buy a holster. We have explained the factors of the best RUGER EC9S holster below. 

  • Consider the carrying type

The clearest fact is to know your kind of carrier. If you are an employee of the Leo, or in a state of open transport, the need for a holster would vary from that of a cache. The first move in purchasing a pistol holster is to know your weapons laws. 

As the entire purpose of a concealed pistol is to keep it locked, it differs greatly from an open-carry holster. This is the first consideration that must be considered when selecting a weapon holster.

  • Check the right materials

Two kinds of materials are essentially found in weapons holsters. One is leather which provides a durable holster. You’ll have to put it down, but the good thing is it will never bend. As it begins losing fit into the weapon, its needs only 30 seconds in warm water and then dries overnight. 

This item tightens up the leather to match the weapon more tightly. Leather has key benefits that it is durable, easy to reach, and secure against the body as it is compatible with you over time. 

The second choice is thermoplastic or plastic specially treated to maintain strength and longevity. No downtime is necessary for this alternative, but exposure to elevated temperatures over time will impede this. The key advantages of using plastic over leather are that the firearm is more grab-able and can be fitted without rubbing so that the firearm is locked for you.  

  • Check retention

Retention measures assess the ease with which the holster is captured, which is a huge issue for all but in particular the police with their weapons on display. You want to notice the retaining capabilities of all holsters so that nobody else will catch them, but still avoid the opportunity to lose them and the ease of access to the weapon. 

You also should look to retention, even though you are searching for a hidden holster. It is still safer to be careful when it comes to weapons than to regret any record. 

  • Check thickness

A strong holster is made from heavy, rigid, and saddle-like leather. Some of the holsters consist of cowhide. You may also get a skin-covered leather holster with any criterion you choose. You have even seen some great leather holsters constructed of horse skin.

  • Check the welt

A high-quality holster has a welt sewn between the parts.  The welt, constructed from heavy leathers, is stitched and stuck onto the ends of the holster to make the holster stronger and more rigid. 

Frequent Ask Questions

  • Will an EC9S fit an LC9S holster?

Answer: the EC9S fits in a holster for the LC9S as both versions have the same dimensions and frame.

  • How good is RUGER EC9S?

Answer: shooters have plenty of options in personal 9mm ammunition, but the RUGER EC9S is an outstanding every single day pistol, regardless of what load you choose. In its functioning and shooting experiments, it proved 100 percent accurate.

  • What does RUGER EC9S stand for?

Answer: the EC9S is a reduced-cost variant of the LC9S with foxed views; lower and more cocking tensions and a black oxide finish. The E stands for Essential.

  • What is the difference between a RUGER EC9S and LC9S?

Answer: LC9S consists of blue finish material and EC9S consists of black oxide finish materials. LC9S has 3 points views drift ably; on the contrary, EC9S has no dots but has sights machined integrally in the slide. Otherwise, both of them are identical guns.

  • Can you dry fire a RUGER EC9S?

Answer: Practice this crucial feature of secure handling with an unloaded handgun before you can execute with competence and trust any of the following measures. The RUGER LC9S gun can be mildly shot without harming the striker or any part as long as it is inserting able into an empty or insert the cartridge.


The best RUGER EC9S holster will supply you with the highest smoothness, quick function, and longevity. Therefore, choose the perfect holster after knowing the all unique features of each holster. If you go to market with your friends to purchase this holster, you will be confident to buy it and can save your costs.

One last point to mention is that the IWB is just one of the industry options. If your everyday wear is appropriate, there are OWB holsters and a large number of CCW civilians and non-commissioned policemen are partly on your knees. 

We hope that this legal information on the holster will support you to buy your expected holster. 

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