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You are on this page because you have an interest in getting a climbing tree stand for yourself or your loved ones. Well, you have found yourself in the right place.

The focus on this post is not just about climbing tree stand but to iterate on the ones for big boys. So, sit back while we unravel all you need to know about the best climbing tree stand for big guys.

It is precisely what you are thinking. The big boys simply mean heavy guys that are overweight. This category of people with extra bodyweight can’t make use of the standard climbing tree stand others can use. They need to get the right one for their size and weight.

You are just going to create a scene if you mount a tree stand that cant accommodate your body weight. This is things we look into which spur us to make a list of the best tree stand for big guys with information on how you can go on to choose the right one in the market.


Reviews Of The Best Climbing Tree Stand for Big Guys

01. Summit Treestands Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand – Best Editor Choice

02. Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand – 350 lb Tree Stand

If you list the best tree stand in the industry and you never mention lone wolf, then the list is far from being complete. What more would you expect from a tree stand that garnered four-star reviews from customers out of five? Indeed, the Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand worth giving the nod.

The amazing design of the tree stand is an integral part you can’t overlook. The design incorporates pivoting sit and climb bar, which makes it very easy for you to climb the tree and sit. It totally eliminates the need to search for the way to climb the tree stand.

The convenience and comfort of users were taken to heart during the construction, so be assured those were never compromised during its construction.

It has all it takes to keep you comfortable and convenient. It has a two-panel contoured foam set pad that offers all-day comfort to you.

The toughness and durability of the tree stand meet the standard and expectation to be referred to as one of the best in the market. It is not too heavy to carry as it weighs just 21 pounds with the ample capacity to hold about 350 pounds.


  • It has 3D camo platform styling
  • Very strong and durable
  • Comfort and convenience are assured with the 2-panel contoured foam seat available
  • Ideal or all-day performance


  • It has no significant defect as at the moment of writing this review

03. X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand

The X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand is also one of the trees stands you should consider for all kinds of tree hunting. The ultra-lightweight design makes it quite easier for anyone to mount on the tree and sit comfortably. Your comfort and convenience on the tree stand can never be compromised.

The installation is flexible as the design allows you to set the tree stand up to the height that will be easy for you to mount and use.

The advantage it has over the two above is that you can easily fold it flat and carry it from one place to another using the built-in backpack straps.

The durable aluminum construction ensures that the tree stand is strong and durable. To climb the tree stand, you just have to place your feet in the safety hoops to help you climb the tree.

The tree stand doesn’t squeak, and it doesn’t shake when standing or sitting. It gives the comfort and convenience you ever desire.

The tree stand has a comfortable seat, padded armrest and seat bar. All just to ensure that you are convenient whenever you get on the tree. For an added safety measure, it has 4 pt safety harness, and to make life easier for you, it has its accessories bag where you keep all material intact.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Adjustable depth to get the perfect height for you
  • Comfy seat and padded armrest
  • Safety secured


  • It lacks nothing significant

04. Lone Wolf Hang-on Tree Stands Rated for 350 lbs – 350 lb tree stand

One of the selling points of lone wolf products is the strength and flexibility of the products. The Lone Wolf Assault II Hang-on Tree Stand is a perfect hang-on stand for mobile hunters. It is very easy to set up for anyone, and you can easily squeeze the stand into tight places.

The 350 lb tree stand is lightweight as it just weighs 11 pounds, which is easier for anyone to move from one place to another easily. The stand provides users plenty of room to stand and carry out their hunting duties without any fear of falling.

The compact aluminum material it is made from makes it solid and durable. It has the strength and capacity to accommodate a user weighing up to 350 pounds, which makes it a perfect fit for heavy guys.

The distinctive 3-D camo platform design of the tree stand includes a 6-point fall arrest system for maximum safety.


  • Comfy seat
  • Compact design with quality material
  • Perfect for heavy climbers
  • Lightweight and easy to mount on any tree


  • It has no significant setback


05. XtremepowerUS Outdoor Tree Stand – Big Guy Climbing Stands

The next on our list is the XtremepowerUS Outdoor Tree Stand. It is one of the best you could find in the market with lots of strength and power to handle the rigor of any hunting quest.

The tree stand requires that you assemble it before you can use it. Also, the installation of any tree is straightforward.

The tree stand is stationery and not something you can move around. It is designed for bow or rifle hunting during hunting seasons.

The design integrates a solid front bar that makes it easier for you to climb and sit comfortably.

It is easier for you to attach to the tree using chains or cable at your desired height. Also, it has climbing braces, and that helps to offer secure footing. The frame of the tree stand is strong and powerful to handle the weight of whosoever is mounting on the tree stand.

Furthermore, the design integrates a comfortable foam padded seat that can be raised for all kinds of hunting quests. It makes you feel comfortable and convenient, also with the help of the padded armrest.

Sitting and standing on the tree stand for hours is possible without you feeling any sign of discomfort.


  • The large load capacity of 300 pounds
  • Comfortable foam padded seat
  • The solid front bar makes it easier to climb
  • Padded armrest for extra support
  • Portable with a strong frame


  • It has no defect

06. XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand – Best Editor Choice

07. XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Vanish Evolution – Largest Climbing Tree Stand

08. Summit Openshot SD Treestand – Summit Titan Tree Stand

With great numbers of a tree stand out there in the market, you need a reliable one from a trusted brand, and one to consider is the Summit Openshot SD Tree stand. Summit is very strong, compact, and lightweight. The design and construction are overwhelming, and it barely has tree stands in the market that can match its strength and durability.

The tree stand comes with a folding seat and a four-channel aluminum platform. The four-point safety harness, rapid climb stirrups, and other necessary pads, hardware rope, and straps make it one of the best among its competitors.

Standing on the tree stand gives hunters great confidence to perform to their best without holding back.

One of the reasons you have to choose the summit tree stand is because many hunters have ended up having a sad story to tell about how they lost their target because of the squeaking sound from a tree stand and many more. But the summit tree stand has deadening technology to silent sounds.

The good part of it is that it requires no installation as it comes pre-assembled. It has the capacity to hold up to about 300 pounds.

It features an aluminum seat, foam seat pad, two coated steel climbing cables, camo backpack straps, sound deadening technology, green utility strap, stand umbilical rope, and instruction on how to install it.


  • Foam seat pad
  • Comfy and reliable
  • Doesn’t make noise on the tree
  • Give room for movement
  • Strong, durable and lightweight


  • It has no significant defect

09. OL’Man Alumalite CTS, Climbing Treestand – Best Hang on Treestand for Big Guys

If you comfort and adequate balance are those features you hold dearly with hunting on the tree, then the OL’Man Alumalite CTS, Climbing Treestand is the right choice for you.

The design and construction of the tree stand are overwhelming. It is compact with lots of amazing features it offers, which makes it a perfect option for hunting season.

It is the best means to get up in the trees and start hunting. The tree stand uses oval tubing in its construction, and it is much stronger than those with a round setup. It is well built to last longer with top quality materials. It is strong and durable, lightweight, and easy to install on the tree.

The design integrates patented comfort Tech seating that is as wide as 21 inches. It offers lots of comfort to those who intend to spend a longer duration on tree hunting. Getting on the tree strap is now easy to do with the help of the improved tubing style foot straps.

Also, it can accommodate users weighing about 300 pounds. The aluminum construction makes it ideal for all-season hunting. The ruggedness, toughness, and durability of the tree stand have no rivalry. It is why it comes fairly expensive. But, be assured you are getting the right value for the money.


  • Very tough and rugged
  • Built to last longer
  • All-round tree stand
  • Comfort and convenience enhanced
  • Soft padded seat for user comfort


  • It has no significant setback

10. Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand – 500 lb capacity tree stand

The Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand has everything needed to have a smooth hunting experience. It stays on the tree comfortably.

The installation requires no tools as you just need to get the strap around the tree. You can also adjust to the height you want to ensure you are comfortable

Everyone that loves to hunt on the tree should consider this tree stand. For those who will spend a longer duration on the tree, it is important that you consider your convenience, and with the padded armrest, you can always keep your arm in a relaxed form while you await the arrival of your animal.

Also, the footpad is very strong to keep you in good condition. The tree stand does not make noise but can get out of place if not properly tied around the tree. Once the aspect of getting it to form on the tree is actualized, then you have nothing else to worry about.


  • Gives room for movement
  • Comfy seat and armrest for added support
  • Very strong, durable and rugged
  • Lightweight and easy to install on trees


  • It has no significant setback

Frequently Asked Question – Big Guy Climbing Stands

  • What is the best climbing tree stand for big guys?

The best way to select the perfect tree stand for big guys is to be aware of their weight. Once you get to know the age, you can go ahead to choose a tree stand that has load capacity above the weight, not below.

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  • What is the most comfortable climbing tree stand?

The most comfortable tree stand is the one that has a padded seat and armrest. There are some that do not have padded seats and armrests.

I can assure you that using that will cut short your tree hunting experience because you will get slightly inconvenient as you stay longer on the tree stand.

  • What to do if you fall out of a tree stand?

This is likely to happen. But it can be avoided. But on the off chance you fall off, it is advisable that you pick yourself back up. Do a rundown on your body and ensure you didn’t sustain any injury.

If you do, you are advised to head back home or to the health clinic for treatment.

  • How safe is climbing tree stands?

It is very safe once all that is required is done properly.

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Buying Guide of Best Climbing Sticks for Big Guys

There are important things you should consider, such as:


Never should you compromise your comfort for design or structure. So if you are buying a tree stand, you should consider the comfort, and those factors include the seat, armrest, feet stand, and backrest. All those ensure that you have a nice time on the tree.

Load capacity

This post is aimed at heavy guys. i.e., guys that have high body weight. If you are one of them, you should never buy any tree stand without knowing the load capacity. Check the weight strength from the manufacturer description and choose the one that meets and exceeds your body weight.

Decision Time

If you are serious about buying a tree stand, we will suggest you consider Summit Openshot SD Treestand. It makes this list because it is a product from a trusted brand.

It is one of the factors to consider when buying a tree stand. It is made with quality material, very strong and durable. You are assured of a tree stand you can use for a longer period and also pass on to your kids.


Are you overweight and you want to participate in tree hunting, then you should consider getting any of the best climbing tree stand for big guys? It is the perfect choice for you. Getting a tree stand that is lower than your weight will cause chaos, which is why we have a list of those that are perfect for you.

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