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Can Big Guys Appendix Carry – Concealed Carry Options

Can big guys appendix carry? This is a commonly asked question among those who are larger in size and interested in concealed carry. The answer is simple and straightforward – yes, big guys can appendix carry. However, there are certain factors to consider and mistakes to avoid in order to ensure comfort, safety, and effective concealment. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of appendix carry for big guys, providing valuable insights and tips to help you make the most informed decision.

Can Big Guys Appendix Carry?

Appendix carry is a method of carrying a concealed firearm in which the holster is positioned in the front of the body, typically in the area of the appendix. There is a common misconception that appendix carry is only suitable for individuals with a slim or athletic build. However, this is not true, as individuals of all sizes can successfully appendix carry with the right gear and techniques.

Proper Holster Selection:

One of the key factors in successfully appendix carrying regardless of body size is selecting the right holster. There are various holsters available in the market specifically designed for appendix carry, with different features such as adjustable cant and ride height. These holsters can accommodate different body shapes and sizes, providing comfort and proper concealment.

Holster Positioning:

Regardless of body size, finding the right position for the holster is crucial for comfortable and effective appendix carry. The position should be adjusted to fit the individual’s body shape and natural contours. Experimenting with different positions and angles can help find the optimal placement that provides easy access to the firearm while ensuring proper concealment.

Clothing Selection:

The clothing worn plays a significant role in successfully concealing a firearm during appendix carry. It is important to choose clothing that is loose enough to conceal the firearm but not so loose that it hinders quick access. Additionally, selecting clothing with patterns or textures can help break up the outline of the firearm, further enhancing concealment.

Body Type Considerations:

Individuals with larger body sizes may need to make additional adjustments to ensure comfortable appendix carry. This can include selecting holsters with longer or wider clips to accommodate a larger waistline or opting for holsters with adjustable features to customize the fit. It is essential to find a balance between comfort, concealment, and accessibility.

Practice and Training:

Regardless of body size, proper training and practice are essential for safe and effective appendix carry. Drawing and reholstering techniques should be practiced regularly to build muscle memory and ensure smooth and efficient movements. It is recommended to seek professional training to learn the correct techniques and receive personalized guidance based on individual body size and shape.

Body Positioning and Adjustments

When it comes to appendix carry for individuals with larger body frames, there are a few tips and techniques that can help find the optimal position for comfort and concealment. Here are some pointers:

Holster Placement:

Experiment with different positions along the front of your body to find the most comfortable and concealable spot. It may be slightly off-center to the dominant side to avoid discomfort when sitting or bending.

Cant Angle:

Adjust the cant angle of your holster to achieve a better fit. Tilting the grip slightly forward can enhance comfort and accessibility, making it easier to draw the firearm.

Belt Placement:

Ensure that your belt is positioned properly to support the weight of the firearm and holster. For larger body frames, it may be beneficial to wear the belt and buckle slightly lower on the waist to distribute the weight evenly and prevent discomfort.

Holster Choice:

Select a holster specifically designed for appendix carry. Look for features such as adjustable ride height and cant, as well as a claw or wing attachment to aid in concealment by pushing the grip of the firearm closer to the body.

Clothing Selection:

Choose clothing that allows for proper concealment and doesn’t print the outline of the firearm. Looser fitting shirts or those with patterns can help to camouflage the presence of the holster and firearm.

Practice Drawing and Reholstering:

Spend time practicing your draw and reholstering technique to ensure smooth and safe movements. This will help you become more comfortable with your setup and identify any necessary adjustments.

Frequently Ask & Questions

Can big guys carry their appendix carry concealed firearm comfortably?

Yes, big guys can carry their appendix carry concealed firearm comfortably, but it may require some adjustments to find the right setup. Appendix carry is a method where the firearm is positioned in front of the body, typically around the midline, making it accessible for a quick draw.

Larger individuals might initially face challenges due to their stomach size, but with the right holster and positioning, it can be comfortable and practical. Using a high-quality, adjustable holster designed for appendix carry is essential to ensure proper retention and comfort. Additionally, experimenting with the placement of the firearm and adjusting the ride height of the holster can help big guys find the sweet spot for comfortable carry.

Is it safe for big guys to appendix carry a firearm?

Answer: Yes, it can be safe for big guys to appendix carry a firearm if done correctly and responsibly. Safety is paramount when carrying a concealed weapon, regardless of body size. To ensure safe appendix carry, big guys should adhere to essential firearm safety rules and undergo proper training.

Training courses specifically tailored to appendix carry can be beneficial, as they teach proper drawing techniques and how to maintain trigger discipline during the draw and reholstering process. Additionally, choosing a holster with adequate trigger guard coverage and retention features adds an extra layer of safety.

Is appendix carry suitable for big guys with a larger belly?

Yes, appendix carry can be suitable for big guys with larger belly. The key to a successful appendix carry for individuals with a larger midsection lies in selecting the right gear and adopting the proper positioning. First, choose a high-quality holster specifically designed for appendix carry, preferably with adjustable cant and ride height. This allows the holster to be positioned for optimal concealment and comfort.

Additionally, some holsters have features like foam wedges or claws that help tuck the grip of the firearm inward, aiding in better concealment and reducing printing. With the right gear and adjustments, big guys with a larger bellies can effectively carry their firearms in the appendix position.

Are there any challenges big guys might face with appendix carry?

Yes, big guys may encounter a few challenges with appendix carry, but they can be overcome with the right approach. One common issue is finding a comfortable position for the holster due to the larger size of their stomach or thighs. However, adjustable holsters and experimenting with different positions can help find the best fit.

Printing, which refers to the outline of the firearm showing through clothing, can also be a concern. Wearing looser, concealing garments can help alleviate this problem. Additionally, some individuals might need to make minor lifestyle adjustments to ensure the firearm’s safety and prevent discomfort while sitting or bending.

What are the safety considerations for big guys using appendix carry?

Safety is paramount when carrying a firearm, regardless of the carry method or body type. For big guys using appendix carry, several safety considerations should be kept in mind. Firstly, invest in a well-made holster that completely covers the trigger guard and provides retention to prevent accidental discharges.

Always practice drawing and reholstering the firearm safely, keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Additionally, it’s crucial to maintain good firearm handling habits, such as regular safety training and ensuring the firearm is unloaded when not carrying or practicing at the range. Remember, consistent safety awareness and adherence to best practices are essential for any concealed carrier, including big guys using appendix carry.

Can a big guy’s appendix carry comfortably while sitting for long periods?

Comfort during extended periods of sitting can be a concern for anyone carrying an appendix, including big guys. However, with proper gear selection and adjustments, many individuals find appendix carry to be comfortable even while sitting. Opt for a holster with adjustable cant and ride height, allowing you to fine-tune the positioning for sitting comfort.

Additionally, some holsters have features like flexible materials or built-in spacers that contour to the body when seated, reducing pressure points and discomfort. Experimenting with different carrying positions and using a sturdy gun belt that supports the weight of the firearm can further enhance comfort during prolonged sitting. As with any carry method, it might take some trial and error to find the perfect fit, but many big guys successfully appendix carry comfortably for extended periods.


Finally, big guys can practice appendix carry with the right techniques, holsters, and considerations. While it may require some adjustments and experimentation to find the most comfortable setup, there are various options available that cater to larger builds. It’s crucial for individuals of all sizes to prioritize safety, proper training, and firearm suitability when adopting the appendix carry method. With the right approach, big guys can confidently and securely carry their concealed firearms in the appendix position.

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