Top Rated Best Work Shoes for Big Guys Reviews

There are many things that you should never compromise in your place of work, and that is your personal protective gear. If you are not given any, you should do yourself lots of good by getting some, and one which we provide close attention to here is the best work shoes for big guys.

Safety shoes or work boot as some do call is an essential office safety gear that you should use daily. It doesn’t just keep your feet safe and secured, and it also gives you the confidence you need to carry out your task successfully without any fear of getting your feet injured.

With this in mind, never should you expose your feet at work. More reasons for that will be discussed in the latter part of this article. For the big guys, it is very difficult for you to find the perfect shoe sizes in the market.

We know how daunting it is, and we have come to bring an end to your concern. Let’s check some of the best work shoes for heavy guys in the market you should consider.

10 Best Work Shoes for Overweight – Top Rated products

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel-Toe

2. Dickies Men’s Athletic Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

3. Skechers Men’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

4. Clarks Men’s Cotrell Step Slip-on Loafer

5. Feetmat Men’s Non-Slip Gym Sneakers

Product Description:

There are many versatile shoes on the market, and one of them is the Feetmat Men’s Non-Slip Gym Sneakers. The style and design of the shoes are enough to win your heart over the rest of the boots on the market. It is a shoe that can be used for a wide range of applications, making it a great bargain for those who do not have the luxury of buying different shoes.

You should credit the fashion sense behind the construction and design of the shoe. The upper is made of knitted mesh material that features a lightweight and breathable fabric to keep the feet dry and cool, giving you the best feeling you desire whenever you walk, run or stand.

Design and Build Quality:

The outsole design of the shoe boats of flexible grooves, which give added strength to the shoe, thereby making it quite difficult to slip. It also has an arch support insole that offers the maximum midfoot support when on the move.

The softness of the shoes doesn’t mean they can’t keep your feet safe. It is very comfortable and keeps your feet safe. It has a soft insole that fits well in the shoe, thereby protecting the ankle, tongues, and feet from getting hurt. Also, the rubber outsole offers excellent impact cushioning, anti-twist, anti-slip, and resistance to abrasions.


Slip-on tennis shoes are made for men who are generally in a hurry and want comfortable and adaptable shoes. Many of the present choices are light and breathable, with a network coordinated into the upper to keep your feet cool while you exercise. The best slip-on shoes for men give sufficient shock ingestion to shield the feet from unforgiving effects during running, traveling, and other demanding games. 


Is it true or not that you are searching for a couple of slip-on tennis shoes that are both practical and lavish? Men’s slip-on shoes with gel embeds and adaptive padding are not challenging to get, making each step an enjoyment. Before you request, check the size outline, as certain men’s slip-on shoes and a few feet are more extensive than others.

Why It Is Best:

  • Suitable for daily walking, running, indoor, sports, outdoor, travel, exercise, workout, and vacation
  • Comfortable for a long duration
  • Offers abrasion-resistant and anti-slip performance
  • Lightweight support and breathable
  • Stylish and perfect for fashion

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6. Skechers for Work 77055 Cankton Athletic Steel Toe work sneaker

7. Timberland PRO Men’s

The Timberland PRO Men’s comes in just one black microfiber color but with different sizes. Every timberland shoes are topnotch and this is not an exception considering the design, quality of the material and all that it has to offer. It is made from pure synthetic microfiber material.

The shoe has a rubber sole which makes it lightweight and it is slip-resistant. The shoe is sure a great choice for those who are interested in getting a shoe that is perfect for all-day use. It is a versatile shoe that can be used for work and hunting.
The shoe has all it takes to keep you going all through the day. It is comfy, the design ensures you are convenient and it keeps every part of your feet secured from the ankle to the heel. It is an ankle-high work boot with full-grain leather which feature PU flex welt cast bond.

The design boasts of air textured nylon tongue which contributes to the support you get from the shoe. The padded top collar ensures it gives a snug and comfy fit on the leg. The shoe is built to handle all kinds of conditions even the toughest environment.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-quality material
  • Comfy and convenient
  • Perfect for all-day use


  • None

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8. Rockport Men’s Storm Surge Waterproof Sneaker

9. CLARKS Women’s Padmora Oxford

The world is not for men and that is why we choose to add one for females on this list. The CLARKS Women’s Padmora Oxford fits perfectly for this post and it is a great choice for every woman out there in search of a working shoe they can use daily.

The shoe is made of pure suede with a rubber sole that makes it so comfortable to use for anyone. It has to cushion soft technology which makes it comfortable and convenient for anyone to use.

It is suitable for all-day use and all that is important is to get a perfect size.
It comes with two colors and different sizes for you to choose the one that suits you. It is not a water-resistant shoe and should never be used anywhere near water. Also, you should get the perfect spray to maintain the shoe color and appearance.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfy and convenient to wear
  • Good design with a fine finish


  • It is not resistant to water

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10. Skechers for Work Women’s Gibson-Brogna SR Slip-On

Frequently asked questions

What is the best working shoe for a big man?

The best working shoe for any big man out there should be the one that fits perfectly. If you ever opt for a shoe that is too small or too large, it will lead to discomfort and will definitely affect your productivity. Therefore, if you are a big man, the best working shoe for you is the one that gives you the comfort and convenience you desire for daily use.

What are the best shoes to wear if you are on your feet all day?

If you will be on your feet for all-day, then you need a shoe that will keep you comfortable. The best shoes for such activity is the one that is lightweight, with insoles and padded foam. You can also consider those with mesh design which will make the shoe breathable for a long duration.

What is the difference between a walking shoe and a training shoe?

Do not mistake a walking shoe for a training shoe. Walking shoes are designed to be used for a longer period of time. It is not right for you to walk all through the day with a training shoe because it will cause lots of discomfort for you. Training shoes are designed for short-time use while you can use walking shoes for the whole day.

Buyer’s guide

Buying work shoes for heavy guys are easier to do by considering the following factors.


You need to consider the weight of the shoe you are about to buy. If you get a shoe that is heavy, it will end up becoming difficult for you to walk all through the day. So, you should consider getting lightweight shoes that you can wear for a longer period of time.


Another factor you should consider is the materials the shoes are made off. There are different materials such as:
Leather: It is the most common material that shoes are made with. It is easy to clean, durable and flexible. It helps in regulating the temperature of the foot which makes it convenient to use

Textiles: The textile material includes polyester, wool, nylon, and cotton. They are comfy, flexible, and breathable, but not as durable as leather.

Synthetics:  Synthetic materials are a popular choice for making a shoe.


If you are on the lookout for a quality working shoe for heavy guys as a gift to loved ones or for yourself, then you can get all you want from this page on the best work shoes for big guys. Here you have all that you need to make the right call.

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