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The fashion sense of people varies from person to person. A trend comes, stays for a while, then goes. The style with the polo shirt hasn’t been faded away. Rather, it’s still holding the rightful position. Sometimes it becomes tough to find clothing for tall and big guys. Individuals assume there is no stylist and fashionable outfit for big guys. We will prove them wrong.

For the advancement and expansion of factories and industry, popular brands are approaching to grab the customer. In this modern era, generalizing a category of people is wholly wrong. Chubby guys can maintain their fashion, in fact with the best polo shirts for big guys. Let’s read our whole presentation to read the whole.

Best Polo Shirts for Big Guys:

Since a lot of brands are available in the market. People get confused about choosing the right one. Color, sizes, brands material, and all the things that matter. So people feel hesitate to buy it. You can manage the best polo shirts for big guys as we are here to guide you. Our team has done their level best to provide you accurate information.

Best in Overall: Men’s Propper ICE Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Combined material, Button lock, imported, cooling effect, up-to-date moisture-wicking, attractive design.

Best for Classic Design: Men’s Nautica Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Unify material, classic fit, breathability, moisture-wicking, signature tape, Visible logo, button closure, imported.

Best for Rib Collar: Men’s Cubavera Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Polyester Herringbone ottoman design, split hem, short sleeve, moisture-wicking, rib collar, imported, button closure.

Best in Budget: Men’s Jerzees Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Button closure, Cotton, imported, Spot Shield, stain-resistant, seamless body, value-priced, hem tag less.

Best for Big and Tall: Men’s IZOD Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Quick-dry, evaporate, Moisture Wicking, Stretch Fabric, Machine Wash, Button closure, Imported, joint material

1. Best in Overall: Men’s Propper ICE Polo Shirts for Big Guys

2. Best for Classic Design: Men’s Nautica Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Key Features:   

  • Combined fabric.
  • Machine wash.
  • Striped design.
  • Classic fit.
  • Button system closure.

 Product Specs:

  • Product Dimensions
13.93 x 9.4 x 1.19 inches
  • Weight 
 8.4 Ounces
  • Material
Cotton and Polyester
  • Department 
  • Brand

Any casual look or heading up for a regular day Nautica polo shirt is all your solution. It’s a classic outfit that gives you a go-to look for a catch-up. Either you are in between formal dressed up or casual dress up, this polo shirt can meet your expectation. Again, the manufacturer makes polo shirts for short fat guys for opening designs sense for all.

  • Design and Capacity:

The appearance is pretty cool and classic, which will give you adaptability to almost every environment. There is a double button placket which makes it super classic. At the same time, stripe brings an enthusiastic feeling. Both aired side seam and underneath signature for taping provide ultra-sense of well-being.

  • Material and Performance:

Remember, the material ensures durability. To do that, the manufacturer uses quality fabric to go through for a long. Here, sixty percent is cotton and forty percent is polyester. The baric also encompasses the moisture-wicking formula for fast drying facility. Besides, it’s enough stretchable to become a suitable fit in the body.

  • Comfort Level: 

As a fact of timeless fashion or maintaining the comfortably, there is no doubt confusion about its quality. Different sizes are available. So the whole family can wear it and go on vacation and have timed their own. No problem in the case of a professional look too. Lastly, Size XS-XL has been doing a great favor for tall and big guys. 


  • Enhancement in case of breathing.  
  • Embroidered logo in the chest.
  • Considerable arm fitting.
  • Great color contrast.
  • No iron requirement.


  • Limited color selection.

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3. Best for Rib Collar: Men’s Cubavera Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Key Features:   

  • Moisture-wicking material.
  • Short Sleeve
  • 3 buttons placket
  • Machine washable.
  • Spilled hem

Product Specs:

  • Sizes‏
  • Colors
  • Material
  • Department 
  • Brand

 Since its formation, Cubavera has been showing what is truly comfortable to wear. The combination of standard fabric, innovative design, and bold colors enriches the aesthetic collection. When your outfit is nice, you seem confident, effortless, and perfect. The most durable polo shirts are more likely a part of your regular day.

  • Design and Capacity:

If your requirement is a bit sleeker, then this polo shirt plays the role of versatility. It matches perfectly with both trousers and jeans. Here the sleeve is quite extended but not too long. There is 3 buttons placket. Eventually, the button is a wooden button (No plastic). As a result, you can accompany your daily lifestyle.

  • Material and Performance:

The material hundred percent polyester. At the same time, a mild herringbone pattern becomes a significant part of this polo shirt. Also, the moisture-wicking formula keeps the fabric dry and cool. Some playful colors you may notice in the fabric to make your day better. You can wash it into the machine without any notice.

  • Comfort Level: 

During the summer, you can chill out with this polo shirt because it’s extremely comfortable. There is no harsh fabric in it. It no possible to happen Allergies or any other skin disease. Even the shirt is wrinkle-free. You don’t need ironing. In this way, you can save time and make time for yourself. Office or home, it can be your appropriate attire.


  • Soft Touch formula.
  • Cooling technology.
  • An array of colors.
  • Classic fit with amazing design.
  • Simple to maintain.


  • The weave is a bit loose.

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4. Best in Budget: Men’s Jerzees Polo Shirts for Big Guys

5. Best for Big and Tall: Men’s IZOD Polo Shirts for Big Guys

Key Features:   

  • Machine wash.
  • Button closure.
  • Stretch fabric.
  • Fast dry.
  • Moisture-wicking. 

Product Specs:

  • Product Dimensions
0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches;
  • Weight 
 1 Pound
  • Material
Cotton and Polyester
  • Department 
  • Brand

Among all the brands ‎, IZOD is more concerned about nature. For doing that, they manufacture and deliver solid items and maximum comfort. Izod has flex technology for manufacturing the best polos for men. It’s focused on wearing everywhere, whether you are at your home, office, or outing. Even sizes are available for chunky boys as well.

  • Design and Capacity:

Here, the design is incredibly attaching with simplicity. It’s innovative but clear-cut. However, there is protection from sunburn. Generally, UPF-15UV acts as a defender to dam up the harmful rays. As a result, your skin remains sharp and protective. Also, a roll-resistant collar is to maintain crispiness in any direction.

  • Material and Performance:

With the combination of materials, the fabric is pretty amazing. Here, forty percent polyester and sixty percent cotton. Because of moisture-wicking, it is resistant to water and sweat. This formula grabs away the moisture from the fabric and delivers you a cooling facility the whole time. Of course, it’s breathable enough to move the air. 

  • Comfort Level:

To ensure your comfort, there is a cooling technology. It assists to give you all the comfortability and keep you cool, especially in the hot temperature. During the summer you will understand more. The starching facility delivers you the feeling of relaxation. Therefore you can move better according to your own


  • Sun control.
  • Roller-resistant collar.
  • Sport flexible stretching.
  • Cool FX.
  • Soft and durable.


  • Packaging could be better.

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Best Polos for Bigger Guys

Buying Guidelines for Best Polo Shirts for big Guys: What to Consider?

A polo shirt is an item of multipurpose clothing to do anything. Like a swim shirt/golf shirt/running shirt/gym shirt etc. So you have to be cautious while buying it. There are several types of polo shirts in the market. Quality differs as well as you may get the replicate shirt. So to develop your knowledge further, we have presented a guideline. That’s how you will get the best polo shirts for big guys.

Long Sleeves:

Sometimes we misidentify the polo shirt sleeve. A Polo shirts ‘sleeve should conclude in the upper arm. There is one inch or two-inch gap. The thing is as long as the shoulder reach to biceps. If it is longer than that, such a thing isn’t a polo shirt. Personal preference matter but we are taking in general.

Enough Long Body:

Another error people make in case of wearing it with the length. The length of the body gets too long. But in general, it doesn’t happen. Choose the length according to your height. Measure and double-check your width as well. 

Proper Fit:

The next fault is measuring the size. It should not be a baggy fit. Normally, polo doesn’t have standard or slim alternatives. People assume it and make mistakes in the case of sizing. Except for personal preference, polo doesn’t need to be restrictive and tight as well. Just keep it as a general hug that compliments your body.


There is plenty of material such as cotton, polyester, spandex, or a combination of two materials. A quick-drying facility is necessary. Simultaneously moisture wicking is to keep you dry and cool and make it breathable. Protection from the sun is crucial too. 

Quality of material

As you are sacrificing your money quality is a foremost thing. We know that a polo shirt is made with a knitting process. Material plays a paramount role here. When you wash the fabric, it impacts directly, such as starching durability, color. So prefer the quality over the quantity.  


Standardly polo shirt has a common neck. It is worn by keeping the top button unfolded. Don’t worry much about the neck. The neck button will support you in case of sizing. You only go according to your size. 

Color and Design

As a wide range of colors is presented, don’t be confused with your look. If you want to hold a classic look choose the white or a bit mild color. Again, if you desire to make differentiate from others, choose a bit colorful color.  

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FAQ of Best Polo Shirts for Fat Guys

Who makes the best quality polo shirts?

 Polo shirts have become a part of most men’s clothes, only because they can be worn on various occasions and are also quite comfortable to wear.

There are quite a few companies, who are regarded as the “best polo shirt manufactures”.

  1.       Lacoste is a clothing company, based in France, which started its journey in 1933. They use good quality of materials in whatever product that they manufacture and also a green crocodile logo is placed on each of their products.
  1.       Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American based that was founded in 1967. The usage of premium quality materials in each of their products is a must for this company. They sell products related to clothing and other categories for both men and women. A horse-shaped logo is embedded in each of its products. 

What is the best men’s polo shirt?

A polo shirt is essential for every man or woman, who wants to stand out in a crowd and impress people with their style.

There are many polo shirts, which are considered as the best polo shirt for men or the best polo shirt for big guys.

  • Burberry Eddie Pique Polo: Burberry is a very big name in the fashion industry and only indulges in making premium quality products for its customers. This product of theirs comes with a high price but is extremely comfortable to wear as it has been made with high-quality cotton material. The shirt only comes in one color but can easily make you look dapper.
  •  Under Armour Men’s Performance, Polo: Under armor is famous for making athletic wear clothes but it has tried its hand in making formal shirts and has succeeded. This shirt is made with polyester and spandex due to which it offers moisture control and also dries up quickly. The shirt comes in dark grey but due to its style, it can make a great impression on any person.

Do polo’s look good on guys?

Nothing looks good until it is used properly and that is the very reason why most guys do not look good in polo shirts because when they tuck in such type of shirts then they tend to look old and dorky.

The proper steps to wear a polo shirt are mentioned below

  1.       Get your polo shirt ironed properly
  2.       Check whether the polo shirt fits you perfectly and is not too loose to too tight.
  3.       Make sure the material is such that helps in absorbing moisture and keeps the shirt dry.
  4.       Properly fold the collar of your shirt

By following such steps, you easily impress anyone that you want to.

How much should a polo shirt cost?

Polo shirts come in various types, due to which it is difficult to tell a stable price for this product.

  •         If you are purchasing from a well-known brand, then the price of this shirt could prove to costly
  •         If you are purchasing a polo shirt, which is of mediocre quality, then this would fall under the affordable range of price.
  •         Amazon also provides basic polo shirts, which are not very fancy and are of wearable quality but come with a low price.

Generally, you can buy a good polo shirt at a price, which is not low or high but somewhere in the middle of both.

How should a polo shirt fit a man? 

By preference, polos shirt have to be enough fitting with suitable sleeves. Generally, the shirt touches halfway in the middle of the elbow and shoulder. It doesn’t need to be snug fit or tight. But that is not likely to be loose. Remember, the only way is to slide with your finger in the skin and sleeve. That makes sense.

How to wash polo shirts?

Use a bit of soft liquid for laundry. To wash it, don’t use brassy detergent. Because there is a chance that shirt will get ruined or faded. In the case of washing machines use single setting cycling and use the cold water to clean it. After putting it into the washing machine, remove it promptly. Then dry it. You can use a dryer but set the lowest heat.  

Final Word: 

In every boy’s wardrobe, you may notice the polo shirt. Yes, there might be variations in a polo shirt. But everybody wants a quality, good-looking and durable size.

From now on, we hope people won’t get confused with big guys clothing. We suggest to you what to buy and it’s your job what you will do. One thing is sure you won’t be disappointed because these are the best polo shirts for big guys

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