Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headset for Kids Reviews

Virtual Reality is quite familiar at present. In this case, the virtual reality headset plays a vital role. As the kids prefer it, you can give it as a surprise gift to her/him. Or, as an owner of a VR headset business, you need to buy a good quality product. But the problem is the selection of the best virtual reality headset for kids.

Isn’t this the point that you’ve been looking for the best virtual reality headset for kids? Worry not. It’s the perfect VR headset for your kids. The use of VR headsets among both kids and adults has grown.

It offers the chance to explore and engage with the 3D world. With these devices, your kids can watch videos, enjoy games and learn with different apps.

Technology offers us futuristic devices but compares to none in your own world of VR. There’s no need to upgrade or buy any new features; you can just use your mobile.

It is hard for your kids to pick the right headset. Read this article as these devices are looking to give you an immersive experience. Before purchasing check if the headphone is consistent with your children’s generation.

Because there are many brands available in the market, it isn’t easy to choose the best one. Do you want to know which VR headset is best? How can you select the best one?

What should be the primary consideration to buy the headset? Then it’s the right place for you. In this context, you will find the details. Let’s know about it.

Top 10 Best Virtual reality headset for kids

Abacus Brands Bill VR Science Kit– Best pick for a fun activity and interactive learning

DESTEK VR Headset, Eye Protect8ed HD Virtual Reality– Best use for Bluetooth controller and eye protector feature

Next VR Headset..compatible with iPhone & Android– Best pick comfortable new 3D movie headset for kids

VR Headset with Remote Controller,3D Glasses Virtual Reality- Best 3D virtual reality headset for kids and adults

VR Headset Requirements. and Android Phones – Virtual Reality Goggles– Best for adjustable and compatible VR headset

VR Headset + Math Games [Multiplication Subtraction etc.] Virtual Games– Best for mathematical Virtual gamer geniuses

SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit with 30 Magic Scientific Experiments- Best use for science experimental super kit

Product description

Most parents love to use these brand products as gift vouchers. It’s an excellent featured science lab kit for kids. This kid has included 30 magical chemistry experiments. All the equipment with the kit is safe to use and has no edible. They also provide 15 colorful instruction cards for better results.

So you can enjoy their different experimental science kit. Those kits are featured with chemical stations and more realistic chemical expressions also. It’s also fun to use different projects of experiments and learn new things every day.

Key feature

  • Its complete chemistry experimental fusion
  • Has 30 experiment for fun
  • Easy chemical terms with safe and edible features
  • up to 3 years age recommendation
  • provide 15 color experiment instruction card


  • Best for fun and more experimental kit for kids
  • Its safest science lab kit for kids
  • It can use as a gift item for kids
  • It’s very lightweight that any kids can carry easily
  • They give safety documentary with the product


  • Not for toddlers or early age kids

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VR Headset- Virtual Reality Glasses for Kids & Adults- Best use in Android Smartphones

Product description:

Tinsone’s VR HEADSET is an innovative video game device. You can play games in a complete 360-degree setting. A virtual truth view in dynamic 3D is provided in the new structure.

The VR headset provides an excellent high-quality build. Using the left-hand control buttons, you can adjust the viewing angle and pupil distance to achieve better visual impact. These VR grips resist long-term heat and stuffiness and are easy to clean. The vision and soft nasal pads can decrease tension.

 Key feature

  • Head Straps are both comfortable and adjustable to wear.
  • It’s compatible with all Android smartphones.
  • The design provides a detachable magnetic T – shaped cover.
  • The headset supports a 3.5 mm jack device.


  • 360-degree View of the video game.
  • The screen size supports about: 4.5″- 6″.
  • It creates the engagement of watching more movies.
  • Best choice for the educational base.
  • The VR aids to beat language barriers.


  • It can cause severe eye strain in kids
  • Wearing the headset can cause too much stress.

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TechRise 3D VR Headset, Universal Virtual Reality Goggles- Best use for Gaming and universal VR goggles system

Product description

The TechRise 3D VR is a gaming headset adapted for both kids and adults. It’s compatible with IOS and Android smartphones. This headset is 3D compatible, allowing you to explore 3D movies. For a broader range of Views, FD and OD settings are available.

The high-definition lens creates visual effects that reduce eye pressure. The headphone has adapter wheels to change the position, and the bands are very suitable and safe. The best feature is that you do have the luxury of viewing in multiple resolutions. Lenses and straps are easily flexible and help you feel at ease when wearing them.

Key feature

  • The FOV viewing angle is 90- 100° degrees.
  • It provides immersive sound quality.
  • Comes with a high definition lens.
  • It offers FD and OD adjustments.
  • High-quality leather.
  • Suitable for smartphones with 3.5″ – 6.1″ screens.


  • VR lenses improve the stereoscopic effect.
  • It provides a Virtual Reality enhanced 3D View.
  • VR headset assures to provide clear image quality.
  • Soft nose pad to relieve the pain
  • Simple to clean and wipe.
  • Adapted for children and adults.


  • Not supported by all smartphones

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VR Headset for Comfortable & Adjustable VR Glasses- Best pick for smartphone compatibility and gift item

Product description

This headset is for anyone who enjoys modern technologies and gadgets which would appreciate this gift. Depending on the needs, the flexible straps may well be tightened or weakened. The VR is made of quality lens materials and comforts on the ears.

There isn’t a controller needed in most VR applications and games. It has proved very useful to children. This headset contains a vision safety system. And such that the user does not stress his eyes when wearing it.

Key feature

  • Compatible with IOS and Android smartphone
  • Accessibility of sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer
  • It has a convenient set of lenses.
  • Suitable for screen size 4.5″-6.5″.
  • lense definition is relatively high to protect the eye


  • High-quality large lens with an improved view angle of 105 degrees.
  • The VR headset makes it an easy fit.
  • There is no need for a compatible setup.
  • Simple to use.
  • It’s a perfect gift for game lovers.


  • It will harm their eyesight.
  • Kids spend too much time with VR headset.

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Buyer’s Guide – Best Virtual Reality Headset for Child

To buy the best quality virtual reality headset for kids, you must consider some points.

Wired or wireless 

Whether the VR headset is wired or wireless is a vital issue. Both have unique features, and The wired one must connect with a PC or computer. It will provide high-quality gaming or audio or video performance.

But the cost is higher and not suitable for the journey of the instant motion. On the other hand, you can easily carry the wireless one from one place to another at any time. The cost is also low.

There is no need for a PC or computer. But the quality of video, audio, or games is lower than a wired one.


The cost is also an important fact. Before buying a VR, you should fix your budget within which you want to buy the headset. If your budget is lower but a standard one within that price.

Whether with a higher budget, you must know about the product’s features to ensure quality.

PC requirements 

You can connect your headset with your PC. A high-quality PC ensures better performance. Moreover, you can also connect it with a smartphone or standalone.


The display remains in front of your eye. So the resolution is a vital issue to present something. The higher resolution decreases the visibility and the size of pixels. The lower resolution increases the visibility and size, but it may not be smooth.

Battery life

Battery life indicates the durability of the products. We usually want the long-lasting one. So check the battery life before buying the product.

Comfort Issues 

It’s a crucial factor to buy a headset. Everything will spoil if you can’t feel comfortable using it. The lighter one is easy and comfortable to use. So check it to buy the VR headset.

The base station and lighthouse 

The PC attached headset requires a base station or lighthouse. It helps to track the movement within the room. If the room is more than 160 feet, you will need two base stations.

The wireless one does not need it because it has an automatic tracker. Even some PCs do not need a tracker.

Field of view 

It’s an essential factor of the VR headset. It can measure in 3 ways horizontal, vertical and diagonal. The more expansive view helps to create a more impressive experience. It can wrap more area than your peripheral vision.

Augmented reality or mixed reality 

Some headsets have augmented reality, where some have mixed reality. Select the one which you prefer.

Hand controls 

This feature adds to the latest VR headsets, and it includes motion sensor technology. This feature is absent in the previous one.

FAQ Of The Best Virtual Reality Headset for Kids

Is VR suitable for kids under 12?

Sometimes, the VR is not suitable for kids under 12 years old because it has small parts with sharp edges. These may cause injuries to them. Sometimes those parts may cause a choke if it detaches. Besides, there is a heavy chance of developing some physical and mental problems in kids (less than 12). So it should not be used by kids under 12.

What is the best VR headset for beginners?

There are many VR headsets available in the market. The Abacus Brands Bill VR Science Kit is best for beginners for a fun and interactive learning process. The overall features of this are given on the above content. With its help, you can select the best ones for yours.

Does VR have harmful effects on children’s eyes?

The VR is new in the market. Due to continuous usage, some eye-related problems develop. The Optometrist association’s Ceri Smith-Jaynes explained this type of opinion to the BBC.

Does VR damage my brain?

No, VR doesn’t damage your brain. Some people may think that VR damages the brain. But it has no scientific proof. Some side effects develop due to its uses, such as depression, dizziness, collapse, etc. To be sure about that, more research is needed because it is a new technology.

Do I need a PC for VR?

No. A PC is one media to connect the virtual reality headset. But it is not only a single option, but also it has other alternatives. Without a PC, you can connect VR with a smartphone or iPhone or a standalone virtual headset. However, a standalone virtual headset(Oculus Quest) is wireless VR and suits travel.

Bottom Line

I think this article was enough to give you thorough full guidelines for the best virtual reality headset for kids.

Remember, when you are buying the best headset, clear yourself about your needs and budget.

The ten best VR headsets for kids are gadgets suitable for enjoying games or learning new things in a whole new way. Of the ten, we very much like the DESTEK VR Headsets because it is lightweight and more comfortable.

It has an anti-blue light coating and an HD clear lens. And It also has many features that enhance the audio and video experience, so we highly recommend you give it a try.

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