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Most fat or heavy people out there do have the challenge of getting the right product for their size or weight. This is a concern to me as well, but I’ve stopped been affected by such a scenario. This has led to me writing reviews on many products for a heavy person, and the next one is on the best chair mat for heavy person.

These are the kind of mat that can be used both in the office and at home. The world is not for the thin in size and never should heavy size should be seen as abnormalities.

Of course, we are great and happy with the way we are, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hit the gym and drop some weight off.

So, this post is basically for those who are in search of a quality chair mat both for office and home use. Those products you are about to discover shortly is for all as we got no discrimination on who should use or not.

Without further ado, Let’s dive in!

Review Of The Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person

1. Deflecto Super Mat Clear Chair Mat – Polycarbonate Chair Mat

The Deflecto Super Mat Clear Chair Mat is a dynamic style of mat that you will always be glad to have. It is a great investment you will never have to regret.

It comes in a box, and once you unbox it, you just have to cut the bands with any sharp object and allow the mat to warm up to room temperature.

Rolling the mat on the floor is easier to do, but it takes a whole lot of time to flatten with the surface of the floor. So, you are advised to place heavy objects on the four edges till it gets its right positioning.

It is the best for those who want to prevent their chair from wear or tear and also extend their carpet life.

It is made of clear vinyl material. The mat is durable, strong, and built for everyday use. The design and style make it a great choice for both home and office use. It has a studded bottom surface, which offers you great balance when you are sitting on your chair, and it has non-skidding gripping power on the carpet.


  • It prevents wear and tears on your carpet
  • Easy movement on carpet
  • Durable and portable
  • Very easy to lay on the floor
  • The perfect mat for carpeted flooring


  • It is too light and not a thick mat

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2. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat – Heavy Duty Chair Mat

Having a reliable chair mat in your office can influence your performance in a way you least expected. This mat has a stylish simple design with no lip.

It comes with different sizes, so you have options to choose the one that is the best fit for your chair. It is very easy to place on the floor without hassles.

It is made of polycarbonate material with its protector to ensure it is strong and capable of handling whatever its subjected to. It is highly resistant to impact, doesn’t curl, flex, or squeeze on carpeted floors or rug. It is the best for those in need of a long-lasting chair mat.

The design integrates gripper back underside for maximum stability on carpeted flooring. The light textured top surface makes control on the chair easier for anyone. It is very easy to clean and maintain. It gives no odor.


  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to slip and impact
  • Very easy to glide on the floor
  • Perfect protection to the desk, chair, carpet and rug surfaces
  • It is ideal for carpet and rug flooring


  • It is a low medium pile and not a heavy thick mat.
  • It is thin compared to Vinyl mat.

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3. Chair Mat Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam – Big Office Chair Mat

The chair mat office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam is more than just a mat designed to protect your chair, carpet, or rug. It has a dynamic way of helping you get over fatigue for those who sit for a longer period at work or at home.

It plays a major role in helping you deal with the effect of improper posture while seated. When sitting and standing, it can easily soak in your weight and withstand pressure, thereby reducing fatigue. The mat is very soft, and that doesn’t mean it is below par in terms of quality and durability.

It is perfect for hard surfaces such as wood, hardwood, laminate, tile, concrete, and vinyl floor. It features scratch and tear-resistant properties, which makes it last longer than others in the market. It gives free and easy chair rolling, which makes it easier for you to move from one place to another easily.


  • Anti-fatigue footrest
  • Soft and comfortable to sit and stand on
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Protect, support and support user weight
  • Very perfect for long term use
  • Ideal for those that sit for a longer period at work


  • It has no significant setback 

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4. Chair matAnji Mountain Chair Mat Rug’d Collection – Big and Tall Chair Mat

There are only a few mats that can match the design and beauty of this mat known as chair matAnji Mountain Chair Mat Rug’d Collection. It comes in 14 different patterns for you to choose the one that is of interest to you. It is ¼ inches thick, which makes it perfect for any hard surfaces.

Getting this mat is just a great investment for you. The design integrates three different layers, such as the top layer, mid-layer, and non-skid backing. Any chair with a caster can easily roll over the mat without any hassles. Handling the mat is easy for all.

The top later id made from a tightly woven polyester rug surface, which allows chair casters to roll easily on it. The mid-layer is made from phthalate-free PVC that is sturdy, durable, and as well gives great support. The non-skid backing help the mat stays in place on any hard surfaces and carpet.  


  • Available in two thickness ¼ inches for hard floor and ½ inches for soft floors
  • Stays in place 
  • Perfect for hard surfaces and commercial carpet
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your workplace
  • Allows smooth movement


  • It has just one size with two types of thickness

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5. Office Chair Mat for Hard Floor – Big and Tall Chair Mat for Carpet

The Office Chair Mat for Hard Floor is the best choice for those who sit for a longer period at work. You need a mat that can make your movement easier without hassles.

The mat helps to reduce the risk of having leg fatigue, back pain, and as well as correct poor posture by allowing the movement of chair freely on the mat.

The mat is very effective at protecting your hard floor from scratches and irreversible damages. It is made of polypropylene material which is pliable enough to keep the mat from cracking and curling. With its protective pad, your safety is assured as it prevents slipping.

It is the perfect choice for the hard floor. It is thick and sturdy. It is very easy to clean. It keeps no stain and doesn’t give any odor. It is non-toxic and safe for kids to sit on, BPA, and Phthalate free, and you are assured of a long lifespan.


  • Perfect floor mat for hard surfaces
  • Pure long-life span
  • It protects the floor and also prevents fatigue for users
  • It is thick and prevents slipping
  • It is ideal for office and home use


  • It has no significant setback 

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6.SLYPNOS Chair Mat Carpet Protector – Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet

The SLYPNOS Chair Mat hard floor is the best care you could ever give to your carpet and your chair. It is quite difficult to prevent damages to carpet due to the pressure from the person sitting on the chair, but this mat has all that is required to protect your carpet and keep it safe and sound for a longer period.

The design and structure of the mat make it appealing and perfect for both home and office use. It is made of PVC plastic, which is free of BPA, phthalate, and volatile toxins, thereby giving you the healthiest material to use.

It is highly scratch-resistant, durable, thick, and it doesn’t bend, curl, or crack. Once it arrives in the box and you have got rid of the band, you just have to leave and let it get used to the room temperature, and then you can go ahead and lay it on the floor where it is most needed.


  • It has studded backing which holds the mat in place and prevents damages to the carpet
  • Gives maximum grip to chair caster
  • Ideal for home, office and commercial environment
  • Very safe to use around kids
  • Scratch-resistant, tough, solid, prevent slipping, cracking or bending


  • It comes in just one size

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7. Casa Pura Office Chair Mats for Low Pile Carpeted Floors – Floortex Chair Mat

For those who love wide range of options for their mat with different patterns and styles, the casa Pura Office Chair Mats for Low Pile Carpeted Floors is the right choice for you. It comes in a lot of styles, patterns, and designs that are alluring and attractive. Well, it offers more than just the design.

The mat is made from a polypropylene material, which makes it very resilient to handle anything thrown at it. It shows no sign of splitting, cracking, and bending.

It is very easy to clean; it has a colorful appearance that will complement the interior design of your office or your room.

The carpet or chair mat was designed for long term reliable use. It doesn’t only protect the carpet and the chair, but also protect whosoever that is sitting on the chair. It reduces the risk of leg fatigue and poor posture, thereby giving you the freedom to move from one place to another easily.


  • The upper surface texture offers a perfect grip for controlled rolling of the chair for those that have casters
  • Odorless for enhanced indoor air quality
  • Reduce the risk of leg fatigue and poor posture
  • Protect your carpeted floor from irreversible damage


  • The mat has no significant setback

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8. SOUNDANCE Office Chair Mat – Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat Non Breakable Polycarbonate

For those who have hard flooring and in need of a mat to keep the carpet or floor in good condition, you should consider SOUNDANCE Office Chair Mat. The mat is specially designed for hard surface areas.

So, it was built with the capacity to protect the floor and also the chair, thereby leaving everything safe and in good condition.

It comes with an anti-slip design. On arrival, you just have to place the matte side of the mat face up while the smooth one will face the down direction.

This is done basically to offer the maximum grip so that your chair doesn’t slide around easily. However, it is not difficult for your chair to roll on the matter surface.

It made from a durable pure PVC material that is environmentally friendly. The material is harmless, and therefore, you can accept that the mat is harmless. All that is required of you is to place the mat in a ventilated place or outdoor for days after arrival so that the production smell will disappear, and then you can enjoy the best of your mat.


  • It is very easy to roll on the floor
  • It comes with a lip, and it protects your floor from the shoe print
  • It has an anti-slip design
  • Free from chemicals and safe to use
  • Durable, light and long-lasting


  • It takes time to flatten on the floor so you might have to take it out in the sun for a while or place hard objects on the four edges

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9. DoubleCheck Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat – Big and Tall Chair Mat for Carpet

The DoubleCheck Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat comes in just two different sizes, and that might be a turn off for some. However, it offers all that is needed from a mat if only the sizes can be overlooked. The mat is designed with good and quality material that makes it fit among the best in the market. It is perfect for office and home use.

It is one of the thickest in the market with 1/8 inches, and it is strong, durable, and firm on any surface area. It stays flat on the floor, thereby reducing any chance of causing chaos or accident. It is free of chemicals, non-toxic, and very easy to clean. All you need is just a soft cloth, water, and light detergent to maintain it.

It is transparent in look makes it alluring and appealing to all. It has studded underside which holds the mat firmly in place. It is designed to be used on low and medium-pile carpets with the lip extending beyond the main rectangular area of the mat to protect the floor under the desk.


  • Long-lasting
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Very easy to roll and stay firm on the floor
  • Free of chemical and toxic substances


  • It has no significant setback

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10. Azadx Office/Home Desk Chair Mat – This One Is Editor Choice

This is the last we have for you on this list, and it is called the Azadx Office/Home Desk Chair Mat. It isn’t the last because it lacks the quality to make the first list, but we choose to have the list that way and not as a result of preference to any product.

The mat is made of thick PVC, it has no off-gassing, and it is odorless. It is free of BPA, toxin, and non-toxic. Whenever it gets dirty, it is very easy for you to clean and maintain its color and look. It has a unique surface texture that allows your chair to move freely on it without hassles.

It is strong enough to be used on any surface. It protects any surface and also keeps chairs in good condition. It is perfect for hard floorings such as the tile, laminate, concrete, Vinyl floor, and hardwood. Getting this mat is such a great investment for you.


  • Highly durable
  • Very strong
  • Perfect for home and office
  • Ideal for any surface especially hard surface


  • It has no defect

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Best chair mat for heavy person – Buyer’s guide

There are basically some things that you need to consider when buying a chair mat for a heavy person. Those are vital factors else; you will have every reason to regret your decision never to take them into consideration.

Mat thickness

The thickness of the chair mat varies with lots of factors contributing to that, such as the material used in production, the design, and the brands. With this in mind, you are advised to carefully check the description given by the manufacturer if you need facts about the thickness.

To measure the thickness of a mat, you should take a paper clip and straighten it out. Sink the paper clip into the carpet and then measure the distance between your finger and the end of the paper clip. This action will help you understand the thickness of the mat.

Types of mat

There are different types of mats, and their use makes the difference. Some are specially designed to be used on low medium or carpeted floors, while some are designed to be used on a hard floor. Take note when buying your mat that an office designed mat for carpeted floors must have studs of small teeth on the underside, which is a turn off for hard floor.

And otherwise, a mat designed for the hard floor will not work properly on the carpeted floor. So, you need to be fully aware of this to help you in making the right decision in the future.

Mat size

Apart from the thickness and the types of the mat, you should also consider the size of the mat. You need to measure the leg of your chair to know the size of the mat you are going to buy. Your chair must sit comfortably on the mat with more rooms for you to move to and fro on it.

Construction material

There are different materials been used for the construction of mats. The materials include Polycarbonate, PVC, or Vinyl. For mat made from PVC or Vinyl, the are the inexpensive type, and the ideal choice for low pile carpeted floors.

This type of material is not the best option to consider for a mat that is intended for heavy use because they can bend, crack, and bow under pressure. Most of the heavy-duty mats you find in the market are made from polycarbonate.

It has the strength to withstand the pressure of heavy use, thereby not showing any sign of curling, cracking, and denting. To wrap it up, you can also consider mat made from glass. They are known for strength and endurance, very strong, durable, and can be used on all kinds of flooring. It is best for heavy people.

Mat size

And the last factor you should consider is the size of the mat. Once all the factors above have been met, you should look at the size and choose the one that is not too big for the space you have for your chair. Buying a mat that is big is acceptable, but a bigger or smaller one to your chair size will end up in discomfort for you.

Frequently asked question

# How do I clean my mat?

I do not think one needs a tutorial on how to watch a mat. If you want to do that, you just have to get a soft cloth or brush and apply water with detergent and wash. You are advised not to get it soaked if your room is not well ventilated. Else, you can take it out in the dun to dry after cleaning.

# Why does some mat have lip?

Not all mats in the market are designed with a lip. But if you mat comes with a lip, it is an indication that the mat has a protective measure. The lip plays a role in protecting the flooring whenever you tuck the chair under the desk at work or at home.

# What are mats made of?

If you carefully go through the buyer’s guide, we have above, and you will notice that we already gave answers to this. The materials include Vinyl or PVC, polycarbonate, and glass. So you have a wide range of options to choose the type you want.

# Does the mat allow movement?

Using a chair mat is never a means to keep you at once in a particular place. It is designed to allow you to move freely on any kind of flooring without difficulty.


Looking for the best chair mat for heavy person, you have found yourself in the right place. We have done justice to the topic with a guide and list of the best products you can consider in the market. We hope this will help you make the right choice in the future. 

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