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What Are the Best Golf Pants for Bigger Guys?

If you want to buy the best golf pants for bigger guys, this article is for you. Here you will find the three best golf pants perfect for fat guys. Here I will write about some golf pants for bigger people which are very comfortable and reliable for any fat guy. Men’s golf pants are intended to give both insurance and adaptability.

Golf is, as of now, tricky enough for competitors of all levels. You needn’t bother with an evil-fitting set of pants to add to the assignment. 

The best golf pants for bigger guys ought to slip through the cracks because they execute their occupation, permitting you to move unreservedly during your swing or as far as the line up a putt. They ought to give enduring climate assurance in various conditions and temperatures. Let’s dive into the main point for further discussion below.

Top 3 Review Of The Best Golf Pants for Bigger Guys 

For all the consideration paid to shoes, socks, and polos, Golf bigger pants appear to be ignored, and as they should be. Agreeable pants can make around substantially more pleasant. Most present-day matches contain a stretch and breathability part, permitting you to walk or ride quickly all through the round.

You cannot emphasize the significance of having a pair of reliable and comfortable golf looser pants. As we approach a potentially frigid winter season, you’ll want to be sure you have everything you need in terms of dependable golf pants. We’ve picked the three most fine pants for almost every weather situation you encounter below. Let’s have a look at a glance at them below: 

(Machine washable, Comfortable and reliable, Lightweight)

(Water-resistant, Durable and stylish, Affordable)

   IZOD Golf Swing Flex-Fit Pant

IZOD Men's Golf Swingflex Straight-Fit Flat-Front Pants, Cinder Block Strt, 42W X 30L
  • GOLF PANTS FOR MEN: These innovative IZOD pants for men deliver style and casual comfort when it's time for your next round of golf. Our straight-fit pants are perfect for any occasion, from a day in the office to a day of golf to a night out.
  • STYLISH, CASUAL PANTS: Always in style, these classic pants are available in multiple colors and sizes. Our casual pants for men feature a zipper closure with a top-button fly, a sleek flat front, 4 pockets, and a belt-loop waistband.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: These men’s pants are made from a moisture-wicking blend of 94% polyester and 6% spandex for the right amount of stretch. They feature a straight leg, UPF 50 sun protection, a comfortable, classic fit, and effortless style.

The IZOD Golf Swing Flex-Fit Pants are 94% polyester and 6% spandex. It has dampness-wicking qualities, which can draw dampness away from the body and keep you dry and agreeable. The stretch texture gives everything solace. SwingFlex 4-Way Stretch fabric extends in the two bearings, giving ideal ease. 

Dampness-wicking polyester woven twill fabric with two-way stretch guarantees solace. Cooling innovation is intended to keep you cool and agreeable whenever the temperature increases. It has UPF-15 sun insurance.

Sun-Control with UPF-15 UV insurance keeps you looking sharp while shielding you from the sun’s hurtful beams. It can save you calm and dry all day long. Try not to be concerned. These are the best golf pant for guys with big thighs.

Current price at Amazon

Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Pant

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Pant (Available in Big & Tall), Grey, 38W x 30L
  • CLASSIC FIT: Roomy through hip & thigh with straight leg. Sits at the waist.
  • PERFORMANCE FABRIC: Train in confidence with these lightweight golf pants featuring a moisture-wicking, gentle stretch and wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • GOLF STYLING: Designed for optimal performance and all day comfort on or off the course. Shirt-gripping active waistband keeps your shirt neatly tucked in.

Essentials golf men’s pants are devoted to giving you a modest, superior grade, and durable, regular dress. Polo shirts, chino pants, good-fit shorts, relaxed business shirts, and group neck tees are our absolute necessities for folks. Our predictable size removes the mystery from buying, and each article of clothing is thoroughly tried to guarantee the best degrees of value and solace. 

These jeans are intended to achieve everything: A silicone hold tape lining on the abdomen band keeps your shirt wrapped up, while the mixture stretch texture considers a total scope of movement.

The Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Stretch Golf bigger full Pant is ideal for people who like a more custom-fitted, European-style look with tightened legs. Different pockets give enough room to tees, ball markers, and your scorecard, while stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric provides solace.

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Callaway Horizontal Black Heather golf pants for bigger guys

EverPlay 5-Pocket Golf Pant (Waist Size 30 - 56 Big & Tall), Black Heather, 36W x 32L
  • VARIOUS INSEAMS: 30", 32", 34", 36" and 38"
  • MOISTURE WICKING: Opti-Dri moisture-wicking technology built into the men's golf pants pulls sweat away from the body for on-course comfort throughout your round.
  • STRETCH: The golf trousers feature stretch fabric that allows you to maximize your range of motion so that you bend, crouch and move with ease.

If you’re a year-round golfer who hits the courses anytime the greens aren’t covered in snow, the Callaway golf pants provide genuine warmth without sacrificing performance, and the price is more than fair for a pair of pants that will last you the whole year.

Callaway golf pants are for you because the European plan isn’t your thing, and you lean toward a more relaxed fit. In these Callaway EverPlay 5-pocket golf pants, you’ll look smart and play like a genius. 

The lightweight men’s golf pants are intended for solace and execution, with highlights that permit you to zero in on your game without being occupied. The dampness-wicking Opti-Dri innovation draws sweat away from the body, keeping you cool and dry until the last opening.

The fabric has a lot of stretches, permitting you to curve, squat, and move uninhibitedly. The stretch golf pants are lightweight and element a solace stretch waistline, permitting you to move uninhibitedly along the fairway on hot days. They have five pockets, so you can keep your scorecard, tees, and ball marker not far off while driving, chipping, or putting. 

These golf pants for men are not difficult to really focus on and keep up with their rich investigate time since they are machine launderable and wrinkle safe.

The golf pants are made of dobby texture, which highlights minute mathematical plans woven into the texture for a finished look. These comfortable golf pants are an adaptable decision for any energetic golfer, on account of their cutting edge tightened fit and determination of ordinary and Big and Tall sizes.

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What Are the Best Golf Pants for Bigger Guys

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Affordable Golf Pants

On the green, having a suitable arrangement of golf clubs is similarly urgent as looking like it, so it is fundamental to put resources into a decent set of golf pants. Below are the four most common things you must consider before buying these pants. 


Golf pants are designed to be loose-fitting. Although there are new slim-fit models and more current styling, the pants will generally provide ample room for golfers to move around. Golfers must not only be able to swing and move their bodies, but they must also be able to get in and out of a cart frequently. If a pair of jeans is not correctly fitted around the waist, sitting and standing can be somewhat uncomfortable. 


As recently expressed, the commonplace golf gasp has large creases and is baggy. This is how the main golf pants were made, and it has stayed the norm for a long time. Then again, Golfers continuously understood that their golf clothing didn’t match their typical style or tastes. The people who like to dress more current or stunningly off the course will lean toward something sleeker and cleaner. 


Manufacturers can deliver golf playing pants from an assortment of materials. However, cotton is one that you ought to stay away from. Cotton golf pants become extremely weighty and warmed inevitably. You’ll need to wear the higher-performing materials regardless of whether you’re playing golf in the colder time of year. Golf losser pants are typically included materials that can wick sweat away. 

This makes keeping your legs dry and agreeable while on the course simpler. Besides, particular golf time pants currently accompany UV security. Remaining in the sun for five hours with no assurance for your legs builds your possibility of creating sunspots and treating skin disease.


Golf is about development, from strolling to swinging to lowering down to arrange a putt, and you’ll need some pants that can keep up. Most of these types of pants utilize four-way stretch materials like elastane or Spandex, which also considers more smoothed-out plans and a custom-fitted appearance. You should verify that your golf pants stretch, if not all through the texture, then, at that point, at the abdomen.

Protection from Water:

Downpour is a particular piece of golf, so pick pants made with areas of strength like polyester that is water safe and speedy to dry. Some have a DWR covering outwardly to support their water obstruction considerably more.

If you just golf on bright days, stay away from all-cotton pants; they consume a large chunk of the day to dry and won’t keep you warm whenever you’ve been wetted out.


As a rule, brands attempt to assist you with dealing with your temperature by using materials that inhale well yet not so well that you get cold. Warmth is given by additional rigid materials and internal linings in chilly climate pants.

At the same time, wicking arrangements and different innovations are utilized in warm-weather conditions pants to keep things cool and agreeable.

Most golf pants should be sufficient, generally speaking. However, if you now and again play in blistering or cold environments, put resources into a couple intended to endure those temperature swings.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

How are golf pants supposed to fit?

It’s helpful to handle the jargon while examining how golf jeans should fit. The vast majority know with the waistbands and fly, yet groin and inseam are less notable.

A silicone band inside the waistline of some golf pants keeps wrapped up shirts set up. Hockey pants and golf pants are held up with the assistance of a bolt that goes through the waistbands, which are sewed and set up around the waistline. Meanwhile, the golf pants are a little tighter around the waist. 

You won’t need to order a size higher, and they will loosen up with wear, but the fit is a little tighter at first. Bend, twist, and check for proper fit. To be safe, err on the side of a larger size.

If necessary, you can always tighten the belt. Pleats and pants that bunch at the ankles are generally not recommended. You want a comfortable fit that is neither too big nor too little.

What is the proper length for men’s golf shorts?

Leg lengths of 32″ and 34″ are accessible from the Golf Society. Pants with a midsection size more noteworthy than 34″ have a 34″ leg. The normal range goes from 1.5′′ to 2.5′′.

While sleeves or turn-ups are much of the time the standard with dress jeans nowadays, cuffless is dependably a move forward in the convention.

As recently expressed, you can go regardless of a break. Regular fit golf pants are the most widely recognized style of jeans, while thin fitting pants have as of late become famous among golf design brands. 

Ordinary fit (reg) highlights a roomier groin for more specific sections and exits from golf trucks. Regular fit golf pants have a more significant leg and a straight sleeve with no shape. In contrast with thin-fit golf pants, the sleeves have a bigger opening.

What is the reason for golf pants?

Golf-specific chinos and pants will differ from regular chinos and pants. They have considerably more stretch, are lighter and more breathable, and can even wick sweat away from your body. You may wear standard chinos on the golf course, yet specific sets of golf pants will keep you undeniably more agreeable and permit you to swing your clubs more unreservedly.

Is it OK to wear golf pants as dress pants?

 No, there is some difference between golf pants and dress pants. The fit is the primary differentiation between golf jeans and dress jeans. Since the attack of the article of clothing and the materials used to make it fluctuates, golf players will see a distinction in execution between the two sorts of jeans. Dress jeans are typically made out of thicker textures.

They have thicker material, extra sleeves, and perhaps creases and are appropriate for formal wear. The cutting-edge golf gasp is a more slender, lighter-weight gasp with a more athletic fit. With some golf pants on, you’ll have a lot of space to swing the club without feeling bound. There’s a risk that wearing good jeans will cause you to feel restricted as you ride.

Que: What sort of golf pants may I wear?

If you don’t have golf pants, chinos and slacks will do the trick. You should never wear pants, freight shorts, or freight pants on the golf course. Shorts are adequate, but they ought to be fitted and nonpartisan. Most golf courses have thorough dress guidelines.


So these three are the best golf pants for bigger guys. After reading the article, I hope you fall in love with these golf pants. When you find a spectacular set of golf pants, you’ll most likely need to purchase a few.

Finding something that fits appropriately and looks great takes time. Likewise, you’ll have to contemplate the remainder of your dress and what will go with what you now have. 

You’ll have to ensure you have the fitting shirt with your new golf pants. Numerous novice golf players are uncertain of what to search for while buying golf pants. Above I have written a buying guide to choose the perfect one for you.

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