Best Belts For Fat Guys – Expert Review

We all need to dress up. There is a popular saying where I come from that the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed. Believe it or not, your dressing gives off the first impression about you. As books are repeatedly being judged by their covers, so are humans.

Our cover is our outlook. We are repeatedly being judged by our appearance!

As a man in a world so obsessed with fashion, being well dressed can earn you people’s approval, friends, and fame. Yeah, I said that! Dressing well shouldn’t just be left for the ladies.

But you should need to the right choice. So we are trying for describing here as an example of the best belts for fat guys.
Now, whether you are dressing up for a business meeting, dinner date, or even to your regular job, you can never go wrong with a perfectly-styled fitting belt!

Belts are just awesome in their own way. In the way, they complement our outfits and make us look posh.
Also, we understand that getting the perfect belt is not an easy task, especially if you are a big or chubby person. Right here, we will show you the belts for big guys, which you can get with next to nothing as they cost very little.

Comparison of Best Belts for Big Guys

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

 What is the best belt for men? 

A men’s belt is not just essential for keeping your trousers firmly in place, it’s an accessory that can add a subtle touch of personality and style to any outfit.  

When it comes to choosing a men’s belt, choosing a belt which demonstrates masculinity, high quality is always the smarter choice. 

For a range of belts that will tick all boxes when it comes to quality and style, take a look at the belts made of genuine leather. Belts that have strong prong buckles with rounded edges that will fit and cover our big bellies. Belts that will last for years without wearing, breaking, or tearing. 

However, to sum it all up, the best belt you can get as a fat guy will be the highest quality belt that fits you just right! 

How should a fat person wear a belt? 

Whether you’re round-bellied, broad-shouldered, big-bottomed, or all three at once, you can look comfortable, fit, and stylish with a little classy dressing.  

First of all, if you’re a big guy, or have a protruding belly, you don’t want to wear pants/trousers that are tight or that settle below your gut. Wearing pants that sit below your belly gives you a really bad shape and makes your stomach look even bigger. Wear a pant that fits around your waist, and covers a portion of your belly. 

Now, I’ve so many big guys look really bad just because they messed up their beltline. If you are going to be wearing a belt, make sure it’s big enough to fill the loops on the pants, but not overfill them. 

 You should tuck your shirts completely into your pants and wear a belt with good design and style on it, rather than a plain one. They make you look better, especially if you are a big person. Do not wear your belts too tight or too loose as it will make you seem very uncomfortable and stressed. 

Which direction should a man’s belt go? 

Questions like, “Is there a ‘proper’ direction to put on a belt? ” What direction should my belt go?” are what I been receiving on the issue of wearing a belt. 

Well, the truth is it doesn’t matter! 

Are you supposed to go from right to left? Or should you go from left to right?  

It doesn’t really matter. 

I used to hear people say left to right for men, and right to left for the women. This is not a mandatory norm and it depends on your dominant hand.  

However, I would recommend you wear your belts from the left to the right side, so that the pointed end sticks out facing the left, and the buckle is the right side up.  

How do I know if my belt is too big?

Your belt size is way different from your waist size or even your pants size. The belt size is measured from the end of the belt buckle to the hole in the middle of the usually five-hole belt. (Belts usually have five holes) Remember that the belt size usually excludes the measurement of the buckle. 

Countries vary in their units of measurement. The US, for example, measures belt sizes in inches, while most European countries measure theirs in centimeters. The belt size is stamped at the back and commonly labeled 32, 34, 36, 38, etc for the American sizing standard. 

If your belt is the same size as your pants, you know it’s definitely going to be small for you. If it’s more than 4 inches larger than your pants, then it’s going to be big for you. 

To get a perfect belt size for you, find a belt that is 2-3 inches larger than your pants size since belts are used around the pants and not the waist. 


Belts are great for adding a little touch of personality and class to any outfit. As little and insignificant as belts seem, they can add beauty to the overall dressing or mess it up, if worn wrongly. Therefore belts, are a necessity, and shouldn’t just be regarded as a functional piece. When you are swimming you wear board shorts and need a belt for grip in your belly.

Belts work for almost every occasion.  While at the office, they’re most likely a requirement, but their relevance doesn’t stop there.  Casual looks can benefit immensely from the addition of a belt. They can be worn on work trousers, jeans, and even with suits— anything! Remember, your belt color should rhyme with that of your shoes.  

Instead of having to pull up your pants whenever it starts sliding down, get yourself a big-man belt today, and watch your outfit and confidence shine even more!  

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