How to Appendix Carry for Fat Guys – How to Make It Comfortable and Secure!

If you’re a larger or tall person, you may have found some challenges when carrying concealed handguns. One of the most effective techniques for reducing printing and allowing quicker deployment of your handgun is appendix carry. Appendix carry is an increasingly popular way to conceal a weapon even on larger frames. With the right equipment and technique, almost anyone can comfortably appendix carry their firearm and remain discreet.

When appendix carrying, it is important to wear clothing that fits properly and allows easy access to the holster at all times. Consider opting for trousers with a higher rise that prevents your holster from sagging below belt level or purchasing special holsters with adjustable clips or loops if you own firearms of different sizes. Additionally, try wearing garments with more flexible waistbands in order to facilitate easier draw action while still providing maximum concealment.

You should also utilize a quality gun belt specifically designed for holstering firearms which ensures adequate support of your handgun along with proper positioning regardless of activity level. A good gun belt effectively distributes weight evenly throughout its length allowing for ultimate comfort during wear whilst preventing any rollovers or drooping due to shifting within your holster.

Another key factor when appendix carrying is angling the holster correctly by slightly canting it forward thus matching the user’s natural shooting grip angle; This allows for a smoother draw stroke whilst also enabling efficient reholstering ability after use without stress on the shooter’s hand or fingers as this can cause further discomfort and agility issues during draws.

Ultimately, fit and comfort are two essential components when appendix carrying for fat guys but with correct practice and guidance, large-stature individuals can effectively conceal their firearms inside or outside of the waistband whilst maintaining optimum accessibility along with achievable levels of discretion making it an ideal mode of everyday waistband carry (EDC).

How do Big Guys Concealed Carry?

Shoulder Holster

A shoulder holster is a popular choice for concealed carry, as it is easy to conceal underneath a jacket or coat while concealing the firearm from sight.

Ankle Holster

An ankle holster can be used to securely hide a small firearm on the inside of an ankle or calf area and keep it covered by long pants or jeans.

Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Holsters

IWB holsters are hidden inside the waistband of pants, offering excellent concealment. Many people find the draw from IWB holsters easier than from other methods of concealed carry, such as pocket holsters.

Pocket Holster

A pocket holster is ideal for taking firearms out in public discreetly, as it is designed to keep them concealed rather than visible in one’s pocket.

Off-Body Carry

This body type of concealed carry involves carrying a firearm in an off-body carry item such as a purse, bag, or briefcase that has been designed specifically to allow one to safely and securely transport a firearm without it being seen by others in public.

Underarm Holster

An underarm appendix holster can be used to conceal a small-to-medium-sized handgun underneath a shirt with ease, although larger firearms may be difficult to draw due to limited space available under an arm garment when worn outside clothing layers.

Factors to Consider for Fat Guys When Concealed Carry?

Familiarity with State Laws

It is important for those who are new to concealed carry to become familiar with the state laws and regulations before making a decision on whether or not to pursue it. Understanding the requirements, restrictions, and legalities of concealed carry by the state is essential in order to make sure one does not inadvertently break any laws.

Type of Gun

Another factor to consider when big guys concealed carry is what type of firearm they will be using. Generally, big guys should opt for a larger caliber handgun since bigger guns provide more control and accuracy during firing.

Ammunition Capacity

Big guys must also consider the ammunition capacity of their guns when they are carrying them concealed. Oftentimes, these individuals may need more rounds than those that come standard with most handguns in order to feel adequately prepared in the case of an attack or self-defense situation.


Selecting a suitable holster style that offers maximum comfort as well as proper concealment can often be challenging for big guys who are new to concealed carry. Accessories such as belly bands can prove invaluable for this task by offering both support and comfort while providing adequate concealment for larger frames and weapons.

Proprietary Items

Certain proprietary items such as magazine pouches, pocket holsters, ankle rigs, etc., may also need to be taken into consideration when selecting firearms accessories tailored towards bigger users and user requirements for optimal performance during scenarios where concealment matters most if necessary for situations that require quick access and unobtrusive use of firearms when carrying them on one’s person at all times.

Holsters and Rig Options for Appendix Carry

Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holsters

IWB holsters offer great concealment due to the close fit of fabric between the jeans and the body. The holster and firearm are carried in a more natural position allowing for easier, faster draw times.

Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holsters

OWB holsters provide a quicker draw time but may be more visible than an IWB or appendix carry holster. They also allow for greater comfort when carrying as they are wider and distribute weight over a larger area on your waistline.

Appendix Carry Rig

An appendix carry rig is designed specifically for carrying a handgun with an attached magazine carrier at the front of your waistline. This rig offers enhanced concealment within the clothing as you can tuck your shirt around it for even greater discretion when moving about in public.

Hybrid Holster System

Hybrid holsters combine aspects from both IWB and OWB holsters to create a highly efficient carry system that offers superior retention, comfort, speed, and concealment while providing access to spare magazines when needed. This system includes a flexible shell that hugs close to your body, making it difficult to detect under minimal layers of clothing without sacrificing quick draw times.

Mag Caddy

Mag caddies attach directly to your belt loop allowing you access to another magazine without having to take off your carry belt or change pants styles in order to accommodate it. They provide improved convenience when switching out magazines during high-action situations while staying securely attached until ready for use again

Double-Check Your Gear and Practice Once You Are Ready to Appendix Carry

Begin by ensuring that you have all the necessary gear to complete your appendix carries, such as an appropriate holster, an adjustable belt, and a magazine pouch (if applicable). Make sure the items are securely attached to your body.

Make sure you practice with an unloaded firearm and check that it is uncharged before inserting your gun into the holster. Practice drawing from the holster a few times to ensure seating and proper cleaning technique with an empty chamber.

Once you have practiced and are comfortable with inserting your gun into the holster and completing an appropriate draw stroke, practice reholstering in front of a mirror or with a partner who can visually inspect from behind.

Check for proper tension on all buckles, straps and clips when wearing the appendix carry position to make sure everything feels secure on your body before participating in any shooting drills or firing live rounds at a range.

Always wear appropriate safety gear when practicing in accordance with local laws, regulations, and professional instruction or guidance.

Practice regularly while following all safety protocols to keep yourself current with proper techniques while appendix carrying so that you remain proficient in case of emergency situations where quick response time is important for defense or marksmanship purposes.

Make sure all tensioners, screws, and fasteners are tightened properly at all times compared to initial headset-up so that they are secure while practicing drills or going live at the range during range sessions or competitions.”

Final word

Appendix Carry can be a great way for fat guys to conceal their firearm since Appendix position Carry makes it more difficult for others to spot the bulge. Additionally, as long as you have a good IWB holster and strong belt, your firearm will sit securely in the small of your back, providing additional comfort and peace of mind.

Make sure to practice drawing and re-holstering with an unloaded gun until you feel confident enough with the process before trying to carry a loaded firearm. As long as you take extra precautions and follow all applicable laws concerning concealed carry for fat guys, Appendix Carry can be an effective way to conceal and protect your firearm.

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