Best Sounding Muffler for Chevy 350 Review

Are you a chevy 350 user and feel boring with the sounding problem. Now you want to reduce your vehicle sound. So that you need to the best sounding muffler for chevy 350.

Nowadays a lot of brands are producing various kinds of performance mufflers. That why choosing an exhaust system might seem difficult for you, and if indeed it is. We describe here an ultra guide for you about a muffler. We hope the article provides you an easy way to select the best muffler for your chevy 350.

Top 5 Best Sounding Muffler for Chevy 350

TOTALFLOW 15441 Two-Chamber Universal Muffler

If you are thinking about changing your slow-flowing muffler with something better, then TOTALFLOW 15441 Two-Chamber Universal Muffler is the one that you need. The TOTALFOW is 100 percent welded construction with an aluminized cover for resisting corrosion that ensures it is durability.

Really it is durable better than most other mufflers in the market. Durable fully MIG welded 16 gauge aluminized steel. The muffler has a unique feature that delivers a smooth, deep tone sound.

Furthermore, it boasts a high-temperature metallic finish on it with the TOTALFLOW  logo embossed on the cover, which looks stunning. There are many series of exhaust mufflers and systems/kits designed for different vehicle applications that produce the distinct sound of your choice.


  • Universal 2-chamber muffler 2.25″ offset IN / 2.25″ center out.
  • Durable fully MIG welded 16 gauge aluminized steel.
  • Aggressive Sound Exterior Exhaust Tone, Noticeable interior resonance.
  • Excellent Street/Strip And Off Road application.
  • Universal Muffler -Not a direct fit. Some adaptation required. Compact size – will fit anywhere!

  • Double-chambered design for better flowing.
  • Welding ensures extended durability.
  • Deep aggressive tone.

  • The sound is a little loud for older people and kids
TOTALFLOW 15441 Two-Chamber Universal Muffler - 2.25" Offset In / 2.25" Center Out
  • Universal 2-chamber Muffler 2. 25" offset in/ 2. 25" center out. Check product details below for other sizes.
  • Durable fully MIG welded 16 gauge aluminized Steel
  • Delivers a smooth, deep tone sound.
  • Universal Muffler -not a direct fit. Some adaptation required.
  • 2. 25 inch offset muffler

Flowmaster 853548 Super 40 Series Muffler

When you are looking for a muffler with incursive exterior sound, then take a look at this model from chevy 350 flowmaster super 40 series.

Its larger case profile will provide you the most needed exhaust sound, and noticeable interior vibration that will bring in the eye-pleasing outlook.

In addition, Flowmaster 853548 Super 40 Series Muffler is made of 16-gauge aluminum steel, and for durability, it has been welded fully MIG.


  • The muffler is a double-chambered design that provides excellent performance even on horsepower vehicles.
  • Flowmaster’s Delta flow technology has been used for their 40 series mufflers including this one too.
  • The exhaust sound is enough for a driver to hear it from the inside.

  • Deep and sound aggressive
  • The dual-chambered configuration provides better performance.
  • Improved throttle response

  • Might the aggressive sound make some noise outside

Cherry Bomb 88112 Vortex Muffler

Cherry Bomb 88112 is made to manage the road with its hardened steel body and race-prepared force. You will see the sensational change in the force and execution of your vehicle.

The suppressor’s gasses need to confront the least limitation for the greatest elastic laying power. Tips to the deltas are cleaned with hardened steel, which endowments a sparkling look to the suppressor.

Various tips styles and bay outlet setup alternatives give an exceptionally custom looking appearance. The suppressor is made of consumption safe metal which is amazingly tough. It sounds in a profound tone.

The establishment of this sounding suppressor is truly direct. You can even introduce it utilizing essential hand apparatuses. According to the feature pros and cons, I can say this is the sounding muffler for chevy 350.


  • The oval shape is a good sign
  • Body 16 inch, Overall length: 22.5-inch Size: 4.25-inch x 10.25-inch

  • Perceptible interior resonance
  • The exhaust is a smart size
  • Cheap price than other items

  • Slow item
Cherry Bomb 88112 Vortex Muffler
  • Shape: oval
  • Body: 16 inch; overall length: 22.5 inch; Size: 4.25 inch x 10.25 inch
  • Inlet: 3 inch; inlet position: center
  • 3.00" Inlet / 2.25" Dual Outlet
  • Outlet size: 2.25 inch

Thrush 17651 Welded Muffler

This is another chevy 350 sounding muffler. The two-chamber design provides a deep aggressive tone. Thrush 17651 welded muffler available in 2.25-inch inlet and outlet.

The exhaust is a high-temperature metallic finish or 304 polished stainless steel. There is Thrush logo embossed on the muffler cover that’s looked great.

The backpressure is modified overstock by 30 percent that helps to produce a deep performance tone during acceleration.


  • One of the most features is a high-temperature metallic finish
  • Double chamber design that looked unique
  • 100% aluminized as a result it is durable

  • The metallic finish for high-temperature
  • Double-chambered design
  • Aggressive tone

  • None
Thrush 17651 Welded Muffler
  • Two chamber design provides a deep aggresive tone
  • Available in 2.25 inch inlet and outlet
  • High temperature metallic finish or 304 polished stainless steel
  • Thrush logo embossed on muffler cover
  • Available in 19" overall length

Dynomax 24215 Race Bullet Muffler

The muffler is a compact, round-shaped for tight ground clearance. The Dynomax 24215 Race Bullet Muffler fully welded to ensure its maximum durability.

Generally, it is a race muffler and designed for vehicles with limited spaces. Large internal flow tubes improve exhaust flow and reduce the backpressure.

Exclusive patented flow director design channels exhaust flow and eliminate turbulence. Fiberglass matting technology to absorb unwanted interior resonance while maintaining a mellow performance tone Dynomax is one of the best exhaust brands for racing or any powerful vehicle. Moreover, it can reduce the sound up to the level to 4 dbA.


  • Basically the muffler for racing cars, durability is an essential factor.
  • As a racing car muffler design is unique.
  • This muffler creates deep and aggressive sound.

  • Compact design for limited space vehicles.
  • Extreme durability.
  • CRF technology for controlling sound.

  • Exhaust note can be changed after a few months. Initially, after the installation, it sounds lackluster. But the quality improves after breaking in.
Dynomax Super Turbo 17758 Exhaust Muffler
  • PREMIUM ACOUSTIC CONTROL -- Fiberglass matting absorbs unwanted interior resonance while maintaining a mellow performance tone
  • PRECISION DESIGN -- Exclusive flow director technology channels exhaust flow and reduces turbulence on most applications; dyno proven to flow up to 550 SCFM
  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE -- Large flow tubes improve exhaust flow and reduce backpressure
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST -- Aluminized-steel construction reduces corrosion and internal drainage system reduces moisture collection
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION -- Customizable design offered in a variety of styles and sizes for universal fitment (may require specialized fabrication and/or welding)

Why Do You Need the Best Sounding Muffler for Small Block Chevy?

As a family smart guy, you do not want your kids to wake up just after starting your vehicle engine. When you want a refreshment traveling with your loudest exhaust for chevy 350 then you want a noiseless journey.

The exhaust that the internal combustion engine produces, an improper muffling system is responsible for making such disturbing noise. So, for the sake of your kids, you should look for a muffler that can reduce noise pollution.

An ideal chevy 350 muffler ensures the best exhaust system possible for your budget. Not only a muffler can reduce vehicle noise, but also it is a crucial part of the exhaust system that increases the performance of your car’s engine.

When your vehicle discharge hot fumes can overheat the engine and make it fail altogether. So, a muffler will efficiently make your car’s engine healthy and your cabin neat and clean.

One of another reason that you should consider getting a muffler for your car is, it helps to reduce sound pollution. In most cities, you cannot intentionally make noise. If acted otherwise, you will end up getting pulled over.

Best Sounding Muffler for Big Block chevy – Buying Guide

A man when needed a sounding muffler for chevy 350. He should think to consider some steps in the buying time.

Vehicle Type:

First, consider you have to need to select your vehicle model for adjustment. As your car type, you can buy easily a sounding muffler.

Performance & Sound:

It is another point when you buying sounding muffler for chevy 350. An exhaust needs the best performance and noiseless sound quality.


Material is one of the major parts of a muffler. It makes durability and outlook site.


Big or too small size muffler is not appropriate for a car. It needs a standard size for you using a vehicle.

Final Verdict

In the above description, we can reach a final thought the guide is an easy way to finding a muffler chevy 350.  A person can’t be select easily the best sounding muffler for chevy 350.

Because when you choose a muffler for your personal vehicle you should need first analysis. So that I highly recommend you can read the post and select your top pic muffler. If you have a doubt please feel free to ask the comment box.


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