Best CQB Airsoft Guns Reviews

Do you want to purchase a very lightweight gun and fast-acting device? Then, you can buy a CQB airsoft gun. An excellent CQB gun gives you not only higher performance but also you can conduct it for a longer period. 

The weapons used in fighting often vary from the standard game in the field type. The primary purpose of a CQB weapon is to be portable, lightweight, fast, and easily handled to maximize user speed and performance rather than to increase its range and precision. 

We have mentioned the top 10 best CQB airsoft guns in our article. Therefore, you need to follow the rest of the article to get your comfortable one.


What are the Best Airsoft Guns in 2021!

By choosing the appropriate airsoft gun, you can make your playa very successful. Before purchasing any gun, you need to identify the features of the item so that you can easily purchase your expected gun. The separate features of the airsoft guns are given below. Please go through the information. 

“Cost-effective; control of ambidextrous; vertical trigger; extension of the crown; stock w/room PDW-style for 11.1V battery with lipo stick; electronic Trigger Unit”

“Durable polymer body structure; safety firing modes; 9.6v NiMH nunchuck battery; 1-year guarantee; lightweight; reliable; made for tactical harsh environments commando’’

“Cost-effective; user-friendly; highly functional; durable polymer-metal body; 9.6v or higher battery system; involves Mosfet; black color”

“Lower and upper polymer receiver; steel gears and metal gearbox; licensed trademarks; pistol grip; removable rail covers RIS and adjustable tan crane stock”

“Black color; involves charger and battery; rechargeable battery; 6-position adjustable crane stock; frame and barrel material type is metal; officially licensed”

“Nylon polymer upgraded body; metal gears; higher accuracy; smoothly rotation gears; 9.6v 1600 MAH Nunchuck battery; high capacity magazine”

“Mosfet is pre-mounted; M-lock rail with 5 inches Milspec; contains electronic trigger unit; lipo stick battery; vertical trigger and crown amplifier; the control is ambidextrous”

“Solid construction and qualitative materials; version 3 gearbox; upgraded metal gun head; long-distance consistency and accuracy; the high powered battery system; excellent warranty”

“High-quality material composition; greater torque system; adjustable hop-up system; flip-up rear and front sights; 380 FPS with 6mm plastic airsoft BBs; full/semi-auto firing modes”

“Polymer RIS; affordable cost; excellent for the long-distance shoot; removable rear sight; compatible magazine; earth color”

Explanation of the Best CQB Airsoft Guns

We have explained the top 10 CQB airsoft guns in our article. Each CQB airsoft gun provides separate information. If you read the whole article, you will get a clear idea about these CQB airsoft guns. Hence, go through the text of airsoft guns.

01. Best for New Players- G&G CM16 CQM Airsoft


  • Cost-effective
  • Control of ambidextrous
  • Vertical trigger
  • Extension of crown
  • Stock w/room PDW-style for 11.1V battery with lipo stick
  • Electronic Trigger Unit

Product Specifications:

Product weight 9 pounds
Product dimensions 36×12×3 inches
Warranty  90 days
Battery  11.1v lipo stick
Velocity of muzzle 330-350 FPS
Capacity of magazine 300 rds

G&G CM16 ARP-9 CQB airsoft is the market’s best beginner airsoft weapon, as well as a single high-performance and accurate airsoft pistol.

This CM16 model is a plastic tool but a heavy, well-crafted plastic that will withstand the violence of debutant. It is shooting with a high-speed 300 round magazine at 330-350 times per minute.

Furthermore, the length of the rifle and its collapse make the weapon fine both inside and outside, and the firearm is strong and long enough to fire accurately on long distances.

Besides, the rifle is sufficiently light to enable new players to gain agility in the game. This is the best CQB M4 airsoft weapon on the market.

G&G is an honorable maker of airsoft weapon s, which normally market top-shelf guns at $300-$400 from anywhere, but the G&G CM16 is available at &150.

The explanation is that this soft aircraft is so ideal for beginners and people have considered it as the best CQB airsoft guns under $200

This is the gun we suggest if you are new players and are seeking new guns which will not break the bank balance. 


  • Mosfet with pre-installed
  • M-lock rail with 5 inches Milspec
  • Excellent warranty system
  • Long-lasting


  • Don’t include charger and battery

Current price at Amazon

2. Best for Warranty- Tippmann Tactical Commando AEG Airsoft


  • Durable polymer body structure
  • Safety firing modes
  • 9.6v NiMH nunchuck battery
  •  1-year guarantee
  •  Lightweight
  • Reliable and made for tactical harsh environments commando

Product Specifications:

Velocity of muzzle 380-395 FPS
Length of CQB 27 1/2  inches to 31 1/2  inches ( 5 position keyhole adjustable stock Mod system)
Ammo size Standard 6mm
Battery 9.6v NiMH nunchuck
Warranty   1 year

This model is very popular today because of its great warranty. You can enjoy at least MFG one-year limited guarantee. Not only that, but you can get also a very good return policy on this CQB airsoft gun.

The product is available in black color. If you look at the size of the product, it is CQB AEG 10.5in the airsoft rifle model.

The construction materials of the CQB airsoft guns are very high quality. They have a very durable polymer-metal body. As a result, you can get very longevity from these CQB airsoft guns.

Furthermore, this product includes full/semi-automatic and safety rear and front flip-up sights bearing firing modes. 

Moreover, the manufacturer recommends that the battery that is very suitable with this CQB airsoft gun is 9.6v NiMH nunchuck style.

Besides, the pistol has an incredibly robust and rigid feel, with integrated upper and lower rails, including a lot of accessories. A strong and accurate targeting system offers functionally easy-lock latch interchangeable rear and front sights. 

It is also the best CQB airsoft gun for under $200. Further, ergonomic grip allows accurate control of triggers and improved precision. Tippmann is renowned for its premium goods constructed and durable. 


  • Safety firing modes
  • Longevity
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent firing rate


  • Don’t contain any charger and battery

Current price at Amazon

3. Best for comfort- G&G CM16 SRS CQB Keymod AEG Airsoft


  • Cost-effective
  • User friendly
  • highly functional 
  • durable polymer-metal body
  • 9.6v or higher battery system 
  • involves Mosfet and black color

Product Specifications:

Product weight 10 pounds
Threaded barrel size CCW 14mm
Velocity of muzzle 360-400 FPS
Battery  9.6v
Body construction metal

This G&G combat machine CQB airsoft model will provide you very long-lasting gun. For a long time, you need not buy a CQB airsoft gun for your daily purpose.

Furthermore, the product consists of a very high standard material composition. The composition is very durable and resistant to any corrosion.

This CM16 SRS CQB Keymod airsoft is the best CQB airsoft gun in the market today. Also, it is very budget-friendly and it is considered the best CQB airsoft gun under $200. As a consequence, your valuable money will be saved and you can further use it for your other purposes.

On top of that, you can purchase this black item from Amazon. There is a MOSFET that allows the pistol to be moved to a three-around burn by holding down the button on a half-car for ten seconds.

The fire selector is very cool and good. The most important mod barrel fairs are the metal and even the top rail.

Moreover, you will get a better guarantee on the CQB airsoft guns. You will not be disappointed if you purchase these best CQB airsoft guns. 


  • Cost-effective
  • User friendly
  • Highly functional
  • Longevity and high-quality material composition


  • Don’t include battery

Current price at Amazon

4. Best for maintenance- Colt M4A1 CQBR Combat Electric Powered Airsoft


  • Lower and upper polymer receiver
  • Steel gears and metal gearbox
  • Licensed trademarks
  • Pistol grip 
  • Removable rail covers RIS 
  • Adjustable tan crane stock

Product Specifications:

Product weight 6 pounds
Material od barrel Metal 
Material of frame Plastic 
Velocity of muzzle 370 FPS
Capacity of magazine 350 BB
Battery  8.4v 1100 mAh NiMH 

The maintenance process of the design is very easy and quick. You can easily handle and load the system. It is the 350 rounds of the magazine. This combat electric-powered airsoft is the best CQB M4 airsoft.

Furthermore, the Colt M4 AEG is licensed with a lightweight, but durable polymer design which keeps costs and weights down.

Moreover, while the outside can be a polymer, the inside such as the transmission is metal that makes the long-lived performance.

This two-tone airsoft AEG has accessory components like the RIS assembly used to install aftermarket equipment such as grip, lasers, lights, etc. The adaptable tan crane stock containing the optimal NiMH battery is comfortable with the 8.4v 1100 mAh.

On top of that, the package contains 250 mAh wall chargers but the airsoft station suggests strongly an intelligent charger for the included battery and additional batteries.

The rearview can be disabled and replaced by a red dot or scene aftermarket. The CQB RIS platform’s lightweight, compact architecture is ideal for near-quarters fighting and field play styling. 


  • Steel gears and metal gearbox
  • Licensed trademarks
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User-friendly


  • Sometimes late delivery

Current price at Amazon

5. Best for Military and Civil Defense Activities- Soft Air COLT M4 CQB Electric Airsoft Gun


  • Black color;
  •  Involves charger and battery
  •  Rechargeable battery
  • 6-position adjustable crane stock
  • Frame and barrel material type is metal
  • Officially licensed

Product Specifications:

Product weight 8 pounds
Caliber  6
Color  Black
Frame material Metal 
Barrel material  Metal 
Capacity of magazine 350 rd

Soft air COLT CQB is constructed for use in military or civil defense exercises at a licensed or supervised sports event or competition. This soft air gun is the best CQB M4 airsoft.

Furthermore, this model has registered officially. You will get a very reliable airsoft gun and will not be disappointed. 

This device contains a lower receiver, upper receiver, and 1 piece metal outer barrel. The gearbox of the electric airsoft gun is metal and steel gears.

Moreover, it has a RIS handguard which is CNC type. Besides, in the working area, it contains a 350rds metal magazine. It also has a replaceable metal rear sight and set 6 places adjustable stock of cranes. 

The great opportunity of this product is that it contains a charger and battery. This M4 CQB airsoft gun includes 6mm foam bbs airsoft weapons ventures.

There are different types of airsoft gun like spring gun; it is airsoft manual-fired weapons where the bolt is fired in the lock spot. Another type is gas gun; it is driven by co2, green gas, or propane cartridges.

Furthermore, one type of gun is an electric gun; it includes high firing rate, high power, easy troubleshooting, battery-powered and AEG constructed. These soft COLT M4 airsoft guns are the best CQB airsoft guns under $200


  • Involves charger and battery 
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Long-lasting
  • User-friendly


  • Delay delivery time

Current price at Amazon

6. Best for Military Training Users – Lancer Tactical Gen 2 CQB Airsoft Gun


  • Nylon polymer upgraded body
  •  Metal gears
  •  Greater accuracy 
  • Smoothly rotation gears
  • 9.6v 1600 MAH Nunchuck battery
  • High-capacity magazine

Product Specifications:

Velocity 332-340 FPS
Gearbox Version 2
Inner barrel diameter 6.03mm
battery 9.6v 1600 MAH Nunchuck
Capacity of magazine 300 rd
color Black

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 models are the best for military training users. Not only that in 2012, but this design was also formed to provide cost-effective, budget-friendly airsoft products.

Furthermore, Lancer Tactical provides a wide range of polymer engineering equipment ranging from beginning airsoft players to fully metal building to some of the longest-lasting, most costly tactical equipment to fulfill airsoft needs or military training simulation.

Also, you can charge this device very easily. This compound comes with a battery with 9.6v 1600 MAH Nunchuck and a charger with integrated indicator light; the battery is completely charged automatically when a charger is detected. Besides, its charging handle makes a hop-up modification, a magazine of 300 rounds with a high volume. 

On top of that, you can buy these best CQB airsoft guns for under $200. Furthermore, its 6.03 tightbore interior barrel has better accuracy; 8mm tight boarding rotates smoothly, allowing spring guides to be rapidly changed. The frame material is plastic but the barrel material is metal. 

Moreover, the package involves BB’s cleaning rod, charger, battery, owner’s manual, and 0.28g BBs for best shooting range and accuracy. 


  • Frame material is plastic
  • Barrel material is metal
  • Includes charger and battery
  • Highly functional


  • Low velocity

Current price at Amazon

7. Best for Right Hand Players- G&G CM16 ARP9 CQB Airsoft Gun


  • Mosfet is pre-mounted
  • M-lock rail with 5 inches Milspec
  • Contains electronic trigger unit
  • lipo stick battery
  • Vertical trigger and crown amplifier
  • The control is ambidextrous

Product Specifications:

Velocity of muzzle 330-350 FPS
Capacity of magazine 300 rds
Warranty  90 days
Battery  11.4v lipo stick
Color  Red/black

This G&G combat machine CQB airsoft gun is the best for right-hand players. The players can easily handle it. The trigger of this product is fantastic and reliable. It will make it both a principal weapon and handy if you can bear it. Nowadays, the device is also the best CQB airsoft gun for its unique functionality. It is the AEG design device. 

The airsoft gun is available in red or black color. You can purchase any of them according to your taste. Furthermore, it has a high-capacity magazine.

It contains 330 to 350 FPS muzzle velocity and 300 rds magazine capacity. If you look at the packing, it contains a magazine and gun.

You can enjoy a greater guarantee on this CQB airsoft gun. If you purchase this item, you will get at least 90 days of warranty. Moreover, Amazon has a very good return policy. You can return your products within given periods if you see any default with your product. 

On top of that, this G&G combat machine design is very cost-effective. You can purchase this best CQB airsoft gun for under $200 and can save your valuable hundred dollars. 


  • Highly functional
  • Excellent guarantee
  • Long-lasting gun
  • Gun and magazine include in the package


  • Don’t include charger and battery

Current price at Amazon

8. Best for Longevity- Black Ops SR4 CQB AEG Rifle


  • Solid construction and qualitative materials
  • Version 3 gearbox
  • Upgraded metal gun head
  • Long-distance consistency and accuracy
  • The high powered battery system
  • Excellent warranty

Product Specifications:

Velocity of muzzle 370 FPS
Capacity of magazine 300 rds
Battery  9.6v NiMH or 7.4v Lipo
Diameter of barrel 6.06 mm
Warranty  1 year

You can sense the solid consistency of building this product while taking it. Flip views, gas block, RIS rails, external tank, buffer frame, and lower and upper receivers are all metals that have been designed for long-term use. Even the cranes stock and silicone grip, like the original thing, consist of strong, high impact ABS.

Furthermore, this Ops M4 construction comes with whole metal gen. It contains 3 SRC gearboxes, 8mm metal baggage covers, spring metal guidance, upgraded piston end, cylindrical head, and all steel gears.

The hop-up is aluminum, featuring a newly developed wishbone arm that prevents flatness while improving stability and breath and a new long-axis SRC high-driven engine is prepare for Lipo batteries and turned for .25g or heavier airsoft molten air.

Moreover, a steady 370 FPS muzzle speed of .20g BBs and over 600 rounds per minute can be expected with full auto. This is not a projected weapon, which you would need to break up, update and shy away. 

On top of that, it saves you money and time spent on a customized build-up and more time on the ground. 


  • Easy to handling
  • Highly functional
  • Greater warranty
  • Long-range consistency and accuracy


  • Don’t include battery

Current price at Amazon

9. Best for Budget – Umarex Avalon Saber M-LOK Airsoft Gun


  • High-quality material composition
  • Greater torque system 
  • Adjustable hop-up system
  • Flip-up rear and front sights 
  • 380 FPS with 6mm plastic airsoft BBs
  • Full/semi-auto firing modes

Product Specifications:

Product weight 7.1 pounds
Dimensions of product 1×1×1 inches
Velocity of muzzle 370-380 FPS
Battery  9.6v small butterfly
Capacity of magazine 120 rd

This Umarex model will supply you with higher performance because it can create higher torque. This greater torque helps to enhance the functioning response rate.

This device fires 6mm airsoft BB at up to 380 meters per second and it is run by a single battery which is 9.6V NIMH. Furthermore, add full/semi-auto shoot modes and this rifle is a perfect kit for any shooting environment.

Moreover, the VFC Avalon Saber CQB is designed to withstand all shooting environments with a full metal gearbox, a robust metal frame, and an incorporated M-LOK rail. Moreover, this CQB airsoft features a medium-sized magazine, which houses up to 120 rounds involving 6mm plastic BBS of airsoft. 

On top of that, this device uses a high torque engine for quick and receptive firing. This item makes sure that full and semi-auto shooting is quick and reliable.

Further, it comes with flexible hop-up and custom rails. It has a thinner, entirely metal frame that is ideal for close-ups and complies with the requirements. 


  • Extensive firing rate
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly
  • Longevity


  • Delay delivery

Current price at Amazon

10. Best for Beginners- G&G Combat Machine M4 Raider Airsoft Gun


  • Polymer RIS
  • Affordable cost 
  • Excellent for the long-distance shoot 
  • Removable rear sight 
  • Compatible magazine 
  • Earth color

Product Specifications:

Item weight 10 pounds
Composition material Polymer 
Velocity of muzzle 370-385 FPS
Capacity of magazine 450 rds
Firing modes Full/semi-automatic

This G&G combat machine model is the best CQB M4 airsoft. It is the perfect selection for the new or beginners. This device is a plastic weapon, but heavy, well-constructed plastic can withstand the abuse from the novice. It fires a high capability 450 round magazine at 340 rounds a minute.

Furthermore, the range and collapsible shelf of the weapon allow for the gun both inside and outside. The barrel of stock is excellent and long enough to aim especially over long distances. Moreover, the rifle is sufficiently light to allow new players to learn to play. 

On top of that, the price of this design is very less and as a new player, you can enjoy it. Further, you can purchase this best CQB airsoft gun for under $150.

This AEG rifle from M4 is one of the best entry weapons available on the market. Besides, it comes in a market with adjustable crane stock. Earth color is available for this material. 

You won’t be unhappy with the raider if you search for your first airsoft gun. 


  • Includes charger and battery
  • Polymer RIS
  • Affordable cost 
  • Long-lasting


  • Delay delivery

Current price at Amazon

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How to Select the Best CQB Airsoft Guns?

When you will be going to buy a CQB airsoft gun, you need to consider some factors. The factors will help you to buy your best CQB M4 airsoft. Therefore, keep your eyes on these factors.

  • Check the size of the gun

There are different types of size of the airsoft gun. Hence, you need to consider the size of the guns. You would need a pistol with half too long barrel length, decent shoulder protection for ground games more than possibly.

You want to have a small gun for CQB games that could quickly manipulate coins, and usually FPS fewer than 350 to play in a local games area.

  • Consider the style of gaming

The choosing of the airsoft gun is also depending on the style of gaming. What type of style do you prefer for your game; Field or CQB? Some weapons are suitable for such situations.

For example, for CQB, the M16 may not be the best, given its ability to prove extremely difficult around the corners, although others think the mp5k is the perfect CQB unit with an area of afoot. 

  • Consider budget

Price is also a big factor that needs to be considered. Sometimes, you will see that some of the product has a large price tag, but it doesn’t work as your expectation. If you don’t have sufficient money to purchase the expensive one, then buy the cheap one with the greater functionality that we have mentioned above. 

  • Consider the weight

You also need to consider the weight of the CQB airsoft gun before placing an order. If you like the light one, then you need to purchase the lightweight device, otherwise, it will make it very uncomfortable for you.

Furthermore, if you are young enough, then both of them will be fitted for you. 

  • Check ammo

The only ammo we would consider using is highly polished, .20gm BBs or heavier AEG in good quality, with a capacity of up to .40gm.

Frequent Ask Questions

  • What is a CQB airsoft gun?

Answer: The abbreviation of CQB is a Close Quarter battle that has sometimes been called Close Quarter Battles or CQC. It is one of the two major airsoft play styles and is called the fastest rhythm. It is mostly performed in a small open space or an enclosed area like a factory.

  • What is a CQB rifle?

Answer: The CQBR’s aim is still to supply operators with weapons of a sub-machine gun caliber, but to fire cartridge for circumstances like VIP security and urban warfare. The CQBR is generally issued as a full arms device, not merely an upstream recipient. 

  • Which airsoft gun hurts the most?

Answer: Heavier BB conserves much more energy as they move; hence the impact force is much greater. It is most likely that 0.45gm or .40gm BB from the sniper 550FPS would still hurt at 70-80m, while 0.25gm BB from the identical rifle would hardly be noticed or even not reached. 

  • What is a good airsoft gun for CQB?

Answer: CQB-AEGs such as SMGs and cut-off carbines such as Mm4 CQB are pretty all right. Subjects such as Ares Amoeba, UMP, G&G/Double Eagle, and JG MP5/Galaxy are all fantastic simple tunings. 

  • Can airsoft guns kill?

Answer: The airsoft guns which are in stock can’t kill. An airsoft gun cannot trigger a wound that will lead to death. This is almost unlikely. Although, with changes the airsoft gun will only move far enough to reach the skin, it is not far enough to destroy the organs.

Sources: Youtube

Our Recommended Item

If you are a new player, you can purchase a G&G combat machine M4 airsoft gun. Furthermore, Lancer Tactical Gen 2 CQB Airsoft Gun will be the best selection for military training users. 


You must give priority to the factors before going to buy the best CQB airsoft guns in the market. By choosing a superior or excellent CQB airsoft gun, you can save lots of valuable money. Further, you can get a highly functional airsoft gun and can do fire very smoothly. 

We believe that this authentic information that we have explained above will help you to buy your demandable airsoft gun. Therefore, you can get long-lasting devices, easy maintenance, and greater accuracy CQB airsoft gun.

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