Best Choke for Rabbit Hunting (Review)

Hunting season is near, and I know you are looking for the best choke for rabbit hunting. Shot Gun with a perfect choke improves your hunting experience by a great margin. It is going to be a very useful article if you are in the hesitation to pick the best choke for rabbit hunting.

I am going to present you with some key points that you always need to keep on note when you are calling rabbits for the hunt. It will be a combination of the total guidelines of things that you need to keep in mind at the deal and also frequently asked questions answered for the visitors. Hover down and know more about the rabbit hunting best choke.

Review Of The 10 Best Choke for Rabbit Hunting

1. Best Choke for Rabbit Hunting 12 gauge

Carlson Extended Extra Full Turkey Choke Tube Remington 12 Gauge Shotguns, 19585
  • Constriction: Turkey / Dia: . 640
  • Choke Tube Extend Approximately 1inch from the End of the Barrel
  • No Steel Shot Larger than #4 may be used in Turkey Choke Tube
  • Features a 1. 050" Parallel Section
  • Manufactured from 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel / Matte Blue Finish

2. Carlson’s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Mobil Ported

Carlson's Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Mobil Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube, 12 Ga, Skeet, Black
  • Constriction: Skeet, Dia: . 720
  • Lead, Copper plated, Nickel, Heavy-shot, Bismuth, and Tungsten may be shot through choke tube (Do Not Shoot Steel Larger than BB through a Choke Tighter than Full)
  • Reduces Recoil and Muzzle Jump / Manufactured form 17-04 Stainless Steel
  • 25% Longer Parallel Section in the Choke
  • Extended Portion of the Choke Tube also for Quick and Easy Removal and Insertion

3. Carlson’s Cbest Shotgun Choke for Rabbit Hunting

Carlson's Choke Tube Remington 12 GA Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tubes, Skeet, Black
  • Constriction: Skeet, Dia . 725
  • Lead Shot, Steel Shot, Copperplated Shot, Nickel Shot, Hevi-Shot Shotshells, Bismuth Shot and Tungsten Shot
  • Manufactured from 17-04 Stainless Steel/ Machined to Produce Better Patterns and Less Recoil, than Standard Flush Mount Choke Tubes
  • 25% Longer Parallel for Tighter, Denser Patterns
  • Made In USA

4. Truglo TG182X Head Banger Choke Tube

Truglo TG182X Head Banger Choke Tube, 12 Gauge, Long-Range, Turkey
  • Multi-phase groove technology engages the wadding and guides the pellets into a tight and consistent pattern, shot after shot
  • Extend your effective range with lethal patterns that reach out further
  • Rated for Hevi-Shot, Winchester Long Beard XR, Federal Premium 3rd Degree, and other high performance turkey loads
  • Heat-treated steel for better durability with powerful turkey loads
  • CNC-machined for optimum precision; Polished end face for better seating and sealing

5. Carlson’s Choke Tubes 07119 Carlsons, Waterfowl Choke Set

Carlson's Choke Tubes 07119 Carlsons, Waterfowl Choke Set, Beretta/Benelli 12 Gauge, Black
  • Constrictions: close range tube -for Shooting over decoys, up to 35 yards
  • Mid range tube: for shots from 25 to 40 yards
  • Long range tube: the best patterning long range choke tube, for shots beyond 40 yards
  • Each choke tube is knurled on the end to allow for quick and easy removal
  • This 3 pack set includes the close-range, mid-range and long range choke tubes with case

6. TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Xtreme Shotgun Choke Tube Combo

TRUGLO Trug Remington 12 Gauge Gobble Stopper Xtreme Choke Tube Combo, One Size (TGGBLSTPRL)
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits Beretta OptimaChoke HP
  • TRUGLO BEST SELLER: The Gobble-Stopper is our best selling turkey choke tube and is made of precision CNC-machined high grade steel and is ported to reduce recoil
  • VERSATILE: Accepts most turkey loads, including HeviShot (NOTE: Not for steel shot loads)
  • NWTF-APPROVED: The Gobble-Stopper choke is endorsed by the National Wild Turkey Federation
  • FREE SIGHTS INCLUDED: Includes free TRUGLO Gobble-Dot Universal Fiber Optic Sights that quickly and easily mount to any ventilated rib shotgun

7. Remington 19154 Rem Choke 12 GA

Remington 19154 Rem Choke 12 GA
  • Versatile Rem Choke that delivers wider shot pattern for shooting at 25-45 yards
  • Great for squirrels rabbits pigeons doves partridge grouse pheasant or wild flushing quail at medium range
  • Also ideal for pass shooting ducks and geese with steel shot
  • Puts 55-60% of pellets in 30" circle at 40 yards
  • Shot Type: Steel or Lead

8. Remington Probore Choke 12 GA. Modified Extended Steel or Lead

Remington Probore Choke 12 GA. Modified Extended Steel or Lead
  • These tubes will only fit Remington models 1100 G3 12 Gauge, 19164 1100 competition, 19164 105 Decorative, premier over and under 12 Gauge or the versa max.  
  • Pro bore extended choke tube 
  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Recommended for: 45 yds

9. Carlson Beretta Benelli Mobil 12ga Flush Skeet, Silver

Carlson Beretta Benelli Mobil 12ga Flush Skeet, Silver
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Fits 12Ga Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke Systems
  • Fits: Beretta/Benelli Mobil
  • Included Components: Choke Tube

10. Best 20 gauge choke for Rabbit Hunting

Hunters Specialties Undertaker Shotgun Choke Tube (for Remington and Charles Daly 20-Gauge...
  • Item Package Dimensions: 3.1 L X 9.7 W X 17.4 H (Cm)
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Weight: 0.056 kgs
  • Country Of Origin: United States

Things to consideration Choke for Rabbit Hunting

I will say there are lots of options for rabbit hunting choke, and that can lead to lots of errors. I want to save you from these potential errors and help you seal the best deal for you.

We have talked with experience people of this group, and they have shared with us valuable information on how to pick the best choke for rabbit hunting. If you choose to go throw this busying guide, then getting deceived with faulty chokes will be reduced for your need.

Take your time and know the things that you have to take into considerations when you are looking for the best choke deal for your hunting.

1. Spread and Range Requirement

You will get a better shot with almost all the premium chokes in the market. But which one is more consistent at delivering the best range and spread. You need to make a decision whether you need a shorter spreader or a longer spreader for your shot. The Span spreader depends on the distance of the long-range shot.

The full choke can be a great option if you are looking for 40 yards long-range shots with a short string. You are going to fine with cylinder choke or any other choke if you are looking for 25-35 yards distance at max. You need to be careful about certain things when in search of the best choke for rabbit hunting.          

2. Right ammo for the shotgun

Choke is nothing but useless if you don’t have the right ammo for your work. You are going to suffer a lot if you are unable to pick the best ammo for your shotgun.

Shotgun chokes show their true quality when you combine them with the right ammunition. The vendor website is the best place to collect accurate information about ammunition choices.

You can further consult with the manufacturers for more information. It is not going to be that hard as almost all the top choke providers have their online service available 24/7.

3. Warranty and long-time service

You don’t want to buy something which will not be able to provide you a long-time service for your cause. It is point proof not only for the best 20 gauge choke for rabbit hunting but for all the other products out there.

You are not going to see lots of issues if you decided to go with a well-known brand which is known for its quality.

You may need to spend a little bit more than the regular local brands that will be beneficial in the long run. You will see that they are providing twice the service that you may get from a regular one.

Besides, the warranty will solve the further problem that you face with your expensive chokes. There are also brands that are offering great quality at an affordable price range.

Different Types of Chokes in the Market

What you really need depends on the types of chokes. If you don’t have the proper knowledge about them, then you have a very rare chance to succeed with your purchase. Rabbit hunting with a 22 gauge choke is not what you mostly need. These kinds of things mostly depend on the types of chokes. Cylinder chokes are for the starters, and you can desire 30%-ish pattern density from it.

Spray density improved to 45% when you choose to go with the improved cylinder choke. From these types calling rabbit hunting truly starts. You can hunt with them, but they are not the best for long-range shots.

The better result at hunting comes with the modified choke. The pattern density jumps to 50-55% with this modified choke.

Rabbit hunting can be smooth with this one, but there is something better that can make it smoother. Full choke, the tightest constriction provider in the game, is the best pattern density and long-range accuracy provider on the game.  

So, if you are looking for the best and long-range shot with better accuracy, then you should go with the full choke. As a beginner, all the other types of choke can also do the work for you.

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Frequently Ask & Question

  • What is the best shot for rabbit hunting?

Answer: If you ask about the minimum requirement, then I will say the best 20 gauge choke for rabbit hunting is good enough to do the work for you. An improved cylinder choke will be great for your rabbit hunting experience.

Well, other shotguns with lesser gauge can also do the work for you. It mostly depends on the range and spread that you required for your hunting. You need to read our buying guide to know more about it.  

  • Can you hunt a rabbit with a 12 gauge?

Answer: Yeah, it is going to work. It will better if you have the improved cylinder choke for your hunt. Rabbits usually don’t go too far in the run, so you can chase and hunt them down.

Ammo also plays a good role in the hunting purpose, so you also need to keep that thing in mind. If you are hunting it for your meal, then I will advise you to go for the head.    

  • What time of day is best for rabbit hunting?

Answer: Rabbit is a small animal, and they are mostly prey for larger animals. They don’t come out in the sunlight as it is easier for the predator to catch them. Early in the morning, it will be easier for you to find the rabbits. Besides, also in the dusk, they come out when the light is minimal.

If you have a dog, then rabbit hunting will be easier for you, and you can find it throughout the day without any hesitation. Rabbits try to avoid wet and cold environments. So, look for them in dry places where the temperature is warm.

Final Verdict

Well, you may have already arranged some good ideas on how to pick the best choke for rabbit hunting. Go with a brand which offers great quality and cover all the problem-solving warranty that you may face in the future.

Pay extra to get extra, which will be pointed out to be beneficial later in the date.

I hope this article was capable of answering all the questions that you might have regarding rabbit hunting choke. For further queries, feel free to share your valuable opinions with us. Stay with us to stay updated about the best deal on the business.

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